We believe that the journey does not begin when we set off and does not end when we return home. In fact, it starts much earlier and almost never ends. The tape of our memory reproduces all those events that happened to us on trips, despite the fact that we physically completed them long ago.

Welcome to the site Travel Guide — Travelgide.ru, a site that will help make all your travels brighter and richer. Here on the site you will find a lot of practical information about preparing for the trip - this will greatly simplify the planning of the trip. You'll find recommended and reviewed hotels that other travelers have stayed at, restaurants and cafes they've particularly enjoyed. You will read about the well-known and lesser-known attractions that are worth seeing in your country of residence.

Traditions, customs and mentality of the peoples of the whole world. Reviews of independent tourists and advice from professional travelers. First-hand information and many thematic photos that will make any story colorful and exciting.

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Video from Travel Guide from relaxing on the beach

Just a positive video from the distant sunny beaches of the sandy islands. Who knows, maybe after watching this video you will have a little rest or at least get ready for the best vacation on a fabulous beach…

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