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How do you like Bangkok? Traveler's first impression...

Toat one time most of my knowledge of bangkok was shaped by hollywood mostly through movies a la gangster bangkok and something like that. Ruthless gangsters, invincible ninjas in black, dashingly jumping over the roofs of high-rise buildings and brutal gunfights in narrow dark streets near dubious bars. In fact, I did not meet any gangsters, ninjas and gang wars there. The worst thing that an ordinary tourist can find on the streets of Bangkok is a crowd of drunk but cheerful Germans.

Our last trip to Bangkok inspired me with memories of how I saw this city for the first time. I want to share with you these feelings, the first impressions of the City of Angels. Subsequently, Bangkok opened up for me from new sides, but the first impression remained.

My respects to the city, whose official name is so long that children learn it by heart in their classes at school. My respects to the city of contrasts, where poverty and luxury live side by side in an amazing way. My respects to the capital city of the warm and kind "Land of Smiles" - the Kingdom of Thailand.

Hot. Stuffy. Really dirty in places. It stinks in places. On the roads, there is a completely chaotic movement of cars, tuk-tuks, buses and bikes.

On every corner of the top. This is not even a street cafe, it is a mobile or stationary cart-rack with a canopy from the sun, where they fry, boil, whip, cut, in a word, they cook food in all known ways. And what!

Meat, fish or chicken skewers, boiled or fried rice with vegetables, chicken or meat, fried fish, sliced fruits and smoothies, salads. The smiling Thai will cook all this in front of your eyes with his own hands, the same ones that take the money. Because he is the only one - both the seller and the cook.

In a whirlwind of smells of the city, the smells of cooked food, unfamiliar fruits, burning, sweat, car exhausts and something else that is better not to know were intertwined at the same time. Definitely, there is no place for squeamish people here.

In the very center, on both sides of the road, street trading has unfolded. Someone puts things on wooden flooring, someone just on the ground, after laying oilcloth or fabric on it.

Right in the middle of the sidewalk, a car stopped, and dexterous Thais began to hang goods on mobile racks. "Sale" they shouted into a megaphone in English. Although local secrets ran up to the call and began to rummage intently in things. Bypassing this pandemonium, you bump into a mountain of suitcases. The Thai seller promised us a fabulous discount, but the suitcase was useless so far.

I just wanted to walk around and see the city. But here you can’t walk down the street and remain indifferent. This city of contrasts will grab you, spin you in a whirlwind of what is happening and make you breathe, feel, see. And we watched.

They looked, throwing their heads at the huge high-rise building, at the base of which, as if under the heel of a giant, a small old house was hiding. They looked at the wires hanging in clusters, it seemed that they were ready to break at any second and crash with a crash onto the asphalt cracked by the sun.

We looked at people. Petite Thai girls in doll dresses. Teenagers who seem to have escaped from the pages of an anime magazine. Flocks of schoolchildren in the same uniform. Groups of young women dressed as Asian airlines. Elderly men and women, couples in love, serious employees, teenagers and children - all these people breathed life into the streets of the city. And he breathed: he rustled, squawked, buzzed and carried away in a whirlwind. And washed away in rivers and canals.

Bangkok is the city where the ancient traditions of thailand closely intertwined with modern scientific achievements. Bangkok is somewhat subtly reminiscent of other Asian cities with a million population, but it is recognizable immediately and without any doubt. It's really different and different in places. Majestic ancient temples, modern high-rise buildings, huts huddled near the water in the Thonburi canals, the greenery of well-groomed parks and the dirt of small streets - all this is the famous and impressive "City of Angels".

This is how I remember Bangkok, this is how I fell in love with it ...

City of Angels Bangkok

Second Bangkok collage


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  1. Most recently, on March 2, we returned from Bangkok. What can I say, some people call the capital of Tai a city of contrasts for a reason (as it used to be the capital in the schools of Great Britain). There you will really find something for yourself. I do not mean such a widespread phenomenon as go-go bars and everything connected with them, this is just one side of Bangkok. On the other hand, we have a completely different story. It's just cool there. You can spend a couple of weeks there and find something new every day. Bangkok is really huge and different. City credit. The situation will calm down and at the first opportunity again there, and then to the islands.

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