Playa Blanca beach on Baru island in Colombia

PLaia Blanca na Baru in Colombia is one of the most famous beach destinations near Cartagena where you can easily spend the whole day. All travelers note the classic combination of turquoise water, blue sky and almost white sand. However, is everything so smooth and beautiful? What awaits a visitor to Blanca beach on the island of Baru in Colombia?

What is the island of Baru and why Playa Blanca?

Inquiries from locals about where to find a beautiful beach often lead either to Rodadero or to Palomino. But, you see, these beaches are far from ideal. There are almost no people in Palomino, but because of the huge waves, going further than the belt into the water is really scary. And that's when we turn our attention to Isla Baru with its beaches.

playa blanca

Isla Baru was originally a peninsula, but later it was separated from the city by the Dick Canal, and now it is a full-fledged island. About 20,000 local residents live in Baru, earning a living from fishing, tourism income and the sale of all kinds of souvenirs.

Beautiful seashore

In recent years, the growth in the number of hotels and hostels has really increased, as has the demand from tourists looking for the best beaches near Cartagena. What to say even among the inhabitants Bogota Playa Blanca is gaining more and more popularity.

Bounty picture

Baru has many beautiful beaches, but only a few are open to the public, including Playa Bobo, Punta Iguana, Puerto Naito and Playa Blanca. Most of the others, unfortunately, are either private beaches or belong to hotel complexes.

How to get to Playa Blanca on Isla Baru

There are several ways to get to Playa Blanca by land. you can go on your own by bus. The fare on the bus Cartagena-Pasacabayos (Pasacaballos) 1.9 thousand pesos. It departs from the statue of the Indian Catalina in the center of Cartagena and goes to the city of Pasacaballos. There you can take a collective taxi or a bike with a driver. Both options from 7 thousand pesos per person.

Island map

In addition to the bus, you can use minibus services. There are air-conditioned minivans from Cartagena. The journey takes about 30 minutes. The cost is from 15 thousand pesos one way. Departure from Cartagena at 9 am and 1 pm. Arrival at the parking near the beach.

The third option is also standard. Of course, Taxi. Definitely the most comfortable solution. However, be prepared to shell out from 60 thousand pesos for such a private transfer.

In addition to land solutions, you can take advantage of offers water transport companiesthat will take you to Playa Blanca. Keep in mind that such companies usually offer a visit to the islands of Rosario and Playa Blanca in one trip.

If you are planning to spend the whole day relaxing on the beach, Rosario is not worth visiting. Instead, feel free to land on Playa Blanca, as a trip to the Rosario Islands is nothing more than a visit to the aquarium.

Here you need to understand that the cost of a ticket to the aquarium is not included in the trip. Other than that, you will spend most of your time swimming and moving, and you will lose a wonderful day on a great beach. A visit to the aquarium is recommended if you are traveling with children and are looking for something interesting just for them.

By the way, the boat trip itself is a little extreme, especially on the way back to Cartagena, when the waves are a little stronger. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully pack things in a waterproof bag.

What's Good and Bad to Expect from Playa Blanca

A little sad. Playa Blanca is no longer a "lost" place or an almost untouched beach, as it was just a few years ago. With the construction of a bridge connecting the beach to Pasacaballos, the area has become a very popular destination near Cartagena with a wide selection of rustic-style hotels and hostels starting at USD 5 per night.

About accommodation in Playa Blanca claims that such a birdhouse from 15 thousand pesos per person for two is a favorite type of house for many independent travelers who do not strive for luxury, but want to be closer to nature.

Rooms for rent

The breeze blows through the cracks in the walls, the audibility is perfect (of course, this can be annoying in some cases), but the sea is ten steps away and all night long it whispers its stories to you.

Inside the room

Of the minuses, for such a price there is no electricity, you will get a candle (the sea, stars, candles - well, sheer romance!), The Internet, of course, too, and fresh water in limited quantities, a shower once before bedtime. But do not forget that on the beach there is a huge selection of housing for every budget, there are modern hostels and hotels, so everyone will choose according to their taste.

Accommodation on the beach

About sticky sellers and masseuses on the beach

One of the negative aspects of Playa Blanca are beach vendors. If you read any travel forum, you will notice that the opinion of travelers is simply unanimous in this regard.

It is clear that people want to earn extra money for their families, and they see in any tourist only another wallet with money. But really, they are too annoying. What to do? As elsewhere, if they bake too much, then it’s quite simple and convincing to say “no, thanks.” This basically helps keep them out of the way.

Boat stall

Another practical tip ignore the oyster sellers. It is clear that oysters are delicious, especially since they are the freshest, only from the sea. Vendors offer you oysters, claiming that the first one is free, but this is a lie. Rarely is anything free, and this is not the case with oysters. Want to eat a free oyster? Set the price, agree how much two, three or five oysters will cost. If this is not done, then there is a chance that you will return to Cartagena with empty pockets.

Can't say about massage on the beach. Local masseuses try to overcharge you for their services. These are not “massage parlors” in Pattaya, where prices are clearly marked. They also offer you a "free trial" version of their service.

Playa Blanca beach

What to say? Another way to scam money. As soon as you agree to the "trial version", as soon as at least three masseuses will begin to perform their duties. One will massage your arms, the second legs, and the third back. And then, all three will require payment for a massage session.

To avoid this turn of events, negotiate a price in advance. By and large, these are simple and friendly women. They just want to earn some money. If you talk to them calmly and with a smile, you will definitely be able to agree amicably and enjoy a cool relaxing massage.

And yet: a great place for an amazing holiday

Information about sellers, overpriced and masseuses has been given to ensure that you get the most out of your trip to Playa Blanca on Bara. But that is by no means a reason not to indulge yourself and explore one of the best beaches not far from Cartagena.

Beach views

White sand and warm sky-blue sea create the perfect Caribbean picture that you have seen more than once in Yandex before heading to distant Colombia.

Boat near the shore

We take this boat and rush to the open sea! A joke, of course, but the boat is worth a ride.


Again. In general, this is an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle, worries and routine. Definitely recommended to visit. And as always, a short video of our today's hero.

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