Cruises along the Volga from Moscow by boat: an unforgettable journey

Volga fairy tale - how to choose the perfect cruise and create the best memories...

DRuz, have you long dreamed of going on a unique journey along the great Russian river Volga? Then you should definitely take a closer look at cruises from Moscow! It’s simply fantastic to admire the beauty of your native expanses, get acquainted with the history of ancient cities, enjoy the river air and peace, and all this without leaving the country. Believe me, I have seen from my own experience how amazing it is!

The secret to the perfect cruise is simple - you need to choose the option that one hundred percent matches your desires and expectations. Fortunately, there are more than enough options! Lovers of a measured and relaxing holiday will appreciate leisurely walks through the small cozy towns of the Golden Ring. But if you want drive and maximum impressions, go on a multi-day cruise to the southern ports, it will be hot there in every sense!

Are you planning a family trip and worried about what to do with your fidgety children? No problem! Many ships have professional animators and game rooms. Do you want to have a blast with a group of friends? Choose cruises with exciting discos, competitions and quests. Dreaming of romance? I recommend evening cruises only for two - it's unforgettable!

And you know what’s very fashionable now? Themed cruises! You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite era, dedicate a trip to an idol, learn how to cook local delicacies or master fashionable dances. But let's talk about everything in order.

What to take on a cruise

So, the cruise on the Volga is booked, the anticipation of the trip is off the charts. But your suitcases are still empty and you are at a loss as to what to take with you? Relax, it's actually simpler than it seems!

Cruise fees
Let's go on a cruise

Most main principle of fees - don’t overdo it. Believe me, already a fairly experienced cruiser, in reality half of the things from a giant suitcase will remain untouched. So we take only the essentials - comfortable shoes for walking, light sundresses and shorts for the heat of the day, a windbreaker and jeans for evening gatherings on the deck. Those who like to dress up can add a couple of eye-catching looks for formal dinners - but no more.

Traveling with little fidgets? Bring them more board games, pencils with albums, and favorite toys. For yourself, if anything, you can always find entertainment on board. Although, as experience shows, children are usually quite good at entertaining themselves, and if new playmates appear nearby, then usually there are no problems at all.

And, of course, don’t forget the things without which your trip can turn into a nightmare - medications for chronic diseases, sunscreen for everyone and proven remedies for motion sickness if your vestibular system sometimes fails you.

I recommend taking the basic one list of things to do at sea for a girl and work with it - delete something and add something. But I wouldn’t recommend carrying a mountain of equipment, books and work papers with you - the cruise is designed to relax and enjoy the moment, and not to be hypnotized by gadgets.

The most important thing is don’t worry, everything will work out for you. Many people who have bought a river cruise tour for the first time are really surprised by such a positive and, most importantly, sincere atmosphere that reigns there.

Cruises for everyone: with children, with friends and “team”

You know what I love most about river cruises? The fact that they are ideal for absolutely everyone. Seriously, here everyone will find something to do and company to their liking.

Let's start with family travel. I have seen more than once how even the most restless and capricious children instantly fall in love with cruise life. Of course, there are so many fun activities and interesting adventures. Animators organize quests, competitions, and creative workshops. Kids can frolic to their heart's content in the children's room under the supervision of experienced teachers, and parents can relax in peace. And how much delight the kids get from the mini-disco every night...

Animators on the cruise
Pirate performance on a cruise

Do you know when else cruises are irreplaceable? When you want to truly unite your team or please your employees with an unusual corporate event. Believe me, joint adventures, songs with a guitar on deck and friendly competitions work wonders - once, everyone will feel almost like one big family. And for important negotiations and presentations, many ships offer fully equipped conference rooms. Convenient!

Conference hall
Conference room on the ship

And, of course, cruises are an ideal option for large groups of friends. Do you want to have fun from the heart, get a charge of positivity and acquire a bunch of cool memories together? Then get on board! The animation team has prepared the most exciting activities - discos until the morning, intellectual and gambling games, sports competitions and exciting quests. You definitely won't be bored. And if you’re “tired of relaxing,” then you can just soak up the sun.

Vacation on a summer cruise

Cultural and gastronomic journey

Have you paid attention to one small, but in my opinion very interesting nuance? For me, this is already a fact that really interesting places and unexpectedly tasty dishes are usually found not in super-promoted tourist areas, but in small provincial towns. So, a trip along the Volga is the very opportunity that allows you to actually take a cultural and gastronomic tour in the most comfortable conditions.

Duck with vegetables
Country-style duck with vegetables in Yaroslavl

And the food, the food on cruises is finger licking good. Restaurant chefs create a menu of traditional dishes from the regions through which the route passes. In Astrakhan you will try the most delicate fish soup and dried roach; in Kostroma you will appreciate rich cabbage soup and the famous local cheese. In green parking lots you can have a picnic right on the banks of the Volga with aromatic shish kebab. Isn't it a fairy tale?

Dining room
Dining room

Well, at the parking lots in the Volga cities you will find a truly exciting immersion in history. You will wander along the ancient fortress walls, admire ancient temples and listen to colorful stories of local residents. Honestly, sometimes it seems that epic heroes or merchants in red caftans are about to come out from around the corner! And the picturesque landscapes along the way are breathtaking.

An ancient building in the city of Myshkin
A beautiful and ancient building in the city of Myshkin

But that's not all. A lot of educational events await you on board the ship - creative evenings with artists and musicians, lectures on history and local history, film screenings. Everyone will find something to suit their taste.

So, friends, if you want to combine business with pleasure, broaden your horizons and treat yourself to gastronomic delights - welcome aboard! River cruises from Moscow along the Volga can become a real cultural adventure for you.

Comfort and entertainment on board

Tell me honestly, do you still have doubts about cruises? Maybe you still think that a ship is cramped and boring, like being in a barrel? I want to calm you down. Modern tourist ships break all “ancient” ideas - these are real multi-star floating hotels with all the necessary amenities and entertainment.

Junior Suite Cabin with Balcony
Junior suite cabin with balcony on Swan Lake Photo: s⁠-⁠

Let me start with the fact that the rooms, that is, cabins, on ships now are full-fledged rooms with everything familiar and really necessary. Comfortable full-size beds, air conditioning, refrigerators, TVs, bathrooms with all cosmetics - everything is like in a decent hotel. Well, if you booked a cabin with a balcony, it’s actually a fairy tale. You go out this morning with a cup of aromatic coffee, and all around you are the Volga expanses, the splash of waves, the cries of seagulls. Romance!

A lot of pleasant surprises await you on the decks. These are not only sun loungers for sunbathing lovers, but also real swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spa areas. Imagine, you are basking in warm water, sipping a cocktail, and picturesque landscapes float by around you. Real beauty...

Villages along the route
Russian villages along the route

Well, the entertainment program on board is something special. Every day is scheduled literally to the minute. If you consider yourself to be one of those people who always try to learn something new, then master classes and thematic classes are a good choice for you. There are dancing and painting classes, and poker and mafia tournaments are held in the evenings. What can I say - many ships even have their own cinemas.

Think about parties, shows and live music - it’s a whole “set” of emotions every evening. New artists, cool presenters, bright costumes and clever decorations. Believe me, there is simply no time to be bored on such a vacation!

Evening show
Evening show

So book your cabin according to your taste and budget and just get ready for the cruise of your dreams. Comfort and positivity are guaranteed to you.

Plan your cruise on the Volga

So, friends, you are clearly already excited about the idea of going on a cruise along the Volga. And rightly so - such an adventure will definitely be remembered for a lifetime. But in order for everything to go as you have already pictured in your thoughts, you need to prepare for the trip in advance. Believe my experience, just going to some website and paying for a tour is not “ice”. Now I will explain my thought.

Firstly, you need to consider who exactly will rest. A family trip with children, a “mom, dad, me” type or a first romantic trip for two. Perhaps a weekend with friends or a full two-week voyage to the Caspian Sea - in any case, there are plenty of options. The choice of ship, the duration of the cruise, and the type of cabin depend on this.

I would name the next points in proper preparation exploring possible routes and excursion programs. Make a list of cities and attractions that you would not mind seeing. Estimate how much budget you are willing to allocate for travel. Believe me, sometimes the difference between cabins of different classes on the same ship can be very significant.

By the way, about booking. Don't make the same mistakes I did - book your cabin as early as possible. Ideally - at least 2-3 months before the cruise. I already know that a good time to book is November-December, when operators traditionally offer early booking promotions. One of my close friends last year saved twenty-five percent of the usual cost of a cruise by simply purchasing a ticket in January, and not in May, as I did. You can check the current booking prices right now:

And one last thing. A river cruise is essentially the same hotel trip. People swim and leave reviews. So you should read them before you finally choose your route. This quite often helps to mentally prepare for the trip, find out some “invisible” nuances and get a real picture. In general, a cruise does not tolerate spontaneity. The more carefully you plan it, the more fun you will have in the end.

My impressions of the Volga cruise

Oh, friends, how I understand you! Just a couple of years ago, when I heard the phrase “river cruise,” I also had rather skeptical associations - they say, this is entertainment for pensioners, it’s cramped, boring and the food is tasteless. How wrong I was... My first cruise on the Volga changed all ideas about vacation and left simply indelible impressions.

Cruise on the Volga River
Cruise on the Volga River

Do you know what amazed me most? Stunning beauty of the Volga landscapes. I spent hours sitting on the deck, admiring the emerald shores, majestic cliffs, cozy villages with colorful houses. And the sunsets over the Volga are breathtaking! It would seem like an ordinary river, but there is so much charm in it.

Types of the Volga River
Types of the Volga River

And, of course, I remember the parking lots in ancient cities. Honestly, in Uglich, Plyos, Kostroma, I simply lost track of time. I wandered through the narrow streets, looked into merchant mansions, and listened to the ringing of bells over the monastery walls. If it weren’t for our guide, who tells amazing stories and legends, I would be completely lost in times and eras.

Types of Kostroma

A few words about the atmosphere on the ship. It's just some kind of holiday. During the week of the cruise, I made a ton of new friends from all over the country. Together they took part in competitions, sang karaoke, and danced at discos until late. You know, it’s so great to go back to childhood and just have fun from the heart, without thinking about statuses and affairs.

By the way, I must tell you about the meeting of the northern lights on the Volga. No seriously! We were sailing one evening, already quite far from the cities, and suddenly the whole sky flashed with multi-colored flashes. Can you imagine what it’s like to stand on a deck in the middle of the river, with your head up, and watch one of the most magical phenomena of nature? This is indescribable...

I personally was really amazed by the masterly passage through the lock, when two ships maneuvered literally within a few meters. And this is all well-coordinated prof. the team and of course its captain, whose work can be seen by visiting the main wheelhouse on the ship.

In general, the cruise on the Volga became a real breath of fresh air, an outlet and a source of inspiration for me. I returned home completely renewed, rested and as if ten years younger (I would like to believe it was 10 years :)). And believe me, now at every opportunity I encourage everyone I know to go on a river cruise.

Choose your Volga cruise

Well, do you already feel this exciting itch in your palms? Do you want to quickly pack your suitcase and rush to conquer the river spaces? Then go ahead and choose the perfect itinerary for your dream cruise!

Best cruise vacation
Choose the best cruise vacation

If you are new to river travel, I advise you to first take a closer look at short weekend tours. You leave Moscow on Friday evening, and on Sunday you again plunge into the usual bustle of the metropolis. But how much you will have time to see in these couple of days - wonderful Uglich, Myshkin, Tver, Kalyazin.

Well, experienced cruisers should definitely take a swing at multi-day trip to Astrakhan or Rostov-on-Don. I’ll be honest: I was apprehensive about taking my first long cruise. I thought, I’ll get bored, I won’t sit so much inside four walls. Ha, naive! Ten days flew by in a flash—I saw, learned, and felt so much. And again I was drawn to the road!

Do you want to admire the masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture? Then you will board the ships plying along the Moscow and Oka Rivers with calls at the cities of the Golden Ring. Sergiev Posad, Rostov, Murom, Yaroslavl - these are real pearls of our history, surrounded by which you simply breathe differently.

Well, if the main thing for you is maximum relaxation and comfort, choose cruises on brand new luxury ships. There you will find spa salons, a la carte restaurants, and entertainment programs, just like in the best hotels. On such a vacation, you can forget about business and fully restore your strength.

The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, choose new directions and formats of relaxation. Cruises on the Volga - they really suit every taste and budget. If only there was a dream, there would always be an opportunity to make it come true!

A cruise on the Volga is not only a journey, but an experience

You know, I was thinking - a cruise on the Volga and an ordinary trip cannot even be compared. These are completely different things! A cruise is not just moving from point A to point B. It is like a trip to “another reality.” My first cruise feels like my first flight to the Dominican Republic. No, of course, everything in these two trips is completely different, but the satisfaction and inner delight on my personal scale from these tours are quite comparable.

On the Sunset
Volga at sunset

Now I understand why many, after their first cruise, become absolute supporters of this type of vacation. I’m like that myself - as soon as I go ashore for the last time and look back at the sailing ship, I already want to get on board again and set off for new discoveries.

There is only one result to everything I wrote about here. If you are still in doubt and hesitation, then you should discard all this. In general, I and definitely recommend it to all doubters go on a trip along the Volga River by boat. I bet you'll come back from your cruise a little different. Definitely rested, a little refreshed and definitely with a fresh look at yourself and the world. Believe me, such a charge of positivity is worth a lot. Tested for myself...

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