What is the best way to travel in Vietnam

Ttaxi, bike, cycle rickshaw or bus - which transport is the most convenient for movement inside the big and small cities of Vietnam? In this article, we have tried to make an overview of all available modes of transport in this country. And how best to move around Vietnam depends only on your choice.

Getting around Vietnam by bus

For the most budget travel, there is always local buses. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, if you have google maps or on your phone, you can easily create a bus route without leaving the ticket office.

vietnamese bus
Bus is an affordable and safe mode of transport in Vietnam

Buses are air-conditioned and move at the same speed as taxis, they are not stupid at stops. The cost of the trip is 7,000 VND. Buses run from early morning until evening, but everywhere in different ways.

Nha Trang: buses run until 7 pm, bus number 4 passes through the main tourist streets (from Vinperl to North Market), bus number 3 goes to Zoklet beach, bus number 2 goes from the tourist center to the BIG C supermarket area.

See the full schedule and routes of Nha Trang buses on the website. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh - buses run until 9 pm.

Vietnamese taxi: fast and inexpensive

Taxi prices in Vietnam really different. In Hanoi, the cheapest taxi is from 9 to 112 thousand VND per kilometer, in Nha Trang - 14-18 thousand, in Saigon - about 156 thousand. But it's still cheaper than in Russia.

A three-kilometer trip around the city will cost 55,000 VND in Nha Trang. Pay attention to the counter. Always ride it, it's cheaper, except for the road to Cam Ranh Airport from the City Center.

But if the counter suddenly starts to turn the numbers very quickly, then it is better to immediately send the driver away, go out and threaten him with the police. Often in tourist places, at bus stations and at the airport, taxi drivers "twist" the meters.

Taxi in Vietnam
Pay attention to the taxi you choose

If after two minutes of the trip, there are already 100 thousand, then demand to stop the taxi! It is best to use some trusted companies: My Linh, Hanoi Group, Ba Sao, Thanh Long, Vinasan.

Even if the taxi is small, then pay attention that the car has logos firms listed phones And price sticker on the door. The taxi driver himself must have badge on clothing or in a conspicuous place in the car.

The notorious Vietnamese Mototaxi

Mototaxi, or Se Om, or the very annoying "motorbike-motorbike". Do not shy away from them, you just need to negotiate with them. Se om translates as "hugging transport".

Se om in Vietnam
Seomists on vacation waiting for clients

It is believed that the seomists are the most notorious "villains". In fact, they know where to buy drugs, where to find girls, sometimes they sell them themselves, bring them into the wilds, rob them, and so on. But fortunately there are decent people among them. In fact, we went on seom many times and no one robbed us once.

You immediately say where you need to, bargain at a price lower than at least twice and go. Sometimes they showed them the way. Helpful advice: look at the driver, does he inspire confidence, is there a sly and greedy look in his eyes, how is he dressed? If you see a good-natured and decent person, then you can negotiate a price. And do not sit next to those who shout "motorbike-motorbike."

If you need seom, you can ask the hotel owner, fruit sellers on the street or in the store. They will advise you of their uncle, brother, son or matchmaker and it will be much safer.

Seomists always stand near the markets, at bus stops, or simply rest on the sidewalks with a sign: “Xe om”. Important: the price of a seom should be lower than a taxi, at least twice. For example, a distance of 10 kilometers by taxi is 150 thousand, you can negotiate with a seomist for 50-80. Never give more than a hundred in the city!

How to get around Vietnam by rickshaw, bike and bike

Bus, taxi and motorcycle taxis are of course not the only types. Vietnam transport. The article does not cover air travel, although if you want to see a lot and quickly, they are ideal. However, for the city and its environs, you can choose a few more working options. Let's consider them.

Rickshaw in Vietnam: one time for a tourist

In fact rickshaw or cycle rickshaw in Hanoi is a dying phenomenon. They are used here only by tourists and newlyweds for their wedding ceremonies. In other cities in Vietnam, rickshaws still carry cargo and work as laborers.

get around Vietnam by rickshaw
Rickshaw, cycle rickshaw - a dying tourist transport

In Nha Trang, there are a lot of tourist scams associated with rickshaws. For example, you agree on one price, and upon arrival they start extorting more, or a motorcycle crashes into a rickshaw, the rickshaw falls, and the motorcyclist grabs the bag from your hands and hides. The rickshaw is not suitable for moving around the city. This option is very slow, but if you want exotic, you can try it once.

Bike: ideal transport under certain circumstances

Bikes are rented in all tourist centers. The cost depends on the quality of the bike and on how you agree with the owner and on average ranges from 60,000 dong to 200,000 dong per day.

It is a fact that Russian tourists in Vietnam often rent bikes without basic skills. As a result, they often fall, get seriously injured, not fully understanding how the traffic on the roads of Vietnam is arranged.

Bike on the road
A bike is a great choice for Vietnam if there is no doubt about its driving skills

Tip from watch the traffic first, understand the local rules, and ride a couple of bikes a couple of times. For example, if you are driving along the main road, and a car drives out across the way, according to local rules, he is right, because his car is more expensive and in any case you will pay for the damage.

Here, international laws apply and the category “motorcycles” should be opened in them. Let's assume you have such rights. Let's say you were driving according to the rules, you have insurance, a rented bike with all the documents, but you are a foreigner, and you are to blame for this.

Foreigners are not even recommended to stop if you pass by an accident. The fact is that there will immediately be a bunch of witnesses who will confirm that it is you who are to blame. And this is not an exaggeration. Such cases really do happen. As a pledge of a bike, they usually ask for a passport or money. A bike is a very convenient transport in the city and beyond, but do not forget about the risks.

In Nha Trang on a bike, you can easily go around all the tourist attractions and even go to the mountain town of Dalat, so this is a very convenient solution.

Cycling in Vietnam as a means of transportation

You can rent a bike, just like a bike. It's better to drive carefully. The situation is resolved in the same way as in the case of the bike. If there is an accident, the foreigner is always to blame, even if he is crushed to death by a truck at the green light of a traffic light.

In general, for example, in Hanoi there are many ideal places for cycling. In Ho Chi Minh City, in principle, the streets are wide and you can drive without tension. Well, in Nha Trang there is a beautiful country track where cyclists ride every evening.

Video: Robber on a bike on a road in Vietnam

Finally, watch a short video on how robbers on bikes rob other road users. Or they try to rob, and the brave citizens fight back.

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