Patong or Karon: which beach in Phuket to choose for the perfect holiday?

DHave a great day or evening, travelers! Today we'll talk about a real beach dilemma in Phuket. Are you planning a trip to this tropical paradise and can't decide where to camp - bustling Patong or quieter Karon? Eh, a familiar situation! Calm, just calm, as the unforgettable character Carlson said to his friend Malysh.

Just sit back, because now I will tell you quite quickly and clearly about all the pros and cons of these two beaches. It is clear that my story is my personal opinion, but I promise I will try to be as objective as possible, although I have only one favorite beach :).

Patong Beach: the fun never stops!

Ah, Patong... Calling it just a beach is like calling Las Vegas a village. It's a huge party that never ends! Patong is people, a lot of people, many cafes, bars and restaurants for every taste, it is entertainment from morning until late at night...

One of the views of Patong Beach

It is always crowded, noisy and the music never stops for a second. I want to warn you right away: if you are looking for a quiet family vacation, it’s better not to even look in the direction of Patong - Phuket itself has dozens of interesting vacation spots for different preferences.

Patong sign
But if you like to party, then this is the place for you! The nightlife on Bangla Road is amazing. It seems that all the coolest bars and clubs in Phuket have gathered here. Well, what else can a young and active tourist do if not dance the night away? Just what the doctor ordered!

By the way, Bangla Road, which is located right here, is not for nothing compared to the well-known Walking Street, also known as Walking Street or “Volkov Street”, (Walking Street) in Pattaya. In fact, they really have a lot in common and similar. And if you have been on the Pattaya “pedestrian”, then you can imagine its slightly more modest counterpart in Phuket.

Night Patong

You won't get bored on the beach during the day either. There are plenty of water activities here, from banana boat rides to parasailing. By the way, before you go on a very expensive parachute flight, be sure to read the information about what this could mean for you and how it will end in the article: What are the dangers of parachute flight over the sea... And, of course, we can’t forget about shopping! Patong has both street markets and cool shopping centers.

Parasailing in Patong

True, prices here are often steep. Well, how could it be otherwise in the most tourist place in Phuket? Be prepared to shell out money for food too: many establishments simply rip off visitors like crazy. Although there are exceptions, it’s worth looking for.

Dinner Invitation
Come and visit us...

As for the beach, it’s... well, in my opinion, nothing special. The sand is good, but crowded and a little dirty. Still, armies of tourists are doing their job. But the entrance to the water is gentle - an excellent place for swimming with children, if you still decide to bring them to this noisy paradise.

Relax on Patong Beach

To summarize, Patong is not a place for everyone, but it is ideal for those who like to have fun. Be sure to stop by here for at least a couple of days during your stay in Phuket!

Patong Beach in April

Karon Beach: romance and tranquility

Now let's move to Karon Beach. What's the difference, right? There is the sea, palm trees, white sand... Silence, tranquility, there are a lot of tourists, but compared to the crowds in Patong, there are many fewer!

Karon Beach in April
April 2024

Unlike Patong, Karon is perfect for a relaxing family holiday. And couples in love will definitely like it. There won't be anywhere to party on the shore, except maybe in a few bars and small clubs. But this is a completely different atmosphere - no chaos, you can just enjoy cocktails in a quiet environment (unless, of course, you sit down near the volleyball court or the parachute pilot station.

Road along the beach
Rare shot: deserted road along Karon beach early in the morning

But in terms of hotel accommodation, it’s simply a holiday here! There are many resorts of different levels, many right on the shore. From budget to luxury, for every taste and budget. True, there are not as many hostels and guesthouses as in Patong, but there are really enough of them and even in abundance, although who needs them in such a heavenly place? After all, you can choose a more interesting hotel for yourself and for a very reasonable price.

And yes, housing in Karon is no cheaper than in Patong! As is food in general. But if you want, you can save a lot of money. The area is full of simple but very tasty restaurants. If you want something more refined, no problem either. I can say for sure that in street evening cafes You can taste truly delicious dishes for every taste.

Street cafes on Karon
Evening cafes near the Andaman Seaview Hotel on Karon

He deserves special mention beach. Nothing superfluous: a wide strip of white and yellow sand, turquoise water, coconut palms and tropical pine trees. Just like in a sunscreen commercial! By the way, don’t forget about creams - during the day the sun is merciless here - unprepared “solar burners” burn almost instantly!

Karon Beach in April 2
11.30, Karon Beach (April 2024)

And in the evening you can take a walk to the night market near the temple, look for something to remember or taste exotic local food. More information about Karon Night Market can be found here Opening hours, how to get there and what you can buy and other useful information.

Well, now the main advantage of Karon: you can almost always find a place here where there will be no crowds of people. Even during the season there are not so many vacationers compared to the “senior colleague”. So if you dream of relaxing on a clean beach with unique “snowy” sand, this is definitely the place for you!

Patong or Karon: what to choose?

Well, now you have all the information to make the right choice! If you're young, full of energy and just love to party, Patong is definitely for you. But don't forget to take good earplugs with you - it will be difficult to sleep there.

If you dream of a measured, sometimes meditative holiday with elements of romance and a quiet beach holiday, choose Karon. Relax, breathe out, enjoy the stunning scenery!

Karon at sunset
Karon Beach at sunset

Well, if after my story you still have doubts, do as I did: stop for a few days in Patong to have plenty of fun, and then move to calm Karon to recuperate. This way you get the full experience of both beaches!

In any case, wherever you go, sunny Phuket will definitely give you a lot of vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions. Most importantly, don’t forget to take pictures of every moment! In the meantime, bon voyage, enjoy your holiday and... See you soon on the beaches Thailand! 😉

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