Paid fishing in Novosyolki: relaxation for the soul and a rich catch

Everything you need to know about fishing in Novoselki in the Kozelsky district of the Kaluga region: features, services, prices and reviews

DRuz, do you dream of escaping from the bustle of the city and plunging into a world of tranquility, clean air and exciting fishing? Then you have a direct route to the village of Novoselki near Kozelsk! Here, in this marvelous corner of nature, there is a wonderful fishery with paid fishing, which will be a real find for everyone who craves peace and unity with nature, without sacrificing certain amenities and quality of service.

How to get to the fishing spot

I’ll start with the fact that I can’t call myself a frequent visitor to these ponds, but I’ll continue with confidence that a trip to these places has already become something of a tradition for me and my friends. For three years in a row we have been coming here to spend the night. The last time we spent the night in the house on the pond was two whole nights and they flew by completely unnoticed. But first things first.

In fact, the path to Novosyolki, if you drive from Kaluga, cannot be called difficult: some 76 km - and you are there, in this pleasant corner of nature. The road will fly by in an instant with the usual road conversations and anticipation of the upcoming fishing.

Navigator coordinates: 54.054370, 35.668158

But keep in mind that the last 3 km of the path is a kind of “village quest”: the slabs and dirt road along the fields with buttercups and potatoes can be a little shabby if some don’t like it. But don’t be afraid of this little “test”, because at the end you will find amazing fishing in the middle of nature, which will more than pay for all the worries on the road.

Prices and opening hours of the fishery

The farm hospitably opens its doors to fishing enthusiasts from May to October, every day from 6 am to 8 pm. So there is enough time for both fishing and relaxation - everything is in your hands! And the prices here are, in our time, practically a fairy tale for those who love fishing.

Entrance fee costs only 1000 rubles, and this amount already includes the first 4 kg of your catch. Agree, a very generous offer for those who decided to enjoy fishing in Novosyolki.

Paid fishing in Novosyolki
Image: Owner's house in Novosyolki

And then - 200 rubles for each extra kilogram of fish caught. And, what’s especially nice, is that crucian carp, of which there are sometimes a lot of them, gets to you for free, as a real bonus.

What kind of fish is found in reservoirs

And now, friends, let's move on to the sweetest part - fishing on the ponds. Believe me, you won’t be bored here! In the local reservoirs, fish splash for every taste: there are hefty carp and weighty crucian carp, grass carp, toothy pike and very rarely nimble roach... And all this beauty is pure, without a hint of parasites or the nasty smell of mud. In order not to lie and to be objective, I will say that I once came across information about infected fish. But I read about this only once, and I personally and from the words of other fishermen have never seen anything like this...

Morning on the pond in Novosyolki
Early morning on the pond in Novosyolki

I think that this is all because the owner of the KFK here takes care of his underwater pets as if they were his own: he feeds them only natural, environmentally friendly grub. So you don’t have to worry about the taste of your future catch - it will be finger-licking good!

Small carp
One of the first is a small carp

Of course, fishing luck is a lady with quirks, and no one is immune from bad days. But take my word for it, the chances of a rich catch during paid fishing on the Novoselkinsky ponds are through the roof. Regulars regularly bring home such trophies that they take your breath away: carp weighing 3-4 kg, crucian carp, sometimes under a kilo, and even cupid... Not only does such a catch make your soul sing, but your stomach also rumbles with anticipation.

First bite
The first bite was successful

Here I must definitely mention one important point and give one useful reminder tip: for successful fishing on ponds, it is extremely important to select the right gear. The result of your event directly depends on the quality of your fishing rod, reel, fishing line, spinners and other equipment.

Don't skimp on gear! Buy proven, reliable Goods for fishing from well-known manufacturers and only from well-known suppliers. A good fishing rod will allow you to cast the bait exactly to the right place. A high-quality reel will ensure smooth running and eliminate beards. Well, a strong fishing line will not let you down in the fight against trophy fish.

Of course, professional gear is not cheap. But trust my experience, these investments are completely worth it. After all, with properly selected, high-quality gear, you will always return home with a decent catch and a lot of positive emotions!

Facilities for fishermen

I won’t lie, friends, mostly you will have to take care of comfort on the shore while fishing. The fishing spots here are, frankly speaking, wild, without any special super amenities. But for true connoisseurs of fishing and unity with nature, this is more an advantage than a disadvantage.

Fishing was a success
A great place for a trained fisherman!

Less civilization, more naturalness and pristineness - what could be better? The main thing is don’t be barbaric and don’t leave trash behind. Let's take care of this wonderful corner of nature together, where you can have a great rest and relaxation.

Peace and tranquility while fishing

And another big plus about Novoselkinsky Ponds is the peace and quiet that reigns here. Not like in many other popular fishing spots - here you won’t be bothered by noisy companies that interfere with your enjoyment of fishing and outdoor recreation.

The cat who stole the fish
The impudent cat who stole a whole carp

There are really only a few fishermen on the farm, so you will fully enjoy the peace and measured flow of life away from the bustle of the city. Just you, the fishing rod, the surface of the water and the thrill of waiting for a bite - a true idyll for a real fisherman!

Recreation opportunities in Novosyolki

Catching a fish when it bites, for those who value such a thing, is almost 100% the success of the trip, but sometimes you want to stretch out the pleasure of relaxing in nature and stay longer in some place. And you have such a chance! On the farm you can rent a simple house and stay overnight to taste all the delights of country life. As a rule, renting a house for a day costs 2000 rubles. More information about availability and cost can be found when ordering (contacts at the end of the article).

In a house on a pond in Novosyolki
Interior in a house on a pond in Novosyolki

The house itself is small with three sleeping places, but in a convenient location and also with a decent veranda under the roof overlooking one of the ponds - a great place for evening gatherings!

Imagine, here you are sitting on the veranda after a successful bite, inhaling the fresh evening air, admiring the sunset over the surface of the water and leisurely sipping, for example, aromatic tea or something else. And on the table a rich fish soup from a fish you caught yourself is smoking, or a hefty crucian carp is appetizingly browning on the coals. Heartfelt conversations with friends, fishing stories, plans for tomorrow's fishing... This is true happiness and complete relaxation!

Furnishings in the house on the pond in Novoselki
Furnishings in the house on the pond - mini kitchen corner

Well, friends, is it tempting? Can you already imagine yourself on the shore with a fishing rod at the ready and dreaming of great catches? Then don’t drag your feet - come to the ponds in Novosyolki. Believe my experience, here you will find everything your heart desires for a complete and varied holiday: breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear air, fun - be healthy, comfortable living conditions and the opportunity to escape from the crazy rhythm of city life.

Give yourself a break, switch to a measured mood, feel the beauty of merging with nature. And may the fisherman's luck always be on your side! On the paid ponds in Novosyolki it will definitely wink at you - it has been tested by me personally and my friends - experienced fishermen. So don’t miss your chance to catch your dream trophy and relax the way you’ve always dreamed of.


Friends, a trip to the ponds in the village of Novoselki near Kozelsk is a unique chance to combine active recreation, an exciting hobby and serene relaxation in nature. Here, every fisherman, from beginner to professional, will get a lot of fun and positivity, and will also add to their collection of fishing trophies.

Dawn on the ponds
Fabulous sunrise on the ponds

Transparent reservoirs, clean air, stunning landscapes, acceptable conditions and, of course, a variety of fish - all this awaits you on paid fishing in hospitable Novosyolki. So, no more doubts. Believe me, such moments remain in your memory forever and charge you with positivity and vigor for many months to come. And as they say, neither tail nor scales for you, friends!

CONTACT INFORMATION: Alexander Valentinovich Bynkin
Where is: Kaluga region, Kozelsky district, Novoselki village, st. Ozernaya, 2. From Kaluga 76 km, from Kozelsk 10 km.
Telephone: +7 (910) 914-43-05 , +7 (962) 175-50-99
Navigator coordinates: 54.054370, 35.668158

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