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About search engine Travel Guide

HFinding cheap flights in the age of new technologies is not a problem. However, it's worth knowing how to do it to get it done in minutes, not hours. And here the Travel Guide service from Aviasales comes to the rescue!

The Travel Guide service application from Aviasales completely changes the way you search for air tickets. Although there are many such tools on the Internet, none of them gives you so much freedom in terms of choosing dates or destinations. And this is just the beginning! The intelligent algorithm of the application is able to choose for you not only the cheapest flight, but also one that will provide you with maximum comfort on your journey and minimize the number of transfers.

How to find cheap flights using Aviasales Travel Guide?

The most important feature of the Travel Guide service from Aviasales is that we have at our disposal not one, but four types of air tickets search engine. Which one you choose depends on what you are looking for:

1. Round-trip flight

This is the default search engine mode that opens after entering the main page of the site. At this stage, we are in for a few pleasant surprises. Suppose you live halfway between Moscow and Kaluga. More or less the same road separates you from the airports of both cities, so it doesn't matter if you fly from Moscow or Kaluga.

With "regular" flight search engines, you would have to search for flights from each of these cities separately. With the Travel Guide service from Aviasales you can do it all at once! All you have to do is enter all the cities you are interested in in the field with the place of departure. The situation is similar with the place of arrival.

This is a great convenience for people who would like to travel to Turkey, for example, but do not have a clear choice of cities they want to visit. With this feature, you can choose the city that has the cheapest or shortest flight to.

However, the flexibility of the Aviasales Travel Guide service does not end there. Another convenience is the ability to select a range of dates instead of one specific arrival and departure date. How to do it? All you have to do is click and drag on the time period you are interested in in the search engine's drop-down calendar.

2. One way flight

To change the search mode, simply click on the arrow next to the Round trip field. So you can choose the One Way option which as the name suggests will allow you to find one way plane tickets i.e. without a return ticket. The principle of operation of this search engine is the same as in the case of a return flight.

3. Multi mode

What if you are planning a trip to several cities or countries? Nothing easier. To do this, you can use a special search mode. Its operation is similar to the previous two search engines, with the difference that we can select not one, but several destinations.

4. Nomadic regime

The real magic starts here! Imagine that you have two or three weeks of vacation at your disposal and you want to visit several different cities or countries. Let's say you want to spend a few days in each city and don't care what order you visit them in. How to find cheap flights in this situation? Using the search mode, you will do it literally in a matter of minutes!

Step 1: You choose the cities you want to visit. Step 2: You decide how many days you are going to spend in each one (you can enter a range like 3-5 days). Step 3: ... wait, there is no third step, the Travel Guide service from Aviasales will do the rest for you!