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AThello family! In November 2023, we visited the excellent hotel, in my opinion, Sataya Resort Marsa Alam 5*, which is located on the Red Sea coast in Egypt. This hotel opened in 2021 and immediately attracted my attention with its positive reviews, about first-class services, varied food, beautiful grounds and a good hotel beach, etc. I’ll say right away that on certain nuances I do not agree with everything that is written about the hotel, especially since there was one negative incident, but in general, if you are looking for a place for a relatively relaxing holiday surrounded by nature, then Sataya Resort is a worthy choice in many respects. However, after reading the review, decide for yourself.

The hotel is located right on the first line, surrounded by rather prosaic, if this definition is suitable for the Egyptian desert, landscapes on one side and the amazing, dare I say it, azure waters of the Red Sea. The transfer itself from Hurghada airport takes about 2.5 hours, but the rather dull journey is worth it!

We dreamed of spending a vacation in a cozy, calm atmosphere and, having purchased tour to Egypt, completely relax. Of course, Sataya Resort is not a deserted island in the ocean, but in my opinion it met all our expectations. It seems to me that it is suitable for a family holiday with children, for a romantic holiday for couples, and for a fun time with friends - three in one and for every taste...

Rooms and amenities at Sataya Resort 5*

Sataya Resort offers standard modern rooms of different categories: regular, family, with sea views or direct access to the pool. We stayed in a standard room, which met our expectations: naturally not a luxury room, but a clean and quite cozy room.

Standart room
Image: Standard Room

Bright, furnished with comfortable furniture in a minimal set. As for me, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay: a large double bed with an orthopedic mattress, a living room area with a soft sofa and armchairs, a bathroom with a shower, branded cosmetics and a hairdryer, individual air conditioning, a plasma TV, a minibar with drinks, safe, free Wi-Fi.

Rooms with personal pools
Image: Rooms with private pools

Of course there was a balcony, where would we be without it, and with a pleasant view of the pool. In the mornings, according to the old tradition, we drank coffee there before breakfast. True, several times our “coffee morning” coincided with the morning of our roommates, and visibility there was direct, but these were minor things.

Room cleaning, as it should be in a normal five, is carried out every day at a good level, I can’t say that it’s ideal, but it definitely passes. You can safely expect cleanliness, fresh bed linen and towels, regularly replenished hygiene products and drinking water.

View from the balcony
Image: View from the balcony

Soft bathrobes and slippers are available upon request. A real plus for the hotel's policy towards its guests. Even if you check in early before the official check-in time, you will be given branded bracelets and invited to have breakfast, so that your vacation starts with pleasant moments (at least that’s how it was for us).

Food and restaurants at Sataya Resort

The food at Sataya Resort deserves special consideration. There were both pros and cons. The variety, freshness, beautiful presentation and excellent taste of the dishes completely satisfy the tourist without thinking that he has come to a gastronomic show as an expert critic. The hotel operates on an all-inclusive basis, in my opinion, offering a wide selection of varied dishes both for breakfast and for lunch and dinner in the main restaurant.

Main restaurant of the hotel
Image: Hotel main restaurant

After breakfast. There you will find a huge assortment of fresh pastries, homemade cheeses, vegetables, fruits, juices, tender omelettes and pancakes that will energize you for the whole day. But lunches and dinners are dedicated to themed cuisines: Italian, Oriental, Mediterranean, seafood and others.

In the main hotel restaurant
Image: In the main hotel restaurant
Image: Baking
Dishes in the restaurant
Image: Restaurant dishes

If I’m not confused, a couple of times a week “celebratory dinners” are organized in the open air with aromatic grilled dishes, exotic oriental sweets and chocolate fountains with fruit. I can highlight a seafood dinner on Mondays that I find interesting: king prawns, mussels, crabs, lobsters, squid, dorado, sea bass - everything is fresh and undoubtedly delicious for lovers of seafood.

Served dish
Image: Served platter
Greens and vegetables
Image: Greens and vegetables

You know, after a week of all-inclusive meals, it always seems to me that something is missing, but I’ll try to be objective. The quality and variety of dishes at Sataya Resort are at the proper level: a variety of appetizers, salads, hot dishes from poultry, lamb, veal, beef, fish, side dishes, fresh vegetables and fruits, and a variety of desserts. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available.

For children there is a separate table with tasty treats. The restaurant staff is very friendly, attentive, and will always help you with your choice and bring you the right dish. However, a significant disadvantage is the queues for any dish that the chef “highlights”: for example, duck or even a delicious soup...

But for variety, you can book dinner in a la carte restaurants (1 visit free): Italian and Lebanese. There, as it should be, everything is much more interesting. And the atmosphere and service, which by the way is quite fast, and the cuisine with beautiful, almost perfect presentation accompanied by relaxing live music, which creates a special atmosphere.

As it should be in the top five, the hotel has several different cozy bars, cafes and a snack restaurant, where during the day you can have light snacks, fast food, cool off with ice cream or refresh yourself with cocktails and drinks.

Cafe on the beach
Image: Beach Cafe

Everything is as usual. The cafe on the beach hosts “fruit days” - this is when guests are offered fresh fruit. I didn’t particularly like the organization for the five here. There was a long line and when I waited, they gave me a small plate of mango. I said that I was not alone and asked for a second one, and in response I heard an offer to come and stand in line for the one who needed the second plate. In order not to focus on the negative, I will say that in the end it all ended the next day with an apology and a whole basket of delicious mangoes...

Alcohol at Sataya Resort was not exactly surprising, but pleased with the acceptable quality and selection: several types of local beer, red and white wine, rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila and cocktails. The taste of the cocktail, however, depends on the bartender, and the bartender can become your good “friend” during your vacation quite simply. All you need is a few green pieces of paper with the number “one” and a couple of phrases in English...

Infrastructure and entertainment at Sataya Resort

I can only say positive things about the territory of Sataya Resort - it is vast and very beautiful, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, bright flowers and tall palm trees. Walking along it is a pleasure. You can feel care, taste, and an atmosphere of some luxury and comfort.

Main entrance of Sataya Resort 5
Image: Main entrance of Sataya Resort 5
Image: Reception
General view of the hotel territory
Image: General view of the hotel grounds
On site at Sataya Resort Marsa Alam
Image: Inside the Sataya Resort Marsa Alam
Flower beds on site
Image: Flower beds on site

Some people consider the hotel’s main pride to be its stunning large swimming pool with water slides, bubbling geysers and convenient entry into the water. However, one visit to this complex in two weeks was enough for me. For children there is a separate pool with funny fountains and a safe slide. In general, there are as many as 6 swimming pools on the territory and one heated one.

Image: Water slides
Hotel pool
Image: Hotel pool
One of the pools at Sataya Resort
Image: One of the pools at Sataya Resort

For lovers of active recreation, the Sataya Resort has excellent conditions: a tennis court, a volleyball court, a fitness room with a set of exercise equipment, aerobics, water aerobics in the pool, water polo, and a water sports center on the beach.

Image: Spa center
Image: Gym
Volleyball on the beach
Image: Volleyball on the beach

Do you want to improve your health and appearance? A chic SPA-center with sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and a wide range of relaxing facial and body treatments. If desired, you can take a massage course. By the way, the first massage is free and you don’t have to look for a way to a massage therapist. During the day, near the pool, hotel workers will definitely come up to you and practically “persuad” you to take this first free massage, of course, with the hope of subsequent paid courses...

Massage room
Image: Massage room

Well, little guests are entertained by professional animators in a colorful mini-club. Games, competitions, creative activities, mini-disco - the fun continues all day. Parents can relax for a while knowing that children are being supervised.

Kids club
Image: Kids Club

In the evenings everyone is waiting open air amphitheater with a variety of show programs, circus acts, unusual and familiar dances, as well as live music. If you wish, after them you can continue the party in the disco bar or relax in the lounge area with a hookah and a cocktail.

I made a short video less than a minute about the fire show. In general, the guys are working hard. If you don’t look closely, everything is truly beautiful and elegant, and the Colosseum itself, where this performance takes place, gives off a slightly mystical feel. And this is the idea that fits perfectly. But the smell of gasoline, or I don’t know what else they drink there, is clearly noticeable.

Of course, don’t think that the Colosseum only hosts a fire show every evening, but for some reason I remember it most of all.

So be sure to look, during the show program in the theater nothing interesting happens in the hotel, but then you can do other things.

Beach and sea at Sataya Resort

A special word about the spacious sandy beach with a gentle entrance to the sea, comfortable sun loungers and bungalows. You can sit either near the water's edge or in the shade of palm trees, enjoying the coolness and sipping refreshing lemonade. Towels and umbrellas are provided free of charge.

Beach Sataya Resort Marsa Alam
Image: Sataya Beach Resort Marsa Alam

However, if the entrance is flat, then the bottom, or rather its composition, is not particularly conducive to “water walks”, and this is not Thailand or the Dominican Republic, but you can swim. Well, if you wish, you can walk to the left along the coast from the hotel and find a truly gorgeous beach for relaxation.

Nearby wild beach
Image: Neighboring Wild Beach

But the hotel’s beach also has its own “trick”, which is typical for many hotels in Marsa Alam - long pier 150 meters long, leading into the clear waters of the Red Sea. It’s really great to dive into the depths or swim from here, admiring the sea life through glasses or a mask!

Hotel pier
Image: Hotel Pier

Conveniently, for those new to snorkeling, there is a fenced-in safe area with a shallow sandy bottom, ideal for swimming and bathing for children (but not small children). And more or less experienced divers will appreciate the stunning coral reef with a variety of colorful fish at the end of the pier.

Deep reef swimming
Image: Deep Reef Swimming

Generally speaking, the marine fauna at the Marsa Alam resort is unique. If you're lucky, you might see dolphins frolicking off the shore, or even the rare dugong, a sea cow that lives only in this part of the Red Sea. But to do this, you can go on a boat trip with snorkeling or diving to the island of Sataya.

Reef near the hotel underwater
Image: Reef at the hotel underwater

Yes, if suddenly a strong wind blows and the sea becomes stormy, then this is not a particularly severe problem. At Sataya Resort you can always splash around in the heated pool, catch a wave in the water park, ride the water slides or take part in activities from the animation team by the pool: aqua aerobics, water polo, games and a dance flash mob. Definitely, those who have no desire to get bored will definitely not get bored here in any weather! Well, you can devote yourself to buying souvenirs, for example.

Stall by the beach
Image: Stall by the beach
Name bracelets
Image: Name bracelets

Service and staff at the Sataya Resort

Sataya Resort Marsa Alam definitely cares about their reputation and the hotel staff as a whole is what it should be in a normal top five. I'm not talking about some kind of servility, I'm talking about a normal phenomenon when you are treated with respect and without sullenness. The staff, from maids and waiters to top managers, are welcoming, friendly, responsive and sincerely try to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. In general, I can characterize the service at the hotel at a high level, with constant smiles and a desire to help in any situation.

Hotel team
Image: Hotel Team

I would especially like to note the excellent work of the team of local animators - the real sparklers and soul of the hotel! Cheerful, creative guys from different countries create an atmosphere of celebration and positivity from morning to evening. Of course, they are all of different levels of training and “talents,” but the overall picture is a solid “B.”

Water aerobics
Image: Water aerobics

There is entertainment for every taste for every guest: for the active - beach volleyball, aqua aerobics, dance master classes, games in the pool, for the creative - drawing and origami lessons, talent competitions, for lovers of relaxation - yoga on the beach, breathing practices, meditation. And some evening show programs in the amphitheater will appeal to you for their scope and level: bright show ballets, acrobatic stunts, fire shows, sand animation, fashion shows in carnival costumes, interactions with the audience.

Hotel at night
Image: Night Hotel

Excursions and attractions around Sataya Resort

In literary terms, the surroundings of Sataya Resort are very picturesque and secluded. To put it simply, it’s kind of empty there. There is a feeling that immediately beyond the territory there begins an endless sandy desert, smoothly turning into visible hotels on the horizon.

On the way to turtle beach
Image: On the way to turtle beach

Hikers will definitely enjoy taking walks along the wild coastline, watching the waves of the fabulous sea on one side and the desert dunes on the other.

Desert contrast
Image: Desert Contrast

To explore the natural and historical attractions of the region, the hotel offers a variety of exciting excursions. The most popular of them is a boat trip on a snow-white yacht to the island of Sataya with snorkeling in a lagoon with giant green turtles, the presence of which, unfortunately, is not guaranteed. Also, for fans of drive, there is an ATV safari through the picturesque dunes and canyons of the desert. Well, for lovers of historical tourism, a one-day trip to Luxor with a visit to the grandiose ancient temples and tombs of the pharaohs is offered as standard.

In my opinion, an excursion to Luxor will not leave anyone indifferent. After all, this is a unique chance to touch thousands of years of history and see with your own eyes the legendary monuments of Ancient Egypt. To see what we read in history lessons and watched in Hollywood films: the colossal Karnak and Luxor temples, the mystical Valley of the Kings with the tombs of rulers, the elegant mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the majestic Colossi of Memnon.

Believe me, the grandiose scale of the buildings, the luxury of decoration, and the mysterious mystical atmosphere of antiquity will take your breath away and transport you to another era. The guides know their stuff and will captivatingly tell you about the myths and legends of Ancient Egypt; if you wish and use your imagination, they will allow you to immerse yourself in its amazing and mysterious world.

A boat trip to the island of Sataya on a comfortable yacht is relaxation for body and soul. Along the way, you will get plenty of ultraviolet light, fresh breeze and stunning views of the desert mountains, coupled with the same Red Sea. On the island, snorkeling awaits you in a closed lagoon among colorful coral gardens, replete with fancy fish. And if you're really lucky, you'll be able to swim side by side with powerful giant green turtles, for whom these waters are their home. If it burns out, the sensations will be indescribable, and they will definitely remain in your memory for the rest of your life!

Extreme lovers and adventure seekers will enjoy an ATV safari in the desert. Haven’t you tried it and have a desire to feel like a brave conqueror of sandy expanses, ride like a breeze along a dune, climb a rocky mountain and admire from there a stunning panorama of the desert to the horizon? Then go ahead and without talking, this is definitely for you. Thrills, adrenaline rush and amazing scenery are guaranteed.

Pros and cons of the Sataya Resort 5* Marsa Alam hotel

One of the main advantages of Sataya Resort Marsa Alam is its unique location on the Red Sea. This is an ideal place for those who are tired of the city bustle and noise, who crave relative solitude, peace, unity with nature, away from noisy parties, shopping centers and annoying merchants. At its core, the Marsa Alam resort is an endless sandy desert, an azure clear sea and uncrowded untouched beaches.

Briefly about the important advantages of Sataya Resort:

  • A beautiful and well-groomed green area with luxurious palm trees, exotic flowers, original ornamental plants and stylish art objects.
  • Comfortable modern rooms with new high-quality furniture, appliances and all the amenities for a great holiday.
  • Excellent varied all-inclusive meals, a wide selection of branded alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, high-quality imported alcohol.
  • A wide selection of swimming pools for every taste: relaxation, activity, with water slides and a water park for children and adults, with sea and fresh heated water.
  • Own spacious sandy beach with fine white sand, a comfortable pontoon for snorkeling and diving, with a stunning house reef teeming with colorful fish and the underwater world.
  • A wonderful team of animators, interesting entertainment, creative and sports programs for all ages, from kids to adults.
  • Good opportunities for active recreation and sports: water aerobics, dancing, Pilates, yoga, beach volleyball, water polo, large modern gym.
  • A magnificent spa center with a wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments for face and body, with a sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and professional massage.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, including the beach, pools, bars and rooms.
  • A variety of exciting excursions around the region, interesting leisure and adventure options organized by the hotel.

Of the minuses it is worth noting:

  • The distance of the hotel from Hurghada airport (150 km, 2.5 hours on the road) and other large settlements. There is practically no external infrastructure near Sataya Resort, except for a few neighboring hotels - no shops, no markets, no clubs, no entertainment. So if you want to take a walk in “civilization,” you will have to go to Port Ghalib (30 minutes) or El Quseir (about an hour).
  • Snorkelers and divers should be aware of the strong winds that characterize this region, especially in winter. You can often see a red flag on the beach prohibiting swimming in the sea due to the waves, but the water and air temperatures are always comfortable. And for swimming in any weather, heated pools are open.
  • Queues at snack stations and bars, especially during the peak lunch and dinner times. But this is quite a typical situation for Egypt during the high season, the staff tries to work quickly.
  • Regarding free Wi-Fi, I would like to remember one proverb about free cheese. In general, something went wrong. In short, the speed leaves much to be desired; in my opinion, everything was normal only deep after midnight, when most of the guests are in deep sleep.

However, objectively speaking, the Sataya Resort Marsa Alam hotel has undeniably more advantages, than disadvantages, and the unique nature, favorable climate for us, a gorgeous reef, level of service and a generally friendly atmosphere more than compensate for the remote location and other disadvantages. Therefore, if you value a quiet, relaxing beach holiday surrounded by beautiful scenery with the possibility of entertainment and additional services, this hotel is definitely for you!


To summarize, I can say with confidence that the Sataya Resort 5* Marsa Alam hotel is an excellent place for a complete relaxing vacation on the magical Red Sea. It is quite possible to return here periodically to appreciate all the advantages that I previously mentioned.

I think that Sataya Resort will suit absolutely all categories of tourists: families with children of different ages, romantic couples, youth groups, lovers of snorkeling and diving, fans of a relaxing and active holiday. Apparently, here everyone will find something to their liking, get a lot of positive emotions and recharge with the energy of the sun, sea and smiles!

Therefore, with a clear conscience and great pleasure, I recommend the Sataya Resort Marsa Alam 5* hotel to everyone who dreams of a quality vacation on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt. I personally began to respect this hotel after a basket of mangoes; people have a desire to be or look better, which is largely the same for a hotel. Therefore, when I get ready to go to Egypt again, I will definitely come back here; the second trip, it seems to me, will be more pleasant and we will again arrange a walk along the coast to the “turtle bay”. In any case, a holiday here is a holiday that leaves behind a trail of the most pleasant memories, smiles and the desire to repeat it again...

And another short video from animation In a hotel:

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