Top 30 most beautiful Instagram girls

The sexiest Instagram girls in the detailed ranking of 2023

FROMToday is about the most beautiful and sexy Instagram girls. Undoubtedly, when you browse the Instagram feed, sometimes you may accidentally come across a photo of a sexy beauty that will surprise and interest you. This happens, of course, but not very often. And we will correct this annoying mistake.

Today, for all the top 30 most beautiful Instagram girls of 2023, loved and revered by millions of fans from around the globe. Please note that the ranking of the Top 30 Sexiest Instagrammers is based on on fan reviews on the Internet and built on the number of subscribers one or another cute contestant.

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30. Ines Helen 1.46 million followers

Popular swedish instagram model Ines Helen was born on February 4, 1992 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a result of military operations in Serbia, her parents moved permanently to Sweden.

In Sweden, Ines and grew up with her younger sister. She completed high school there and then studied in London, UK.

Ines Helen on the bed

An interesting fact is that on social networks, the Swedish model with Bosnian roots is known as the "Swedish Unicorn".

Sexy Instagram model Ines Helen weighs 67 kg and is 170 cm tall. In addition to being active on social media, she is also a human rights activist and collaborates with World Aid Active.

Inez Helen in a yellow bra

Ines herself defines herself as "Model, Entrepreneur, ShroomGirl*, Law Student, Philanthropist". To this, undoubtedly, one can add participation in the informal group of the most beautiful Instagram girls top 30 in 2023 ...

(*In slang, “Shroom” means to consume, take hallucinogenic mushrooms or peyote cactus, but the meaning of the word Girl is known to everyone.)

Inez Helen in a dress

Today, a sexy Instagram beauty, model Helen has many fans on social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Onlyfans, and her net worth is estimated at up to 0.5 million USD.

29. Nina Agdal 1.62 million followers

Nina Agdal (Nina Brochus Agdal) was born on March 26, 1992 in Denmark, in the city of Hillerod, where she spent her youth with her parents and brother Emil Brochus. Her work with popular giant brands Billabong, Victoria's Secret and Macy's brought her great fame.

Nina Agdal photo

Nina began her career in show business at the age of 15, signing a contract with Elite Model Management. At that time, she did not have any experience in this field, she simply won a prize in a modeling competition.

Then her photos appeared in popular fashion magazines such as: Elle, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Today she is deservedly considered one of the top models of Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and Paris Hilton.

Nina Agdal on the beach

In parallel with her main modeling activities, Nina is actively involved in online life through her social media accounts. This beautiful Instagram model is 175 cm tall and weighs 55 kg.

Nina Agdal on no bra

As of 2023, Nina Agdal’s total wealth is estimated at up to 3 million USD. The main income of a beautiful girl comes from working in the modeling business.

28. Rosie Roff 1.7 million followers

Rosie Roff was born on July 18, 1989 in the UK, in the city of St. Austell. An interesting fact is that Rosie's father worked as a fashion model back in the 70s of the last century.

Rosie Roff no bra

Rosie's career in the modeling business began quite early - at the age of 16. Agents liked her perfect body and charisma. She signed her first major contract with the English company Apple Bottom Jeans UK, but this was only the beginning of her career.

Real world fame was brought to her by cooperation with such international giants of offline and online modeling publications as Maxim, FHM and Oracle.

Rosie Roff in bikini

According to the popular For Him Magazine (FHM) in 2011, Rosie was included in the list of "100 Sexiest Women in the World." This cute Instagram model is 167 cm tall and weighs 52 kg.

Rosie Roff in bed

In 2023, Roff's fortune is estimated at around 2 million USD. The main source of income is working with major fashion industry magazines and income from social media activities.

27. Olya Abramovich 1.8 million subscribers

Olya Abramovich was born on November 6, 1989 in Russia, in the city of Perm. Initially, she became known for her beautiful and sexy photos on the social network Instagram. Olga further expanded her circle of fans while working at Faces International, a large marketing agency headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Olya Abramovich in panties

This Russian model is 175 cm tall and weighs 50 kg. Blonde hair, blue eyes, coupled with a perfect figure and a beautiful face, allowed her to become one of the most beautiful girls on Instagram.

Having created her Instagram account in 2013, she has achieved a lot: hundreds of thousands of views of each post, hundreds of thousands of likes and the devotion of regular admirers of her beauty.

Olya Abramovich in a white bikini

In addition, it was social networks, or rather the constant work on oneself to always look dignified, attractiveness and sexuality, that made her popular and opened the way to the professional modeling business.

Olya Abramovich in a swimsuit

According to various sources, the fortune of the Instagram model Olga Abramovich is estimated at 1 to 2 million USD. His source, like most of the girls from our rating, is professional modeling and income from social media accounts.

26. Courtney Taylor 2.04 million followers

Courtney Taylor was born on October 8, 1995 in Midland, Texas, USA. She is well known as a popular fitness model, Instagram model, and Kourtney is also expanding her reach as an actress. Her debut in the film industry took place in the drama Boyhood back in 2014.

Courtney Taylor with braids

Courtney loved sports since she was a girl, because her parents also loved him. At various times, she was fond of gymnastics, volleyball, diving and even horseback riding. Now she focuses on fitness, boxing and cycling.

Amazing genetics, passion for fitness, training, a healthy lifestyle and hard work on herself allowed her to create a beautiful body by the age of 20. K.T. began posting more and more photos on her Instagram account @CourtneyTailor and as a result received a well-deserved appreciation and more than 2 million subscribers.

Courtney Taylor in a bra

As a fitness trainer and athlete, she has competed in national competitions in the bikini category many times. She starred in commercials for large multinational companies such as Discount Dollar, Cirrus Logic and Pepsi.

Courtney Taylor is 173 cm tall and weighs 62 kg. Courtney prefers low-carb diets and shares them with her followers on her social media accounts.

Courtney Taylor on the beach

Courtney Taylor currently resides in Los Angeles, California, USA. The state of the fitness model is estimated at up to 1 million USD.

25. Sophie Mudd 2.7 million followers

Sophie Mudd is a sexy Instagram model, star of OnlyFans and TikTok, a popular blogger on the YouTube platform, in addition, she maintains accounts on Twitch and Twitter. Sophie Mudd was born on July 27, 1998 in Campbell, California, USA.

Sophie Mudd with braids

Sophie began her path to popularity and fame by posting photos on Instagram in 2013 taken in Sin City - LV, when she was only 15 years old. She became widely known in 2018 when she posted some rather provocative photos on her instagram account @sophiemudd.

Some of the users awarded her the title of "Queen of Insta" for her candid sexy photos, but this does not mean at all a certain "licentiousness" of the beauty. After all, Sophie considers her mother her real friend and marks her in the photo as BFF (Best Friend Forever). This hot Instagram girl has never been naked, and her emancipation has only benefited her celebrity.

Sophie Mudd in bikini

Sophie loves to travel, watch films with Johnny Depp and order Italian cuisine (by the way, not only pizza). Despite her love for Italian cuisine, she keeps herself in shape. Her weight is 56 kg with a height of 167 cm. In this, sports and constant self-control help her a lot.

Sophie Mudd in green

Today, Sophie has signed contracts to advertise the products of several popular brands. Among them are Glove Girl, Nike, Shadow Hills, Bananhot, Body, Romeo Powder Technology and a dozen more. The personal fortune of the Instagram model is estimated at up to 1 million USD.

24. Kayla Kang 2.74 million followers

Kayla Kang has become known as the girl who has won the attention of more than two and a half million followers on Instagram. Kayla's perfect chiseled figure is made for the glamor and bikini world. Kayla was born in 1996 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Kayla Kang in a pink dress

She graduated from Marvin Ridge High School in a small town of less than 20,000 called Waxhaw, in North Carolina. After graduating from high school, Kang went on to study at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Like many top-ranked girls, Kayla has been accustomed to the gym and training since her youth. The height of the model is 165 cm, and the weight is 56 kg. This habit, coupled with natural beauty and plasticity, allowed her to become an Instagram star. Her photos are gaining hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

Kayla Kang in shorts

Fame and millions of fans allowed Kayla to quite successfully promote individual products on her social networks. She works with brands such as London Beach Swim, Skatie, Oh Polly, Bali Body, Swimwear and more.

Kayla Kang in bikini

Kayla is married. She loves animals and she has a dog. In addition, as Kayla herself says, she loves to travel, watch sunsets and her $51,000 jaguar. The personal fortune of the sexy Instagram beauty is estimated at 0.5 million USD.

23. Lais Ribeiro 3.1 million followers

Lais Ribeiro is a well-known media personality, but not only on social media. She is a sought-after model from Brazil, who impresses with her dazzling body and conquers millions of people on the Fashion catwalk. Lais Ribeiro was born on October 5, 1990 in Teresina, Piauí, Brazil, where she spent her childhood with her father and mother.

At seventeen, the girl did not even think about a modeling career. Moreover, she entered a secondary educational institution with a specialization in nursing, and at eighteen her son Alexander was born.

Lais Ribeiro in knitted

However, the stars in the sky aligned correctly and Lais received a job offer in the modeling business. And then the "star path", not easy, but straight and always only upwards. Her successes on the podium in professional activities and admirers in social networks speak for themselves.

Lais works closely with Victoria's Secret. She was even recognized as a VC angel. Not only has she repeatedly participated in the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but she has been the face of a number of branded product lines by appearing in advertisements for this multi-company.

Lais Ribeiro in a green dress

At various times she has worked and continues to work with companies from the fashion industry around the world. Among them are Elite Model Management from Italy, Mega Model Agency from Germany, Traffic Models from Spain, Oui Management from France, as well as other well-known houses and agencies from New York, Stockholm, Sao Paulo.

With a height of 182 cm, Lais's weight is 54 kg. She maintains her attractive shape with regular visits to the gym, where she practices yoga and fitness.

Lais Ribeiro in a white swimsuit

As of 2023, the "net worth" of the nominee "the most beautiful girls of instagram" is estimated at 1.5 million USD. However, there are rumors that not all "gifts" from "VC" are under strict tax accounting.

22. Kindley Myers 3.4 million followers

Blonde Kindly Myers isn't just an Instagram beauty model with nearly 3.5 million followers - she's more than that. Read her stories and you'll understand why.

Kindley Myers was born on September 20, 1985, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, where she spent her childhood with her mother, brother and sister. Initially she studied at Red Boiling Springs School in Tennessee, then entered and graduated from a four-year high school in Winter Haven, Florida. Continuing her education, Kindley entered the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, Kentucky.

Kindley Myers safari

At school and university, Kindley regularly visited the gym. Her craving for sports, regular training and self-care gradually made her a real beauty. Already at the university, Myers was closely interested in the beauty and fashion industry.

But after graduating, Kindley applied to the US National Guard in Nashville and then served four years in the US Army as a logistics specialist.

Kindley Myers in a red swimsuit

After her military service, she worked at the Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee, where she was a bartender and customer service representative at Walmart.

But the craving for beauty and fashion won. Instagram users appreciated the figure, face and personal qualities of Myers. Subsequently, she starred for such well-known magazines as Playboy, For Him Magazine and Maxim. In their social accounts networks worked with well-known brands FashionNova and Honey Birdette.

Kindley Myers in a black swimsuit

The height of the model is 167 cm, and the weight is 54 kg. Her account is @kindly. Kindly Myers, which posts unusual but exceptionally beautiful Instagram photos, is worth $0.5 million.

21. Leela Mercer 4.22 million followers

Many people know Lila Mercer as a good hip-hop dancer. However, her popularity as a social media star The Instagram network has become no less. Lyra was born on August 31, 1993 in Houston, Texas, USA.

Her mother raised Lyra alone, as her father abandoned the family almost immediately after the birth of the child. However, Lyra's mother did not give up and made every effort to raise her daughter.

Leela Mercer on the balcony

Lila began her working career as a banal stripper in one of the clubs next to her house. She was 18 and needed money, but she still didn’t think about a career as an Instagram model.

A work friend advised Mercer to start posting her photos on Instagram, as Lila's appearance is really colorful and exciting. The height of the model is 165 cm, and the weight is 59 kg. The advice of a friend was heard, and the result was not long in coming. In just a few months, the girl gained more than 100 thousand subscribers.

Lila Mercer in a stylish swimsuit

Leela was not very lucky in her personal life. From her first marriage she had three children, and the second simply did not exist. But there were many fans and boyfriends, and among them even Justin Bieber.

Leela has focused on her modeling career and her social media accounts. And it has borne fruit. Back in 2014, Lyra did a photoshoot for Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine. After that, many media spoke about her.

Lila Mercer in a black swimsuit

The popular hip-hop artist is always active on her social media. networks, so she has a lot of fans there, including in FB, INS, TW ... Insta: @lira_galore. Lila Mercer's fortune is estimated at 0.3-0.4 million USD.

20. Tony Garrn 4.28 million followers

Toni Garrn is a world-class top beauty model from Germany, born July 7, 1992 in Hamburg. Toni, full name Anthony, is the perfect example of a great career in the fashion industry. You can write a whole book about Tony's career and her successes, because fame came to her already at the age of 15.

Toni Garrn in a red dress

Tony grew up in a good full-fledged family: her father is an employee of an oil company, and her mother is an entrepreneur. Tony has a brother, Niklas, who, like the starry blonde with blue eyes, is a fashion model by profession. Antonia Garn is rightfully included in the top 30 beautiful girls on Instagram.

Already in 2008, when she was 15, Tony introduced the Calvin Klein brand in New York as a model. The debut was successful and the star became the face of a world famous brand. In addition, during the next year she took part in the shows of Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more than 50! famous brands.

Toni Garrn

Participated in photo sessions for world fashion magazines, including Glamour, Vogue, Elle, Muse… Repeatedly included in the list of "Top 50 Models of the World". Filmed for catalogs and participated several times in fashion shows at Victoria's Secret. She worked and represented the world's largest brands Cartier, Versace, Dior, Prada, L'Oréal and several dozen more ...

The weight of the model is 60 kg with a height of 183 cm. Tall stature, aristocratic features, blue eyes and a certain sophistication make Toni Garn worthy of participating in any ratings.

Toni Garrn no bra

Tony has two native languages - German and English (from two to 10 years old she lived with her family in London), speaks fluent French. She founded a charitable foundation to help educate African girls. The fortune of the beauty's Instagram (@tonigarrn) is estimated at 3 million USD.

19. Shantel Zales with 5.03 million followers

Shantel Zales is a well-known Instagram network model born on July 6, 1990 in the USA in the state of New Mexico in the city of Albuquerque. At the age of 4, she moved with her parents to the state of Arizona, in the city of Phoenix, where she spent most of her teenage life. From childhood, Chantel fell in love with sports, so already at school she took part in football and swimming competitions. In addition, she had a penchant for and love for music, which was not limited to one musical instrument.

Shantel Zale sexy in black

Feeling drawn to the modeling business and fulfilling her dream, Chantel moved to Los Angeles, California. It was in the "City of Angels" that she was able to attract the deserved attention to her person and received contracts for advertising of popular brands Acura, Ultimate Nutrition and Pepsi. She was also able to appear on the covers of magazines such as Maxim, Vanity Fair and Lowrider.

Chantel Zale on a yacht in the sea

When it comes to fitness, many people remember Shantel Zales. She is a world famous bikini model, a true fitness fanatic and a model who has already made her mark on the fashion industry. This blonde with dark brown eyes, in addition to her striking looks, has become one of the most famous social media models, inspiring millions of fans.

The beauty Chantel is 170 cm tall and weighs 54 kg. She is not just a world fashion model of underwear and swimwear, a supporter and teacher of a healthy lifestyle, an actress who has already starred in seven films, but also a rather rich girl ...

Shantel Hall sexy in white

Chantel Zales' fortune is estimated at more than 5 million USD. Its main source is activity in the modeling business, plus we add filming in films, one-time contracts and direct advertising on social networks. For example, one advertising post on the Instagram account (@chantelzales) costs from 8 to 14 thousand USD.

18. Emily Sears 5.11 million followers

Emily Sears - both daring and modest model from Australia was born on January 1, 1985 in Melbourne. Her parents worked in the field of publishing printed materials, but the main inspiration for Emily was her aunt Wendy Martin, who was actively involved in the life of high fashion and the modeling business in Australia in the late 50s of the last century, working as a fairly popular model.

Emily Sears on the beach

Sears began her modeling career back in Australia, decorating the cover of Lad's Zoo magazine with her pretty face and beautiful body and signing a contract with Harlem Productions Australia. Then she appeared in the world-famous magazines Maxim, FHM, GQ, and others. In parallel with print and online publications, she began to promote her image on social networks, including her Instagram account.

Emily Sears in black in a cafe at a table

In 2018, Sears moved to Los Angeles in the US and has lived there ever since. Moving to the "City of Angels" undoubtedly boosted the professional career of a beautiful insta girl. At the moment, she has already managed to be the face of world famous brands: Ciroc, Esquire, MMA Strikeforce and others.

The height of the model is 173 cm and weighs 58 kg. Sports jams, including pool visits and fitness, remain a priority for Sears, helping her stay in top shape and stay healthy and attractive.

Emily Sears bathes

The Australian Instagram star (@emilysears), with close to 5 million followers, is estimated to be between $3 million and $5 million. The source of the entire fortune is not completely clear, but it is known that Emily earned a significant part of it as a professional model, actress and successful Instagram model.

17. Svetlana Bilyalova 6.28 million subscribers

Svetlana Bilyalova, a hot fitness model with a memorable appearance, was born on June 20, 1989, in Russia in the city of Moscow. Svetlana became a famous person on Instagram almost immediately, very quickly. She just started posting pretty sexy selfies and random comical videos on her social media accounts and became popular in just a few hours.

Svetlana Bilyalova beauty in white

Having received feedback and reactions from new subscribers, Svetlana continued to post funny videos and sexy photos on social networks. She created these funny and provocative videos for her fans on her Instagram account, which she started in January 2013. Many of her Instagram posts went viral and she gained even more fame.

Svetlana graduated from high school in her hometown of Moscow, and then graduated from one of the faculties of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. However, after graduation, she chose the modeling business. Having gained some serious popularity in Russia and gained the necessary experience, she decided to try her luck as a model in the United States, and as a result, her desire came true, and quite successfully. After leaving for Los Angeles, she succeeded and began to establish a reputation as an international model.

Svetlana Bilyalova in a small pink bra

After that, she began to receive many offers for photo shoots and long-term contracts. She took the opportunity to work on Future's "Low Life" featuring The Weeknd. Along with her main Instagram account, @svetabily, she also runs a second account, @bilyalova_sveta, which has also gained a lot of followers.

The growth of the Instagram model from Russia is 167 cm, and the weight is about 50 kg. At the same time, almost perfect proportions and non-standard beauty with an Asian bias make Svetlana's appearance memorable and damn attractive.

Svetlana Bilyalova in a black sexy dress

Supermodel Svetlana has a solid income working as a professional model, which allows her to raise her son Danil on her own. As a model, she acts in the filming of various commercials for large companies and sports publications. Bilyalova's approximate fortune is estimated at 0.5 - 1 million USD.

16. Kate Upton 6.44 million followers

Kate Upton - the most popular actress and model was born on June 10, 1992 in the USA, in the state of Michigan, in the city of Saint Joseph. The girl's full name is Katherine Elizabeth Upton. Kate spent her youth in Melbourne, Florida with her three brothers, where she graduated from high school.

Keith Upton

We must pay tribute to Kate, because having already started her modeling career, she continued to engage in her favorite hobby since childhood - equestrian sports. She did not interrupt participation in competitions of various sizes until 2010. At the same time, after one of the serious model castings, Kate received a contract with the Elite Model Management agency already in 2008.

A move to New York expanded her opportunities, and a new long-term agreement with IMG Models, one of the main multinational modeling agencies with offices in Milan, Paris, London, and Hong Kong, took her career to a new level. This agency searched for new models, including through various social networks, and Kate's popularity on Instagram apparently played an important role.

Kate Upton in a green swimsuit

In 2017, Kate became the wife of Justin Brooks, a professional MLB baseball player, and they had a daughter, whom they named Genevieve.

The height of the model is 178 cm, with a weight of 50 kg, and Kate's ability to present herself in the right way is simply amazing. In the Maxim magazine ranking in 2018, Kate was awarded the title of the sexiest woman on the planet. In addition, she is a fairly experienced actress who has played in the films "Libertine", "Parking", "The Other Woman" and others.

Katherine Elizabeth Upton is a self-made beauty, and her varied interests and over 6 million Instagram followers (@kateupton) no doubt confirm this.

Kate Upton at sea in a beautiful swimsuit

According to various sources, Kate Upton's fortune is estimated at up to 10 million USD. Well, a successful career as a model, actress and Instagram beauty really provide such an opportunity.

15. Juliana Kissinger 6.75 million

Julianne Kissinger, a sexy Instagram model known by her nickname Juli.annee, was born on October 9, 1992 in the USA, in the state of California, in the city of Stockton. It is known that Julianna studied at Palomar College, a large community college in San Diego County, California.

Julian Kissinger sexy in white

A piercing look like an x-ray and an incredible body that makes people hold their breath with delight is one of the hallmarks of Julianne Kissinger. She is a classic model and the most popular person on Instagram, who inspires young girls not only to believe in luck but to understand the importance of working on themselves. Julianne's main distinguishing features are considered by many to be her large eyes and an undeniably cheeky but sweet smile.

The height of the model is 165 cm and weighs 52 kg. It is impossible to deny that Julianne is naturally endowed with just an amazing body shape. For this reason, she often acts as a model in a bikini. But her ideal body is not only a “gift of God”, but also the result of a strict diet and routine work on herself, which she never forgets.

Julian Kissinger in transparent

The beginning of Julianne's career, albeit unprofessional, but very effective, was precisely her photos posted on Instagram. Overnight, they went viral on the Internet. Of course, these were photos in your favorite lingerie and bikini, but will photos of any girl in underwear get several hundred thousand views in one night?

Juliana Kissinger in a red swimsuit

Her "knight's step" led to the desired result, and Kissinger almost immediately attracted the eyes of the editors of popular magazines such as Maxim, For Him Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Since then, Kissinger has collaborated with several major brands and companies such as established brands Playboy Models, Maxim and Swimsuit Illustrated, among others.

Julian Kissinger seki in black

Julianna is raising her daughter Kilianna alone, while being the top beauty of Instagram (@juli.annee ). Judging by open information, the fortune of Julianne Kissinger is estimated at up to 10 million USD, which of course speaks of the diligence and perseverance of a charming lady...

14. Cindy Kimberly 7.04 million followers

Actress and Instagram star Cindy Kimberly was born on November 16, 1998, in the Netherlands, in the city of Amsterdam. Full name Cindy Kimberly Rubira Adsuar. Cindy is closely associated with Spain, as she spent most of her childhood in Spain on the Costa Blanca. This is understandable, because her mother is Spanish, although her father is an ethnic Indonesian. Cindy is now a top social media beauty girl with over 7 million followers on Instagram, active in the fashion world as a model and living in Spain.

Cindy Kimberly beauty insta

But before becoming a famous model and social media star, Cindy worked as a nanny for a while. It was at that time, in 2015, that she opened her account on Instagram under the nickname @wolfiecindy and started uploading photos to it. Her beauty and athletic body attracted the attention of users, including the well-known Canadian Justin Bieber, who reposted her photo on his page with the capacious caption “My God, who is this!” and Cindy became an online sensation in an instant.

Cindy Kimberly no bra

Incredible popularity, personal data and perseverance allowed Cindy Kimberly to become a model for UNO Models in Madrid. She later became involved in photo shoots for El Estilo, Vogue,, and The Hip Tree. Her face graced the cover of Vanidad, and participation in Milan Fashion Week cemented her success.

The height of this graceful girl is 170 cm, and her weight is 53 kg. The hazel color of expressive eyes, brown hair and natural charm undoubtedly attracted the attention of Nils Visser, a model and DJ, with whom they were in a relationship for almost three years.

Cindy Kimberly with long hair

Many fans of Cindy impress with her elegant posts on social networks. Her Instagram account @wolfiecindy has over 7 million followers. There is no doubt that her photos are unique and attractive due to her excellent sense of style, selection of composition and understanding of the work of light. Photo in networks for Cindy is a way of self-expression.

Cindy Kimberly without clothes with a flower

The main sources of income of Cindy Kimberly Rubira Adsuar are modeling activities on permanent contracts on a long-term basis, one-time advertising contracts, individual thematic photo shoots and activities in social networks. The general condition of Cindy Kimberly is estimated at up to 1 million USD.

13. Josephine Skriver 7.89 million followers

Popular beauty model Josephine Skriver was born on April 14, 1993, in Denmark, in the city of Copenhagen, in the family of a Dutch biologist (father) and an IT analyst. The full name of the model is Josephine Skriver-Carlsen. Apparently, a modeling career and the role of a public figure were destined for her, since her first such experience was shooting in an advertisement for baby diapers.

Josephine Skriver

The craving for modeling and high fashion led Josephine at a young age to New York, to a prestigious modeling school, which she successfully graduated from. After graduating from modeling school, Josephine returned home to Denmark and began full-time work as a model. Then fate again brought her to American New York, but not as a student, but as a participant in High Fashion Week, where Skriver represented the collections of Calvin Klein and Rag & Bone.

And then a dizzying career: hundreds of top shows around the world, dozens of contracts and work with real "monsters" of the beauty industry: Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent. As a recognition of the merits and beauty of Josephine, she became one of the "angels" of the transnational brand Victoria's Secret.

Josephine Skriver no bra

A beauty with aqua eyes has a decent height of 180 cm and a weight of 58 kg. Josephine engages in a variety of physical activities to stay fit, including boxing, fitness, and aerobic running. She has an active nature, since childhood she has played a lot of football and it is not difficult for her to maintain such a schedule. A week and a half before the fashion show on the catwalk, she conducts special workouts aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs and body.

Josephine Skriver sexy in white

Josephine has repeatedly delighted readers of Vanity Fair, V Magazine, L'Officiel, W, Allure, in Danish, Polish, Arabic, Mexican, American Harper's Bazaar and many others with her charm! Her photo shoots were published in national magazines in Germany, Spain, Japan, USA, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Denmark.

Beauty instagram beauty model Josephine Skriver

The army of Instagram fans of Danish beauty model Josephine Skriver-Karlsen under the nickname @josephineskriver is approaching 8 million and will undoubtedly overcome this next mark. Josie loves to spend money on fashion and traveling to new places, and of course she can afford it. After all, the state of Josephine Skriver is estimated at 8-12 million USD.

12. Anna Nystrom 8.38 million followers

Noticeable in every sense and from all sides, both physically and spiritually, Anna Nyström was born on June 19, 1992, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Anna has always had a passion for creativity. Already at an early age, she was interested in sewing, art and photography, which led her to study design and high fashion. However, some health problems forced her to leave the design and forget about her dreams for a while.

Anna Nystrom sexy beauty figure

But that situation prompted her to pay more attention to physical and spiritual health, and Anna began to intensively study the secrets of nutrition and training methods. She later went on to become an experienced and respected licensed personal trainer and found a way to combine her creative side with her new passion, social media.

Anna Nystrom in bed in white

Anna Nystrom created her account @annanystrom on Instagram in 2013 and gradually entered the top hot girls on Instagram. She began sharing her workout photos and immediately gained a small following. But after a few years, Anna became an Instagram star. Today Anna has a stable community with 8 million followers.

The beauty's Instagram weight is 55 kg, with a height of 160 cm. Light brown eyes and blond hair make her image absolutely complete and almost flawless.

Fitness model Anna Nystrom

Thanks to perseverance, understanding of the goal and hard work, Anna constantly increased her "assets", both financially and personally, physically and mentally.

In 2018, Anna managed to realize her dream of creating and developing her own sportswear brand. In it, elegance and fashion are as important as functionality. Modern unique materials, combined with soft colors with a minimalist design - this is the Ryvelle® brand.

Anna Nystrom in tight dress

Now Anna manages two companies and is actively working with her social media accounts. According to various estimates, Anna Nystrom's fortune is estimated from 3 to 6 million USD.

11. Lindsey Pelas - 8.74 million followers

Beauty model, actress and business girl Lindsey Pelas (full name Lindsey Nicole Pelas) was born on May 19, 1991, in a rural area near the city of Independence, Louisiana, USA (Loranger is an unincorporated community in the parish of Tangipahoa). She grew up in a large family - she had eight brothers and sisters.

Lindsey Pelas

After studying at a small rural school, Lindsey entered the University of Louisiana, which she successfully completed with a bachelor's degree in history. As is often the case with famous people, after graduating from the University, Lindsey did not continue to work in her specialty. She worked for a while as a bartender and later as a yoga instructor.

Lindsey Pelas in a sexy white dress

Moving Lindsey to Los Angeles, with the aim of becoming a professional model was the right move. Self-improvement and striving for success made it possible to achieve a lot. Already in May 2014, she was recognized as the Cyber Girl of the Month by Playboy magazine. In 2018, Lindsey presented her own podcast Eyes Up Here with LP, and has actively collaborated with world-famous publications such as Glamour, Maxim, GQ and others.

Lindsey Pelas in a blue dress with a cutout on the chest

The growth of the sexy beauty Insta is 160 cm, and the weight is 54 kg. Green eyes, well-defined cheekbones, a piercing gaze and an attractive body quickly made Lindsey a social media star. In just six weeks, she gained her first million followers on instagram: @lindseypelas.

lindsey pelas beauty instagram

Now Lindsay is not just a model, but also a personal trainer, actress and entrepreneur. She likes such diverse activities and Pelas believes that her life was a success. Lindsey Nicole Pelas' fortune is estimated at 3 to 4 million USD.

10. Abigail Ratchford 9.27 million followers

American model and actress Abigail Ratchford, with over 10 million Instagram followers, was born on February 12, 1992, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA, where she grew up with Jason the Bat and Isabelle's sister.

Baby Abigail did not shy away from studying and gaining new knowledge ... with a certain bias. First, Abi graduated from a private Catholic school in her native Scranton, Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary School, where she was educated at Scranton Preparatory School, a high school in Scranton.

Abigail Ratchford

Well, the crown of her education was not quite a simple university. It was a non-profit, private, Catholic university in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which belongs to the Jesuit order. So we have to agree that Abigail's moral and spiritual preparation is at the highest level.

Abigail Ratchford in black lingerie

The growth of Instagram beauty is 173 cm, with a weight of 63 kg. Attractive curves, an hourglass figure and beautiful green eyes make Abigail a well-deserved member of the top ten girls from the Top 30 and worthy of respect for followers of the @abigailratchford account.

Abigail Ratchford with white hair

Abigail Ratchford first appeared in an advertising project for In-N-Out Burger in 2016. Her beauty leaves many men speechless. She has worked as a professional model under contract with designers such as Michael Costello and has been invited to Stello's spring collection show during Los Angeles Fashion Week.

In addition, the sexy Instagram beauty appeared on the pages of world famous magazines: Maxim, Sunset Boulevard, International Esquire.

Abigail Ratchford in a pink swimsuit

From food, Abigail prefers green juices and smoothies. She sometimes drinks protein shakes, most often in the morning. She also loves barbecue. But most of all she likes a sandwich with pork, french fries, macaroni and cheese.

The state of the Internet beauty is estimated at up to 3 million USD.

9. Jojo Baby 10.44 million followers

It is known about the beauty model of Asian origin with the interesting name Jojo Baby that she was born on November 7, 1988, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The model owes her unusual appearance to her mother, who once emigrated from Laos.

Jojo Baby

Baby started her career as an Instagram model back in 2010. With the growth of popularity on Instagram, the girl's photo successfully fit into a variety of advertising projects of the modeling direction. In addition to Instagram, JoJo has developed her accounts on other social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, earning millions of fans.

Jojo Baby in a swimsuit

Today, the original beauty Baby has more than 10 million followers on Instagram @jojo_babie, and thanks to them she successfully promotes products of various brands. In addition to social media activities, Jojo has a modeling contract with Fashion Nova and a number of other fashion agencies. But Baby doesn't stand still. She plans to open her own fashion boutique in New York.

Jojo Baby on the bed

Baby Jojo is 162 cm tall and weighs 58 kg. This blonde with dark brown eyes, curvaceous and Asian appearance has undoubtedly become an Instagram star thanks to her charms and provocative photos, with a clear emphasis on ample breasts and an impressive ass.

Curvy Jojo Baby in the pool

The state of sexy baby Jojo is estimated at up to 1 million USD. Undoubtedly, Instagram basically enabled her to become popular and make it her main source of income.

8. Jocelyn Cano - 12.57 million followers

Famous insta model Joselyn Cano, aka Josie, was born on March 14, 1990, in the city of Anaheim, California, USA, which is located in Orange County, 45 kilometers south of the city of angels Los Angeles. From early childhood, she felt a passion for creativity and art. She devoted a considerable part of her school life to drawing, and she undoubtedly had obvious inclinations for this. After all, her abilities were noted by many teachers.

Jocelyn Cano

Joselyn Cano is not just an Instagram model with Mexican roots, but also a designer of stylish swimwear and the founder of Joselyn Cano Swimwear, a fashion brand for sports and swimming.

In 2008, she entered and then graduated from California State University, San Diego with a degree in microbiology.

Jocelyn Cano in a white dress

However, she decided to connect her life with a modeling career and the modeling business. This girl from Anaheim, California, which is known for its golden beaches, drew attention to the bikini-related trend. Her appearance on the pages and front cover of one of the issues of the popular Lowrider magazine in 2014 was expected. Around the same time, she starred in the video of the famous artist Gerardo Ortiz with the song "Y me besa". Literally half a year later, Josie graced the pages of the Hot Bike magazine about bikes.

Jocelyn Cano in mini bikini

The height of the model is 160 cm, and the weight is 59 kg. Light green eyes, black hair and a certain modesty even in provocative photos brought her fame on the network, and her Instagram account @joselyncanozone gained more than 12 million subscribers.

Jocelyn Cano super model instagram

The Latin American media have nicknamed Joselyn "Mexican Kim Kardashian", so her resemblance to Kim is really present.

Unfortunately, on December 7, 2020, Josie Cano was unable to undergo an unsuccessful operation in Colombia, South America and she passed away.

7. Jen Selter - 13.51 million followers

Businesswoman, healthy food advocate and social media star Jen Selter aka Jennifer Lee Selter was born on August 8, 1993, in Roslyn, New York City, New York, USA.

Jen Selter

Jennifer's father Todd Selter and her mother Jilly separated when she was still very young and her mother raised her virtually alone, though a little later Jen had a stepfather. Mom's maiden name is Weinstein, so Jennifer has Jewish roots. Jen grew up with a sister named Stephanie. Oddly enough, in adolescence, Jen often became the object of ridicule of hooligans because of her not very attractive face, but perhaps this was precisely what determined her further success in life.

At the age of fifteen, Jennifer underwent rhinoplasty surgery, changing her facial features. It was a small operation, but it could be the beginning of a new life for the girl.

Jen Selter in white

The new attractive features of her face became the starting point for Jen's work on herself and her appearance. She became actively involved in fitness and radically changed her approach to nutrition, as a result, Jen acquired the body of a reference fitness model. In addition, she took a course in cosmetology and worked for some time as an assistant to a plastic surgeon.

Jennifer fell in love with social media and often used Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to promote herself. In the spring of 2012, she started her first Instagram account and showed off her toned body. Initially, she failed to attract the attention of a large number of users. But she experimented and changed camera angles. In the end, her strategy worked and Jen won fame and gained immense popularity.

Jen Selter in black sheer

Fitness model from New York, learned how to show her sexy thighs and became truly famous. Many believe that this is "the most beautiful butt in the world." This opinion is supported by advertisers, because one advertising post on her Instagram costs from 15 thousand USD.

The fitness model weighs about 54 kg with a height of 168 cm, and her obsession with sports and healthy eating provides an excellent opportunity to continue her career. She still often receives a bunch of compliments about the standard of her body. Jennifer participated in shootings for magazines Maxim, Elle, Muscle & Fitness, Men's Health, Playboy and many other world-famous publications.

jen selter sex jock

Jen now has several Instagram pages of her own brands. She is also the co-owner of BlendJet, which produces exclusive fitness shakes for sports enthusiasts.

It is known from open sources that Jen's net worth is more than 6 million USD. Source of income: social networks, own brands, advertising companies of world brands, participation in filming, fitness lessons.

6. Yanet Garcia - 14.91 million followers

Yanet Garcia is a famous Mexican TV presenter, model and Instagram celebrity born in 1990 on November 14 in Mexico in the northeastern state called Nuevo Leon, in the city of Monterrey.

Yanet Garcia

Yanet, also known as "La Chica del Clima", which can be easily translated as the weather girl from Mexico, originally gained fame as a weather presenter on the Mexican television channel Televisa Monterrey. Viewers of the channel undoubtedly liked the girl’s bright and sexy appearance, for which she was awarded the informal title “the sexiest girl meteorologist on television.”

One interesting fact is how virality can give popularity. Indeed, in 2015, one of her simple videos about the weather in the Gente Regia program very quickly became viral on the Internet and received more than 4.4 million views on YouTube alone. It would seem like an ordinary weather forecast...

Yanet Garcia in lingerie

It should be noted that already at the age of 20, Yanet could already boast of having her own modeling academy called Yanet García Models, which she opened in Santiago, Mexico.

In 2016, Yanet moved to Mexico City and began working as a fitness and fashion model, which she did quite well. At the same time, the girl began collaborating with famous brands of underwear and swimwear, which also added several advantages to her popularity.

Yanet Garcia sexy in red

A separate topic is spectacular shooting for famous men's magazines. In general, Yanet became the No. 1 star of the first issue of the Mexican magazine Penthouse, founded by Bob Guccione, an American producer and photographer, when she appeared on its cover. She later participated in photo shoots for industry giants Maxim and Playboy.

With a height of 168 cm, the weight of the Instagram girl does not exceed 57 kg, a trained body and spectacular hair color, combined with bright brown eyes, create a complete image of an attractive and sexy model.

Yanet Garcia New Year's Eve

Of course, Yanet Garcia knows how to highlight her figure in almost any outfit, from the smallest items such as lingerie or mini swimsuits, to the costumes she wears during her acting work. For example, during her participation in the play “El Tenorio Comico”, she embodied the image of Doña Ines, for which she had to appear in a tight white dress that perfectly emphasized her curves, or micro-shorts that showed off her graceful legs.

Yanet loves social networks, and they love her in the same way. She simply shares photos and videos from her daily life, and as a result, she has 15 million subscribers on Instagram and more than 120 thousand on her YouTube channel.

Yanet Garcia with the ball

However, the model’s slender, almost athletic figure contributes to this popularity to a large extent. This, in turn, is achieved by constant training in fitness rooms and proper nutrition. Yanet knows a lot about nutrition and even more, because she is certified as a healthy nutrition coach from the New York Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which conducted training at the University of Harvard.

5. Angela Sagra 15.2 million followers

Angela Sagra was born on October 6, 1993, she is 29 years old. Originally a fashion model, she fell in love with strength training and developed her current beautiful body. Now one of the most famous fitness models in the world.

Angela Sagra in panties


Angela Sagra in a white sexy set


Angela Sagra on Instagram


Angela Sagra fashion model


4. Tammy Hembro - 15.91 million followers

Tammy Hembro is an Australian model and mother of two. She is a popular Instagram user who has received a huge amount of support from women around the world, talking about changes in her body shape before, during and after pregnancy.

Tammy Hembro in bed in red


Tammy Hembro getting ready for the party


Tammy Hembro


Tammy Hembro in marble


Tammy Hembro serious


3. Alexis Ren - 17.71 million followers

Famous model and Instagram star Alexis Ren, aka Alexis Rene Glabach, was born on November 23, 1996 in Santa Monica, California, USA. Her father is a lawyer by profession, Frank Gaylord, and her mother's name was Cynthia Gaylord, she was a professional nutritionist, but died due to illness in 2014. Alexis did not grow up in a family alone. Three sisters Alice, Amber and Devin and a brother named Ace grew up with her. The press reports that Alexis has German and Russian roots.

Alexis Ren

She was not yet thirteen when she was first offered to try herself as a model. The first contract was a job as a model for the label Brandy Melville, which was followed almost immediately by photo shoots for Seventeen magazine.

Alexis is 174 cm tall. Weight 52 kg. Eye color and hair color are dark brown.

Alexis Ren in a colorful swimsuit

She is known to many as the star of the Instagram network, because when she was 15, several successful photos literally blew up the Tumblr social network. In 2017, a photo of Rene Glabach appeared on the cover of Maxim, then there was a photo session for the weekly sports magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Alexis Ren in a swimsuit

When Alexis was eighteen, her mother died and the girl was very worried about this loss. She needed some distraction, she needed a change. And as soon as she received an offer of temporary work abroad, she immediately agreed and left for Australia. Returning a few months later, she continued her main modeling activities.

Alexis Ren in a black provocative dress

During her career, she has successfully worked with several brands such as Forever 21, Puma, Calvin Klein and Tobi, and in doing so managed to launch her own Ren Active sportswear line. In 2018, Alexis was announced as one of the celebrities of the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars in which she and her partner Alan Bursten made it to the final.

Alexis Ren in Blue Beauty Instagram

She receives most of her income from her modeling career. As of 2018, Alexis' total net worth is estimated at around USD 3 million.

2. Candice Swanepoel - 18.7 million followers

Candice Swanepoel is recognized as one of the most successful models of her generation. Born in South Africa on October 20, 1988, she began her career in the beauty business at an early age and has since achieved significant success both on the catwalk as a highly paid model and as a businesswoman.

Candice Swanepoel

Candice began modeling at the age of 15, which, in principle, is not such an early start in this field. Then she was noticed by a forward-thinking modeling agent in Johannesburg and a year later she signed her first contract with the Model One modeling agency. In 2006, Candace decided to move to New York, because it was not in vain that she believed that this step would help her develop success in her professional career.

Candice Swanepoel in bed

As a result, in the second half of the 2000s, Candice Swanepoel became one of the leading and most sought-after models, and in fact acquired the unofficial status of a “supermodel.” Many famous houses happily accepted cooperation with Candice, including Versace and Dior and Victoria's Secret.

Candice Swanepoel on the beach

Working together with Victoria's Secret for more than 10 years has made her an indisputable “angel” of this world-famous brand and for many simply its “face”. Personally, for the sexy top model, this collaboration helped to become a multimillionaire, naturally in dollar terms. The presence of considerable free funds, experience in the beauty industry and a personal “sense” of beauty allowed Candice to launch her own Swimwear brand - Tropic of C. The Tropic of C bikini and swimsuit lines are environmentally friendly and sell well all over the world.

Candice Swanepoel in a black bikini

Back in 2015, Candice became a mother for the first time, and Hermann Nicholas, a male model, became the father. Now she is already raising two sons and tries to devote most of her free time to her family and communication with children. Despite her reverent attitude towards her family, Candace continues to actively work as a beauty model and, of course, does not forget about her business brand.

Candice Swanepoel in a swimsuit

1. Demi Rose - 19.82 million followers

English model Demi Rose Mawby was born on March 27, 1995 in Birmingham, England, UK. Demi attended John Willmott High School in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England, and then graduated from Walsall College in Walsall, West Midlands.

Demi Rose in a black swimsuit

A girl with the image of a doll dreamed of one day becoming a supermodel. Even as a child, she watched professional models and tried her best to copy their walk and behavior in general. Demi could pose for hours in front of the camera like a real model in a photo session.

Demi Rose in red

Demi entered the sexual period as an ordinary teenage girl. And then miracles began ... Her new female appearance simply made many fall in love with an impressive girl. Realizing that the “public” was practically obsessed with her figure, she created her Instagram account and began posting her amazing pictures online.

Representatives of modeling agencies that monitor the appearance of potential models on social networks, of course, could not get past the image of Demi Rose. They were impressed by her appearance. Someone contacted the doll girl and as a result, Demi got the first, but far from the last, contract with a modeling agency. sign a contract with her.

Demi Rose in transparent naked instagram

Gradually, Demi won the hearts of many young guys in the United Kingdom, and then around the world. Demi created her official Instagram account @demirose quite late at the age of 18. Then she started posting the simplest selfies and posting them online just to get attention. But she soon realized that she not only attracts people, she attracts them with amazing power.

Demi's height is 157 cm with a weight of 59 kg, and at the same time she occupies a consistently high place in the modeling world.

Demi Rose in transparent

In the spring of 2015, she appeared as a model in DJ Khaled's "How Many Times" video, and then signed a successful contract with Taz's Angels, a modeling group based in Miami, USA. She worked for almost six months in the US and then returned to England.

Demi Rose

In the fall of 2016, she became the face of the cover of the fashion magazine Sixty6 while simultaneously appearing on the pages of various popular publications: Nuts, Zoo, WSHipHop and others. In addition, she became a permanent spokesperson for the British company PrettyLittleThing, which is a fashion retailer targeting girls and women aged 16 to 24.

Demi Rose in the sea without a bra

Demi Rose Mawby's fortune is known only indirectly, but there is information that her net worth exceeds 6 million USD, and today's life in her own luxurious house in Miami in the USA tells us that she is doing well ...

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