Dubai Giant Aquarium: Worth a visit?

The fabulous beauty of the living sea at arm's length

ATYou probably know that the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping and entertainment center in the Middle East. Dubai Mall is a Mecca for shoppers and a paradise for the eyes, where eye-catching storefronts give way to no less colorful Arabic couples at a kaleidoscopic speed. But still, the central focus of the entire mall is huge, just giant aquarium. Why and why is it so attractive for tourists, how much does a visit cost and how to save money on visiting it?

Interesting Facts About The Dubai Mall Aquarium

Surprisingly, the rather tough policy of the Arab authorities does not apply to the mall - it accommodates everyone and will surprise everyone: some with a delicious donut, some with a branded item, and those tired of shopping and vivid illustrations with an aquarium (Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo). Yes, yes, it is an aquarium, because it is not just a large box of water. It's something else. And he must be seen.

Aquarium - general view
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Despite the inhuman efforts of the sheikh of the emirate, the Aquarium in the Dubai Mall is truly impressive and large, but not the largest in the world. However, this did not prevent him from getting into the Guinness Book of Records. This honor was awarded to a huge acrylic transparent panel (32 by 8 meters), almost successfully holding back thousands of tons of water. Why almost successful a little lower.

photo from afar
Flocks of exotic fish

This giant panel is equal in height to two floors of the Mall and through it numerous tourists can enjoy the view of 33,000 different marine life, including even tiger sharks and rays.

... "Did you know that the volume of the aquarium in the Dubai Mall is 10 million liters, and the thickness of its glass is 7.52 centimeters with a total mass approaching 250 tons!"...

Now why almost successful. Once, on an unremarkable day, namely, on February 25, 2010, the glass panel nevertheless cracked, which led to general panic and an emergency evacuation of visitors to the Mall. The damage was quickly eliminated, the Aquarium was opened again, and they tried to keep silent about the incident.

Beautiful aquarium in Dubai
The vibrant colors and lighting are just mesmerizing.

And so it happened, there was no world resonance. Surprised. After all, there is always a huge number of people in the Mall, and most of them crowd in front of the panel with fish, sincerely surprised how they managed to avoid the crush. Respect to the Arabs!

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Underwater tunnel and zoo mall in Dubai

Of course, the main feature of the aquarium is the tunnel, located clearly in the center, there are always crowds of tourists walking around. A walk through the tunnel is enchanting and will be remembered for a long time. The tunnel is designed in such a way that it provides a stunning and undistorted view of all living creatures passing above and next to you. You turn your head and all the time you see new and new guests of the aquarium.

underwater tunnel
An underwater tunnel with a transparent ceiling and walls is simply mesmerizing

They seem to be tame, and when you touch the glass in the tunnel with your palm and the stingray freezes nearby, it seems that he feels your warmth. The full effect of presence and amazing immersion in the atmosphere. Spectacular attraction, impressive. It is very noisy in the tunnel and everyone is insanely joyful, there is still no crowding there.

stingray in the aquarium
The slope against the background of the backlight looks just the same stylish

How much does a ticket cost and how to save on a purchase?

Adult combo ticket costs 70 AED, which is about 20 $. The ticket price includes a visit to the giant aquarium tunnel, as well as an underwater zoo. Children, for children from three to 12 years old, combo ticket costs 5 USD, which at the rate is about 15 $.

An interesting nuance for a little savings and additional comfort. The fact is that when buying a ticket for $ 20, you need to stand in a huge queue at the same time. But you can go up to the third floor and calmly go to the closed territory of the aquarium and the zoo for 14 dollars.

…« You can find up-to-date information about the work, the cost of tickets to visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo on the official website of the Mall - thedubaimall.com»...

The prices above are valid for April 2020. But based on the established practice of raising or lowering prices for services in the Mall, they are unlikely to change in 2021 or even 2022.

Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo
Symbol of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Of course, I advise the second option for 14$, I chose it. For this amount, in addition to the tunnel, you will also visit underwater zoo and you won’t regret it - it’s not very large, but cool, my camera just sat down and I can’t show you all the inhabitants of this kingdom, but some still remained in the memory of my photo card. A ticket for a single entry, but you can wander through the expanses of the tunnel-zoo at least all day.

Inhabitants of the aquarium and zoo

I have already said that the aquarium is home to over 33,000 fish and other marine life of 85 different species, including over 400 sharks and rays. But some of them, whom I managed to see, were remembered more than others. For example, the image of this cutie stood before my eyes for a long time. Just a real positive fish, you look at it and your lips involuntarily stretch into a smile.

big fish in the aquarium
The big positive fish hasn't turned yet
fish positive
Positive fish turned and smiles

I still don’t understand how a crack could have formed in the glass of the structure in 2010. And the way to repair the damage remained the same mystery for me. After all, the glass is even visually very serious.

aquarium glass
Glass thickness

Whom you will not see in this huge artificial reservoir. I even saw the most dangerous lionfish, my old Egyptian acquaintances. There were also fish of a pleasant purple color interspersed with sparkles. Unfortunately, I don't know what they are called.

beautiful fish

rocks in the aquarium
Phlegmatic slopes at the bottom

Fish are far from being the only inhabitants of the water-marine zone of the center. For some reason I dubbed this beaver an otter. I confess, my knowledge of the world of fauna is weak.

beaver at the zoo
The beaver feels absolutely calm and is not afraid of anything.
beaver muzzle
Here he is near my beaver

The penguins turned out to be extremely mobile and it was funny to watch how the ladies ran up to the glass while the penguins basked under the rays of an electric lamp and began to actively gesticulate with their hands, trying to attract the attention of two-colored animals, and they did not get lost and swam headlong.

penguin swimming underwater
penguin diving
Penguins are excellent swimmers and divers.

Headlong in that phrase is the key. In a second, the penguin jumped from its familiar place into the water and swam up to the person, such an unexpected obedience caused a storm of squeals - the girls, as if stung, jumped off the glass, and the penguins, apparently, laughed and filmed the whole thing on camera 🙂

crocodile in the zoo
Huge crocodile swimming among exotic fish

The undisputed star of the institution is a huge saltwater crocodile with a length of more than 5 meters, which weighed 750 already in 2014, when it was brought to The Dubai Mall. He comes from Australia and is expected to delight and frighten visitors with his formidable appearance for another fifty years of commercials. So you will surely have time to look at this monster. There were also giant crabs and for some reason they were red, although they were still alive and had never even been boiled.

Additional features of the Dubai Aquarium

From the museum there is an exit right to the very top of the aquarium and there a large transparent platform awaits those who like to tickle their nerves. I am a coward, I could hardly force myself to stand on it, it always seemed to me that I would be the first to flop right into the aquarium.

But I was just tormented by doubts whether its inhabitants would accept me and at first ask what my name was or would they tear me apart in silence?! Everything worked out, but I still don’t want to go to the platform anymore.

For especially wealthy visitors to the capital of the emirate of Dubai, you can take part in the main attraction - diving into the aquarium itself. Worth the fun about $200 for 20 minutes.

visitors at the aquarium in dubai
Free observation of the inhabitants of the giant aquarium

By the way, if you are not in the mood to walk through the tunnel and the zoo, this photo clearly illustrates what will appear to your eyes simply for silent thanks to the Arab sheikhs. Yes, all visitors to the Mall can look at the marine inhabitants of the aquarium for free from the back of the aquarium.

…“How should I say: in Dubai, Dubai or Dubai? The fact is that the city of Dubai, and not the emirate of Dubai, is a singular noun of the second declension with a zero ending. Therefore, it will be correct to pronounce: fly to the city of Dubai, stay in Dubai, admire Dubai, enjoy Dubai "...

I have been to the Dubai Mall many times, but for some reason I attended an aquarium tour once, during a vacation in Sharjah and a trip to Dubai. And then, while relaxing in Dubai, I visited the mall exclusively for shopping purposes.

There are not so many photos, since then my fotik sat down, and I thought of shooting only a video with my phone. But anyway, I think you liked it and if you have not been to this amazing place yet, then I stimulated you a little to visit it ...

By the way, the mall in Dubai is so large and diverse that you can download and use a separate application for mobile gadgets, specially designed for visitors. There is a version for Android and Apple :))

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