Myths about the secrets of Chinese longevity. How many people actually live in China

P5 secrets, 10 secrets, 25 secrets - it feels like the authors decided to compete, which of them will better justify Chinese longevity. No one argues that the level of life expectancy in China is high ... when compared, for example, with Russia, Afghanistan or Rwanda.

Should I eat like the Chinese, maybe do Chinese gymnastics, or completely switch to a rice diet and live to live quietly until 120 years old? Of course not, it's all bullshit.

Before moving on to the numbers, let's decide what we will be based on official UN data (for those who are interested, you can see everything here and use for comparison life expectancy index (Life Expectancy Index). It is he who is used in conducting relevant research in compiling the "Ranking of the countries of the world in terms of life expectancy."

Here it is - an honorable 61 place in the world!

And so straight to the point. In terms of life expectancy, China occupies an honorable ... 61st place !!! (with an index of 76.7) among 191 countries and administrative territories without state status. 61 places is certainly not bad at all compared to those who are lower on the list. However, how in this case can we talk about some "secrets of longevity"?

Agree that all this Shaolin, qigong and the notorious oriental calm are in no way connected with the life habits of people who, for example, live in Switzerland (I = 83.6), which occupies an honorable third place in the ranking.

Tell me, what about the life of an ordinary Frenchman from Corsica (France ranks 12th in the ranking) has much to do with the life of an honest Chinese worker from Sichuan? Do they have a lot of similarities in nutrition, does a Frenchman from Corsica practice tai chi in the morning?

Or maybe a simple resident of Sichuan province (whose population, by the way, exceeds 80 million) has a habit in the evenings of eating a couple of other oysters with sweet Corsican sauce, having eaten all this with chestnut flour polenta with olive oil?

“In a word, neither qigong, nor acupuncture, nor Buddhist philosophy are the determining factors in life expectancy, naturally on a global scale.”

A few more countries from the ranking: Italy - 5th place, Canada - 14th place, Slovenia - 27th place, Lebanon - 37th place. Where are the countries whose inhabitants lead a lifestyle similar to the Chinese?

In first place in the ranking: Hong Kong (this administrative unit is singled out in the calculation) (I=84.) and then steadily Japan (I=84.5). Russia occupies the “honorary” 109 (R = 72.4), Ukraine - 114 (R = 72), Kyrgyzstan - 122 (R = 71.3) places.

Troika anti-leaders ranking: Central African Republic, Lesotho and Chad. The life expectancy index there is from 52 to 54.

The second tale or juggling of facts

You may have come across information that the number of centenarians in China is growing and growing, and perhaps China will soon overtake Japan in terms of the number of citizens who have crossed the centennial milestone. Well, this is most likely true!

But all this information is presented under the headings "Why the Chinese live long" or "How to live to 120 years", and this is already some kind of misleading. It just makes me want to scream.

"People! In the modern world, almost every sixth person on our planet is a CHINESE!

And if in China 50-60 thousand people (per 1 billion 406 million of the population) are experiencing a hundred-year threshold, then this is the norm in percentage terms ...

PS Not at all against Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and hundreds of thousands of Chinese old men and women. Let them diligently learn the next combination of Taijiquan, eat tofu with a mountain of rice and stick heated needles into themselves - the flag is in their hands! But the facts also show that the lover of the classy local ale from Reykjavik in Iceland (8th place) feels just as good as many of them ...

And so that you don’t get bored after dry numbers, watch a short video from Travel Guide about five unreal places on our planet that are worth seeing with your own eyes. By the way, the first place is the colored mountains of Zhangye in China, a real miracle of the beauty of our planet.

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