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Raffles Hotel Singapore: an oasis of elegance and sophistication

FROMToday I want to invite you on an amazing journey to the heart of Singapore, to an oasis of elegance and sophistication - the legendary Raffles Hotel. This is a place where every corner breathes history and preserves the memory of the glorious days of the colonial past.

Just imagine: as soon as you cross the threshold of the hotel, you seem to find yourself in another era. The air is filled with the aroma of cigar smoke wafting from the bridge tables and the delicate notes of perfume from ladies in lush crinoline dresses.

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One can easily imagine them lazily fanning themselves, trying to escape the sweltering Singaporean heat. The varnished parquet floor crackles under our steps, reminiscent of bygone times. And old black and white photographs of celebrities on the walls, including the charming Liz Taylor, seem to invite us to become part of this amazing story.

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Raffles Hotel is rightly proud of its heritage and there is no need to pretend. After all, this is exactly what we came here for - in search of a sophisticated moment and the opportunity to take an elegant break in the bustle of the big city.

Friends, did you know that the history of the hotel is closely intertwined with the history of Singapore itself? It received its name in honor of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the British colonel and gentleman who founded this city-state. Sir Stamford was not only an outstanding military man and politician, but also a humanist - he abolished slavery and forced labor in the territories under his control, for which he was knighted.

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The Raffles Hotel cherishes the memory of this glorious past. An Indian doorman in a luxurious gold uniform opens the doors of the taxi and carefully covers the arriving ladies with an umbrella until they find themselves in the spacious lobby. The atmosphere of antiquity reigns here: noble wood, rustling sounds, memories and the aroma of wax. Ceiling fan blades lazily stir the heavy air, inducing a pleasant languor.

At the famous Long Bar, gentlemen gallantly serve their companions the Singapore Sling, the hotel's signature cocktail, while peanut shells fly onto the floor - a cheeky English tradition that seems almost revolutionary in this realm of absolute cleanliness and order that is modern Singapore.

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And so, the maid appears, bows respectfully and just as quietly disappears. It's +35°C outside, but a light breeze pleasantly ripples the surface of the pool, located behind the main building, next to the Amrita spa.

Tell me, did you guess that the Raffles Hotel is also a real temple of gastronomy? Executive Chef Pierre Bourgade, a native of Miranda, France, brings the world's best culinary talent to the Raffles Wine Food & Arts Experience each year in an effort to bring together different culinary cultures. A real culinary action unfolds in the lobby: teams of chefs in toques, armed with knives, pots and pans, demonstrate their skills.

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So, if you want to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance, touch history and enjoy culinary delights, welcome to the Raffles Hotel - a true pearl of Singapore. Here you can take a break, take a break from the bustle of the big city and feel like real ladies and gentlemen.

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And believe me, Raffles Hotel is an unforgettable experience worth living at least once in your life. So, if you get the slightest opportunity, don't miss your chance to touch history and enjoy a moment of true elegance!

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