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AirAsia 2024 promotion - tickets with zero fare, only fees from 550 rubles!

ANDInteresting information that may really appeal to true travelers and connoisseurs of Asia. Another large-scale event AirAsia discounted airfare returns in 2024, offering hundreds of thousands of tickets at nominal prices from 550 rubles per flight one way in more than one hundred and thirty directions within the country and abroad.

Ultra-low-cost flights around Asia with AirAsia

If you've been dreaming of traveling around Asia, now is the time to plan a trip or revisit your favorite places at the most affordable prices.


Travel around Malaysia and other Asian countries, spending much less than travelers usually spend. Discover the amazing beauty of Malaysia's nature and discover the true spirit of old Malaysian cities such as Penang, Langkawi, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu and... for 550 rubles per flight one side.

Expand your travel horizons in Southeast Asia with fares from 1,600 rubles per flight one way. Escape to secluded paradises such as the azure waters of Krabi in Thailand, where you can enjoy the silence of snow-white beaches.

Immerse yourself in the capital's rich cultural heritage South Indian state of Kerala, visiting treasure troves such as Thiruvananthapuram with its majestic Hindu temples. Or indulge in exquisite gastronomic pleasures in the gourmet paradise called Bali, where luxury hotels and restaurants with the best Asian cuisine await you. Southeast Asia is full of wonders to discover.

Important information for booking

  • Hurry, the promotional reservation period is only valid until December 25, 2024.
  • You can book trips that are scheduled for the period from September 01, 2024 By June 18, 2025.

Explanations of promotional rates

  • The promotional fare from 550 rubles includes domestic one-way flights.
  • The promotional fare from 1,600 rubles includes international one-way flights.
  • The minimum price for an Air Asia promotional ticket applies to zero cost tickets, in which the passenger pays only
  • Promotional rates include airport taxes, MAVCOM fees, fuel surcharges and other mandatory fees.

Where can I buy promotional tickets?

According to Travel Guide, the best option for purchasing these promotional tickets today is the website (a leading travel provider with a huge selection of hotels, flights and attractions around the world. Bookings available in 24 languages in 39 countries and regions in 29 local currencies across 48 sites). Payment is possible from almost any card, including the MIR virtual card.

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