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Super cheap round-trip tickets from Moscow to Hainan in February!

China is getting closer and cheaper, but hurry...

ANDctional offer from Aeroflot at the end of February. At the end of the last winter month, you can fly briefly to the legendary Hainan in China and spend the outgoing winter of 2024 with honors. Super cheap prices for tickets from Aeroflot to China with departure from Moscow for 4 nights for 37,000 ₽ round trip, especially since the weather “whispers” - weather forecasters promise +29 +31°С

Flight dates and direction

February 24 - February 29: Moscow - Sanya (Sheremetyevo airport - Sanya airport). The flight is regular, operated by Aeroflot, there are other options, but much more expensive. The planned travel time there is 9 hours 50 minutes, back - 11 hours 5 minutes.

Ticket booking example

Flight Moscow - Sanya (Sheremetyevo airport - Sanya airport). Hainan Island is a celebrity of Southern China, popular for its tropical climate, seaside resorts and mountainous hinterland surrounded by green forests.

In the city of Sanya in the south of the province, vacationers are attracted by sandy 22 km long beaches along Sanya Bay and the crescent-shaped Yalong Beach, next to which there are luxury hotels.

Not far from the city is the scenic Yanoda Rainforest tourist area, with hiking trails crossing suspension bridges overlooking gurgling waterfalls. Hainan attracts travelers with its exotic nature and recreational opportunities.

Ticket price for one person in the amount of 37,253 ₽ is final without additional fees or surcharges at the time of publication.

Air ticket Moscow - Sanya February 24 - February 29 for 37,253 RUR round trip

Tickets Moscow Hainan

Sanya - a pearl on the southern tip of the Chinese island of Hainan, famous for its emerald bays and numerous seaside resorts. On the coast of Yalong Bay there are several luxury hotels that delight the eye with exquisite architecture.

Wuzhizhou Island with its coral reefs is a real paradise for lovers of diving, surfing and other water sports. On a small artificial island, immersed in the greenery of the huge Nanshan temple complex, stands a 108-meter bronze statue of the goddess of mercy Guanyin, personifying beauty and harmony. Sanya is rightfully considered a landmark of the South China Sea.

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Entry requirements and visas

  • For Russian citizens arriving on Hainan Island on direct flights, visa-free regime for a period of 30 days — it differs from the entry rules to mainland China and makes visiting this paradise much easier and more comfortable.

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