Love hotel in Japan

PThe first time I heard the expression "Hotel for love" or "Love hotel" was a long time ago, somewhere in the mid-nineties, back in the Soviet country, where, as you know, "there was no sex." Since then, I have personally learned what it means and how real love hotels look in Japan, without cuts, ideology and bias.

Acquaintance with love hotels: correspondence virtual and first real

I don’t remember exactly what kind of TV program it was, either the weekly Film Travel Club, or something from documentaries, or maybe from a series of programs about bourgeois morals. But the hotel was shown quite ironically, with sarcasm. A funny room remained in my memory with some bizarrely grotesque gymnastic devices for love pleasures.

Bed - machine
Golden room with a huge bed in the form of a car

Soviet propaganda did its job well and tried to present bourgeois morals in an unattractive light. Moreover, the ideologists of communism often achieved their goal. For example, I have created a negative stereotype about the nature and customs of the Japanese in the intimate sphere.

Many years passed before I first came to Japan. My attention was immediately attracted by some extraordinary city buildings. Some were in the shape of castles, some were in the shape of a sail.

There were also two cylindrical, architecturally interesting buildings near my house. One was reminiscent of an old tower, and the second was a candle and are called the Tower hotel and Hotel Candle, respectively.

Some of the buildings are in the form of a pretty villa surrounded by a fence. One circumstance united these places very much. I have never seen bustle and people scurrying back and forth around. A kind of silent solemnity.

But I noticed all this later. And when I first saw the Love Hotel, I simply asked the Japanese woman accompanying me what kind of castle building is in front of us? - "Rabu hoteru" or closer to our language "Love hotel" she explained without a trace of embarrassment, evoking a bunch of memories in my memory.

posh room
What is the theme of this chic room, decide for yourself

Then I didn’t think about them for a long time, and only when I saw a “fun” building in the city subconsciously imagined something incomprehensible. But time passes and somehow it turned out to get to know them better.

antique room
Almost royal apartments

What I saw simply amazed me. By the way, I often have a question. Why is humanity so slowly and sluggishly adopting, if not not at all, a huge number of wonderful inventions invented by the Japanese to facilitate our daily lives? One only Voshlett or the most comfortable toilet where toilet paper is not needed is worth something ...

Lav hotel room
Mysterious atmosphere almost "Avatar" in one of the rooms

Features of Japanese love hotels

But back to the hotel. By the way, people who believe that “as there was no sex, there is still no sex” may not read further. With those who do not think so, I will be happy to share my discoveries further.

Arrival to Love hotel by car

We drove into the hotel right in the car, that is, the parking lot was where the main hall is usually located in an ordinary hotel. I did not see the usual porter, reception, administrators anywhere. Just almost immediately I saw a large electronic sign with a map of numbers.

The sign made it clear. Where, what room is located, how does it look in the photo, is it occupied or not, and how much does it cost. For two minutes we stood under the signboard deciding which room to choose. All were interesting in their own way. Finally we settled on room number fourteen. On the map, we found out where the garage corresponding to this room is located.

Having understood, we drove further to our garage. It was during the day and there were not very many cars in the garages, about thirty percent of the available spaces. Behind a special screen covering the car, it was impossible to see either the make of the car or its number.

Payment for the room and the way to the room

Having parked the car and shielded it with a screen, I saw a small door in the corner of the garage, with a tiny staircase leading directly to the selected room. That is, without leaving the garage, through the back door, you get straight into the room you have chosen. Both the garage and the staircase are all very clean, not pretentious and without flashy colors in the interior.

Up to this moment, what struck me most of all was that having traveled all the way and got into the room, I did not meet or see a single person! No passports, no filling out forms, and no keys. Everything reminds you that you are here incognito. Complete silence.

And the walls of the institution themselves are allies in this. The only inconvenience, which, however, is justified, is the front door that is blocked and does not open until the moment of payment. But even this, an inconvenience could be called a stretch. From the moment the door is closed, the countdown of the use of the room begins.

The very procedure of paying for the room was my new discovery. To do this, there is a special pneumatic tube that looks very funny, and which did not fit into the amazingly original interior at all.

After pressing the button, a regular paper bill comes through the tube, which you pay in the same way with paper money, placing them in the tube. As soon as the money is installed in the tube, the air flow whistles it in. The response is a receipt for payment without details about the purpose of payment.

Undoubtedly travelgide.ru: a love hotel designed to make people feel comfortable and safe in this delicate and sensitive area.

Interior and arrangement of rooms in the Love Hotel

I would like to dwell on room interior love hotel. There are a huge number of them. It all depends on your imagination and the imagination of the designers who create the room. It can be the cabin of a bathyscaphe, and a submarine, a board of an aircraft, and Scheherazade's tent, anything, and even that gymnastic number that was mentioned above.

In our case, it was a room in the form of a cave lined with large stones of multi-colored glass. The bath was separated from the bedroom by a partition made of pieces of the same glass. Through it, you can see the contours of the body of another person.

In the bedroom, in front of a TV showing the relevant theme, there was a bed made in the shape of a flat shell.

Next to the bed, at arm's length, is a mini bar, where I immediately loaded our drinks upon arrival. There was already beer in the refrigerator, and whiskey and cola with mineral water. But this set is very expensive.

By the way, many Japanese come here with their wives. Sex in a love hotel is very useful for a change of scenery!

And finally, about how much a love hotel in Japan costs. The price varies according to the level of the hotel. In general, by Japanese standards, quite inexpensive. We pay 3,000 yen, or about thirty dollars for a two or three hour stay at a hotel. By the way, in some hotels they can still give Japanese yukata robes. So memorable was my first experience of visiting the Love Hotel.

And watch a short video: "Japan love hotels video about LH". Just one of the rooms in a typical institution in the land of the rising sun.

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