Fish angler - a delicacy of Japanese cuisine

If we discard the repulsive appearance, slimy texture and prejudices, it turns out that the angler is a completely edible fish, and even more. Cooks Japan turn a harsh monster into a real delicacy.

What parts of angler fish are edible

The angler fish lives in the sea at a decent depth and looks rather unpleasant. She has a huge head and sharp teeth. However, we should not be deceived by its disgusting appearance: the anglerfish is quite edible!

Anglerfish, aka angler fish

As a matter of fact, all its parts are edible, except for the head and bones, so there is very little waste from the fish. Edible parts are divided into seven types. This is the skin, stomach, fins, gills, liver, caviar and the actual fish meat itself. In Japan, this is called the "seven guns of the angler".

Cutting angler fish
Cutting angler fish on the table

Since the angler fish is quite large and slimy, it is difficult to carve it on a flat surface. Therefore, in Japan, the angler is often hung on a hook and then proceed to processing.

Why is the anglerfish popular in Japan?

In Japan, the angler fish is called anko and is considered a valuable breed. After all, each part of the fish has its own unique taste. Despite the natural difference in the tastes of the parts of the fish, they all have a common feature - "tenderness".

But the most beloved part of the anglerfish among the Japanese is its liver. It is so tasty and tender that it is even called "sea foie gras". Anglerfish liver is very fatty and rich in vitamin D.

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In general, anglerfish has many health benefits. It has a lot of natural B vitamins, and the meat itself contains very little fat. This fish is low in calories, which has made it a popular choice among Japanese women.

anglerfish dish
Anglerfish dish, can be eaten with soup or sauce

The most famous anglerfish dish in Japan is called "anko-nabe" (fish in nabe soup). The light anglerfish meat seasoned with soup is simply delicious.

It is also eaten with lots of vegetables and soy sauce, and there are anglerfish dishes with the addition of its liver. Fried anglerfish is also a popular solution.

Anko-nabe from anglerfish

Anglerfish dishes can be found in many regions of Japan and in sushi bars. But the Japanese have a saying: "Fugu is in the west, and the angler is in the east". The town of Oarai in Ibaraki Prefecture is said to be the best place to eat angler fish. This is a well-known area where they are specially bred.

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