Trend 2022: "Journey of Revenge". What awaits the tourism industry next year

EIn short, “revenge travel” is a trend that is supposed to bring the tourism industry back to normal and do everything almost “as before”.

Although the concept of revenge “revenge” implies a person’s intention to take revenge on someone, it turns out that in our case, tourists and travelers are not going to take revenge on a person, an association, a party or even a state, but ... a year, yes, yes, specific years 2020 and 2021!

There are very few people around the globe who would not feel the effects of the current global pandemic. But it seems that now, instead of worrying and worrying, many are simply angry, a little annoyed and ready for decisive action.

What is meant by "decisive action"? The answer is simple - go on a trip, seriously and for a long time. And what about the "journey of revenge"? Revenge of 2020-21 is associated primarily with the complete collapse of previously planned trips for the current year. Travels that you have been waiting for and dreaming about. 2020 generally deprived people not only of their usual rest, but also of the opportunity to see new places, as well as to meet their relatives or friends who live in other countries.

The forecast for 2022 is as follows: now the tourism industry is still in a deep knockdown, but in the second half of next year, international and local tourism will simply flourish.

With the WHO phasing out recommendations and the introduction of a long-awaited vaccine becoming a reality, people are already thinking about traveling next year. With the thought of coming travel comes a hefty cost to organize, as 2022 could be the year travelers extend their "standard" vacation time by one to two weeks. Yes, they will take revenge for the fact that the 20th deprived them of their usual rest.

Until a few months ago, it was very unclear whether the tourism industry could recover from catastrophic business losses. Now it seems that travelers are determined to make the most of everything they can get.

It is a reality that more and more people are carefully planning their expected vacation, and the value of money and time is becoming less of a factor.

On the other hand, while some are planning overseas trips, others have become addicted to new ways of spending their holidays, including as active outdoor tourists or as standard domestic package tourists.

Tourism service workers have already noticed some changes in the behavior of tourists. When updating tour packages for 2022, some of them (and the number of such tourists is only increasing) extend the planned terms of hotel stays and increase the class of the package.

Thus, the introduction of strict restrictions on foreign travel for several months made many understand that travel should not be taken for granted and inalienable. It is worth spending time and money on a beautiful and comfortable vacation, especially if you cannot imagine your life without travel and distant countries.

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