5 mistakes tourists make at the airport

It would seem that decades after the emergence of low-cost airlines and the spread of air travel, everyone already knows how to use air transport. However, every visit to the airport proves that things are not going well with this process. So, tips from Travel Guide, which obvious mistakes should not be made when using air transport?

1. Do not use online registration and drop-off

Currently, every major airline, including all low-cost airlines, offers online check-in. Log in, enter your details, select your seat and print your boarding pass. Later at the airport, all you have to do is go to the baggage check-in (drop-off) desk and drop off the line.

Registration queues
Registration passes: look for drop-offs

Usually this happens, but not always with cheap airlines. It may turn out that passengers who have checked in online quite a lot, but the queue in this direction will still be less.

According to observations, for example, when flying with Aeroflot, the estimated number of such passengers does not exceed 10-15%. The rest are in a long queue for classic registration. Including people who have passed online check-in, who simply did not find the right baggage check-in counter.

2. Take extra steps during security checks

The problem is that by incorrectly behaving at the security control, you delay not only yourself, but also everyone who is behind you. Here is the typical behavior of tourists going through security checks…

Checking along the security line before entering the clean zone
Do not rush to do what you have not been asked if you are not sure of the need

Removing shoes at security check

About shoes. Herd reflex. Someone is ordered to do it, and everyone else stops and starts doing the same. If you are not sure about the rules, then do not do anything extra until the airport security officer asks you about it.

About the laptop at the security check

About the laptop. Option opposite to superfluous actions. Sometimes it seems that huge information boards are not enough. According to certain requirements, every or every second or every third passenger must provide a laptop for additional verification. Therefore, often a bag with a laptop is returned, the passenger unpacks the laptop, and everyone is waiting.

About drinks at the security check

Beverages. No, at this time and place, no one will allow you to carry a bottle on a plane. Even if you say you bought it 5 minutes ago. Even if it's vodka and you threaten to drink it instead of throwing it away. If you're thirsty, drink before check-in or buy drinks at the duty-free zone.

About metal objects at security checks

Individual passengers pass through the metal detector in their jackets, with a belt and a wallet in their pocket. There is always something metallic in the jacket. And you also have something for sure, for example, coins. Put it all on tape. Also don't forget the belt. It is even better to put your wallet, coins and keys in a bag or backpack in advance.

3. Line up to board the plane

I'm surprised by this every time it's time to board a plane. Everyone has boarding passes with a specific seat, everything is more or less convenient, we sit quietly in the airport lounge. But as soon as the staff comes to the gate, people line up. Does the boarding start in a quarter of an hour? It doesn't matter, you must stand!

Girl waiting for a flight at the airport
Relax, take your time and keep doing what you've been doing...

Relax. Continue to sit quietly, read a book, for example, one of these travel book list, or a newspaper, play on your tablet, or do something else before landing. No one will take your seat, because it is entered on your boarding pass, and if someone does, you will resolve the issue with the help of a flight attendant.

An exception for passengers of some low-cost airlines - you have two exits. Buy priority entry or a specific seat for an additional fee. The second way out is the bus when it is used to deliver passengers to the aircraft. A bus that carries passengers usually takes half of the passengers, the other half is waiting.

If you really want to compete for a good seat - all you have to do is stand at the door on the bus, if you get on the last one - it will be easier, and get on the plane before others from your bus - half the seat will be available to choose from.

4. Get up immediately after landing

The moment a plane slows down after landing is like firing a pistol at a track and field competition. Many get up, open the luggage racks, start repacking something, packing something, changing clothes…

Airplanes on the airfield near the airport building
Standing planes on the airfield near the airport building

At a medium-sized airport, the aircraft from the runway to the terminal must travel 2-5 kilometers at a speed of 10-30 km/h. So it will take 5-10 minutes. If you are lucky enough to fly through airports like Munich, Frankfurt, Paris or New York, the distance will be longer. There may be a "traffic jam" or the need to give way to other aircraft. "Taxiing" can last from a quarter to half an hour.

Dock the gangway and wait for the bus, often taking a few more minutes. A great opportunity to read the next couple of articles or a whole chapter in the book. You will not speed up baggage claim anyway, so leaving the plane late will not change anything.

In addition, getting up before the ship comes to a complete stop is also not safe. Read more about it and watch the video with takeoff accidents in the article.

5. Rush to “catch” your luggage

On the baggage claim carousel, I feel like I'm on a hunt. Assigned by the tribe, the fishermen stand by the stream, preferably right next to the waterfall, and look for trout ready to throw a spear at it. Women and children, as befits the tribal order, stand a step back and wait for the warrior to catch something. Tension is felt from ten meters away, and that's where I usually stand.

Receiving baggage on the conveyor at the airport
The process of receiving baggage on the conveyor at the airport

Count to ten and calm down. Imagine that watching the feed will not change anything. Your bag or suitcase will arrive regardless of your indefatigable desire to hunt for them. While you are waiting for your luggage, just move away from the tape. You can find a comfortable seat, sit down, read another newspaper article, or watch the news on your smartphone.

The bag can be seen from afar, because there are usually gaps in the crowd. The carousel moves slowly. It is enough to walk a few tens of meters and somewhere closer to the end and remove the luggage without pushing through ... Good luck in flying!

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