What to bring from Vietnam to a tourist

Pconsolation in Vietnam is a real adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime. From this trip, we will definitely bring hundreds of vivid memories and a whole cloud of colorful photos. However, this is not all. Deciding on such a trip with a long flight, to a country with a different climate, different nature and a different culture, you can really bring many unusual souvenirs and useful products. And if you still think what it could be, then look at a few proposals that will undoubtedly interest and inspire you.

Vietnamese exotic fruits

First think about fruits like Vietnamese mango or mangosteen. Of course, all these fruits can be bought from us today. But I assure you that their taste will be different, and the price is several times cheaper.

Bringing fruit from Vietnam is a smart move. It should be borne in mind that Vietnam is the birthplace of many unusual fruits for us. In addition to mangoes and mangosteens, you can buy rambutans, jackfruit, pitahaya, passion fruit and other tasty gifts of local flora.

Exotic fruits from Vietnam
Bring home exotic fruits from Vietnam

If you do not want to carry a large amount of luggage with you or its weight is limited, you can purchase these and other fruits in a dehydrated form. For example, the same well-known and at the same time mysterious durian.

Coffee from Vietnam

An important but little known fact. Vietnam ranks second in the world in coffee production. These world-famous grains here have three distinctive features:

  • A wide range of.
  • Excellent taste qualities.
  • Relatively low cost.

Given the volume and distribution of production with an assortment, everything is clear. Quality question. It must be said here that even inexpensive varieties and brands of coffee make it possible to get a drink of a very good taste.

Coffee is a product for everyone. You either like this drink or you don't. But if you consider yourself to be an admirer of this drink, then do not miss your chance. Try on the spot as many options and brands as possible. In this case, the purchase can be approached with knowledge and experience.

Coffee from Vietnam is inexpensive and very tasty
Sang Nao: Coffee from Vietnam is inexpensive and very tasty

For example coffee "Sang Nao", costing less than a couple of American "rubles", is quite decent and suitable for everyday use. With a little stretch, I would compare it to the Dominican "Santo Domingo".

Coffee from Vietnam is expensive but also very tasty.
Creative No. 8 of Trung Nguyen: Coffee from Vietnam is expensive but also very tasty

For a gift, or just if you want to treat yourself, you can buy more expensive brands of coffee. Here the taste will be richer and richer, and the choice is also huge. As an option Creative No. 8 by Trung Nguyen, which will cost 13-15 USD per 500 grams. You can buy such a pack from us for an amount of around 3 thousand rubles.

Medicines based on natural ingredients

Traditional medicine of Vietnam "Thuốc Nam" has ancient roots. This area of activity has developed along a certain path. Nature itself and the humid climate of the tropics have created a comfortable environment for the cultivation and subsequent use of many plants used as medicines.

Shop of medicinal herbs and herbal ingredients
Well-known store of medicinal herbs and herbal ingredients

Historians believe that the system of healing based on the medicinal properties of plants originated in the 2nd century BC. in the northern parts of the state. Once born, the system did not wither, but only developed. And in our time, a tourist who has flown to Vietnam can be offered a huge range of natural-based medicinal products.

Listing all the drugs that may be useful and available is simply pointless. There are actually a lot of them. Ointments and balms based on menthol and snake venom, preparations from a headache, syrups for coughs and colds, vitamin complexes and much more.

Vietnamese medicinal artichoke extract
Popular Vietnamese medicinal artichoke extract

I want to focus on only one type of drugs. They are made from extracts of leaves. artichoke. The artichoke is a well-known edible plant in its own right, but in recent times it has gained notoriety as a proven remedy.

Vietnamese medicinal artichoke capsules
Image: Vietnamese artichoke medicinal capsules

In many shops in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Nha Trang, it is possible to purchase extracts from artichoke leaves or tea based on it. It is believed that the artichoke improves the overall well-being of a person, helps lower cholesterol, eliminates puffiness and regulates sweating.

A medicinal artichoke capsule looks like this
Image: A medicinal artichoke capsule looks like this

Pearls and pearl jewelry

Vietnam confidently enters the top ten countries pearl manufacturers in the world. There are at least a hundred pearl farms, ranging from the possessions of well-known large producers, ending with small, almost family-owned enterprises.

The choice of pearls in Vietnam is simply huge
On the counter of a farm shop: the choice of pearls in Vietnam is simply huge

Large pearl farms are included in the "mandatory program" of visits for tourists. Guides will take you through the production areas and tell you about all the stages of pearl cultivation.

Pearls in a Vietnamese store on display
Large samples of pearls in a Vietnamese shop on display

At the end of the tour, you will be taken to a chic shop with a huge selection of pearls and pearl jewelry. As an example, a photo from a pearl factory located in Halong Bay.

Silver and pearl jewelry
Image: Silver and pearl jewelry

What else to buy in Vietnam as a gift

In fact, the list started above can be continued and expanded for a very long time. It all depends on the desires and preferences of a particular tourist. Therefore, the following is just a small list of goods and products recommended for purchase.

traditional hat
Woman in a traditional hat


  1. Vietnamese sweets, including Ginger Bon ginger candies, as well as coconut candies from the Mekong Delta with nuts or durian.
  2. Tailored dresses or tunics and from Sapa and Hoi An. You can't buy these at home. You can also buy home a unique silk from Vietnam.
  3. Vodka with a snake (cobra) in a bottle. For an amateur, of course, and few people are surprised.
  4. As a souvenir, consider purchasing a wall kilim from bamboo or known all over the world Vietnamese hat.
  5. If there is an intention to buy something serious, pay attention to leather man's bags in the style of Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani. The quality and design are top notch. Worth their money.
  6. think about picturesdrawn on rice paper or embroidered with silk. Quite a nice souvenir for memory or as a gift.

Of course, this is not all that can be brought from a long journey to this distant country. However, you always have to start somewhere. And this list and reasonable offers are far from enough for one trip ...

Video: how cobras are caught to get snake venom

Snake venom is a well-known component of medicinal ointments not only in Vietnam but throughout South Asia. In the video below, you can see how snake catchers from Thailand catch a king cobra to collect snake venom.

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