What to choose for a holiday in Crimea 2024: Alupka and Simeiz, Gurzuf and Partenit or Alushta

PBeach holidays in the Crimea this year are more relevant than ever for many. Tens of thousands of travelers for some time were deprived of their usual vacation on the shores of Thailand, Turkey, and the Dominican Republic. But this is no reason to be upset! It is worth considering a trip to one of the cities or towns of Crimea to enjoy the magnificent nature, plunge into the history of the peninsula and fully relax on the golden beaches. It remains only to decide on a specific place of rest.

Rest in Alupka and Simeiz

The small town of Alupka and the village of Simeiz are located very close, and are very popular among tourists from many countries of the world. The history of Alupka is connected with Count and later Prince Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov. It is not easy to find another such state. figure of the XIX century, who did so much for Russia.

The coast near Alupka
Alupka, Crimea

One of the most beautiful parks of Crimea and the famous Vorontsov Palace are located here. That's just housing in the city center is expensive, and more budgetary can be found if you climb higher, but it's far from the sea.

Simeiz, although a small village, but always filled with tourists. This place was the estate of Count Maltsev, who sold the surrounding land to wealthy nobles, so the village has a huge number of old dachas and villas. Yes, and accommodation here can be found for every taste.

The closer to the sea, the more expensive, but even on the most coastal streets you can find inexpensive housing in the private sector. Maybe it will be a simple wooden structure, but with all the amenities.

Rock Diva
Rock Diva in Simeiz

And in order to find such housing, you need to refuse the help of intermediaries who take from the owners their percentage of the total amount for accommodation. Therefore, if you do not rush and walk through the streets of the village on your own, you can choose really good housing at affordable prices.

advice from Travel Guide. Please note that almost every street has its own corner in which hostesses gather, and even if one hostess is busy, she will definitely call others, or send tourists to the address, only so that they do not get to the "breeders".

But the most important thing is that you can bargain with the hostess, and in case of unforeseen situations and an urgent departure, you can be sure that the entire remaining amount for the stay will be returned. And in the case of a settlement with the help of intermediaries, the percentage of intermediaries is not refundable.

Not unimportant is the fact that Simeiz has a huge number of attractions and places for entertainment - this is a water park, an embankment with a variety of nightlife, beautiful parks, a souvenir market, a cinema and a playground with children's attractions.

Rest in Gurzuf and Partenit

mountain village Gurzuf located to the east of Yalta, and is known throughout the world for the Artek children's camp. In Gurzuf itself there is an amazingly beautiful park of a military sanatorium, in which the famous fountains "Rachel" and "Night" are located. Compared to Yalta, almost the entire village consists of a private sector with picturesque streets.

Gurzuf coast
Gurzuf village in Crimea

Here you can find rather inexpensive housing with a low level of comfort than expensive modern rooms, although there are enough of them. But Gurzuf cannot boast of beaches. The fact is that during the season all the beaches are simply overcrowded and significantly inferior to the beaches of neighboring Partenit.

Partenite spread out near the very foot of the Bear Mountain, or Ayu-Dag. This place is considered the golden mean between Alushta and Yalta. And tourists love this place because of the lack of steep ascents and descents. Near the sea there is a sanatorium "Krym", which has a luxurious park, but the entrance to it is open only after 18 pm.

Pebble beach
Beach near the village of Partenit in Crimea

The beaches of the village are very large and well-equipped, and the picturesque Cape Plaka is simply amazing in its beauty. And for recreation and entertainment, there is the castle of Princess Gagarina and the Aivazovsky park, in which classical music plays every evening.

Please note that there is very little housing in this place, and almost all of it is very expensive, so there is always enough space on the beaches, even in high season.

Rest in Alushta and surrounding villages

Alushta is a vivid example of a crowded resort town, where during the season it is difficult not only to find a place on the beach, but also to calmly walk along the embankment. Alushta And Yalta in this respect are very similar to each other. But housing here is much cheaper and you can find something for every taste, both in the private sector and in a cottage or apartment in a high-rise building.

Sea of Alushta
Alushta coast in Crimea

The beaches of the city are mixed, there are both pebbly and sandy ones. But there are practically no places of interest, but various exhibitions and concerts are often held during the season. Also in the city there is a wonderful water park and a beautiful seaside park and the Golovensky park, in which centuries-old cedars and pine trees grow.

Further east are small villages that are most suitable as the best places for a cheap holiday in the Crimea. These are villages like Marine, Fishing and Solnechnogorsk.

But this part of the Crimean peninsula is more loved by nature lovers, because here you can safely set up a tent camp or organize a vacation right next to the car. Moreover, parking lots are right next to the sea and completely free of charge. Here is a really free and cheap holiday.

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