Where better to relax: Koktebel, Sudak and Novy Svet

FROMit is read that the eastern coast of the Republic of Crimea is less comfortable and attractive than southern coast of Crimea. However, the presence of 2 seas, the Sea of Azov and the Black, as well as resort towns and cities that are unique in their characteristics, make such a choice for a vacation a truly worthwhile decision. In this article, we will consider the question of where it is better to relax on the eastern coast of Crimea: in Sudak, Koktebel or Novy Svet.

Sudak: the mild climate of the ancient city

Sudak is a very popular holiday destination, and the season here usually lasts from June to the end of August. Despite the relatively short season, beautiful landscapes, many cultural monuments and sights, such as the Genoese fortress of Soldaya, attract a considerable number of tourists here.

Historical sights of Sudak

There are not so many capital buildings in this place, and housing in them is expensive. But the private sector is very large and there is enough budget housing for everyone, although the level of comfort in such housing is not for everyone, so rest in Sudak is not suitable for everyone.

It is noteworthy that it is in this single corner of the Crimea that the beaches have gray quartz sand. Also in Sudak, a network of entertainment facilities is well developed and a fairly modern water park is working properly.

Beach: Sudak in Crimea
Panoramic view of the beach near Sudak

In addition to relaxing on the beach, as well as the Genoese fortress, you can visit a cave-type monastery, several Orthodox churches, such as St. Elijah or the Twelve Apostles, the Nemo Dolphinarium. As often happens in the Crimea, Sudak has its own winery with the appropriate light name "Solnechnaya Dolina".

New world: healing air of the eastern Crimea

Novy Svet is one of the most picturesque places in Crimea. This village is famous for its amazingly beautiful bays, ornate paths, amazingly shaped rocks and a fairly popular champagne distillery. There are several beaches in this place, but the main beach is located in a beautiful green bay and it is paid.

Beach in Crimea
Beach in the village of Novy Svet in Crimea

The rest of the beaches are a little off to the side and you need to walk or take a boat to get there. Yes, and for the price of housing, this place is considered the most expensive in the Crimea.

But in its vicinity there is a landscape park, which occupies as much as 470 hectares. Bicentennial junipers and Crimean pines grow in it, which make the air of this place healing. If someone has problems with the lungs or with the respiratory system in general, then the village of Novyi Svet will be an ideal place for a good rest.

landscape park
Panoramic view of the coast near the village of Novyi Svet

It will be useful for lovers of champagne to know that it was here in 1878 that Prince Golitsyn himself gave a start to life to the popular and now factory for the production of high-quality champagne wines.

Koktebel: the land of blue peaks

Koktebel is a well-known resort village in the Crimea, which is appreciated by creative people. They are inspired by the proximity of the extinct volcano Kara-Dag and Voloshin's house-museum, with a huge collection of watercolor landscapes. But since housing prices in this village are much lower than on the South Coast, ordinary people also often choose this particular place to stay.

Beach near the village of Koktebel

The very name of the village of Koktebel in a slightly free translation from the classical Turkic sounds like the land of blue peaks, because it, like the village of Novyi Svet, is surrounded by mountains. By the way, the number of local residents does not exceed three thousand people.

Vineyards of Koktebel

The beach strip of this place is long and very wide, and the beach itself consists of small pebbles and yellow sand. All beaches here are free and well equipped. And in Tikhaya Bay there is even a large beach for nudists. In addition to a beach holiday, you can also have fun in the local water park, as well as visit the factory for the production of cognacs and decent wines with the same name "Koktebel".

Fans of extreme and mysterious rest, coming to the eastern coast of Crimea, definitely try to visit Cape Meganom, which is considered one of the most anomalous and mysterious zones of Crimea. And it is located just between Koktebel and Sudak.

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