Where to relax in Crimea with a child in 2024

FROM every year Crimea develops more and more intensively, and thanks to this it becomes one of the most popular places for family holidays. Therefore, when planning a vacation with a child in the Crimea in 2022, it is best to think in advance about the specific venue.

Choosing a beach in Crimea: pebbles or sand?

In order to optimally choose a place, you need to decide what exactly you want to get from the upcoming trip, and what type of vacation you need, since the goals of couples with children are significantly different from a noisy youth company and their preferences.

The first thing you need to decide is a suitable type of beach. Crimea offers a huge number of wonderful places for recreation with young children. All pebble beaches are concentrated on the southern coast of Crimea. The rest of the beaches of the peninsula are sandy. Logically, not all pebble beaches are suitable for kids.

Pebble beach
Pebble beach in Crimea

Cons of pebble beaches:

  • on large pebbles, children can easily fall;
  • on such beaches, most often a sharp depth of water;
  • deep water warms up much longer;
  • pebbles are not suitable for building sandcastles.

Advantages of pebble beaches:

  • walking on pebbles is a massage for flat feet;
  • the water on such a beach is always clean and transparent;
  • leaving the child on the shore, you do not need to go far to swim, because the depth begins a couple of meters from the shore;
  • warming with warm stones soaked in salt and iodine is an excellent prevention of colds;
  • pebbles are always clean, without small particles.
Sand beach
Sandy beach in Crimea

Cons of sandy beaches:

  • sea water is often cloudy;
  • babies can put toys with stuck sand into their mouths;
  • after the beach, children have sand in all accessible and inaccessible places;
  • adults cannot swim calmly, because to deep water they have to go far from the shore and leave the children.

Pros of sandy beaches:

  • the sand is soft, and it is not scary that the children will fall;
  • babies can play in shallow water;
  • water warms up faster
  • children can play with sand for a long time.

Sandy beaches of Evpatoria

Based on all the above pluses and minuses, the best sandy beaches will be in the Evpatoria region. There, the depth is felt much closer to the shore. Therefore, when choosing sandy beaches, it is best to relax in Evpatoria, especially since the healing air of this area is very useful for young children.

sandy beaches
Sandy beaches of Evpatoria

The city itself is divided into two zones. The entry of transport into the resort area is completely prohibited, and entry into the coastal area is simply limited. Swimming in the warm sea is a pleasure, but only when it is calm. As soon as a small wave rises, the clear water becomes cloudy.

It is better to go to Evpatoria by a direct train, since, having arrived in Simferopol, you will have to get to Evpatoria by bus or train. Right at the station of the city there is an apartment bureau, which will help in finding the necessary housing. And you should not turn to "distributors" - these intermediaries can deceive and slip a "pig in a poke".

Places for a relaxing holiday with children

Many couples who want a relaxing holiday opt for coastal villages that are located between Sevastopol and Evpatoria. It can be Sandy, Coastal, Nikolaevka or others.

Cape Fiolent
transparent sea

An excellent holiday in the Crimea can be in the vicinity of Sevastopol: in Balaklava, Lyubimovka, Uchkuevka or at Cape Fiolent. Moreover, these places are very rich in sights, and the natural landscape here pleases the eye of any traveler.

In general, it is better to visit these places with an excursion, and relax in other places, since the beaches here are small, and the presence of the Black Sea Fleet does its job, and the sea sometimes becomes not quite clean.

Rest with a child on the South Coast of Crimea

Rest on the Southern Coast of Crimea is considered fabulous, and it is simply impossible to enjoy palaces, parks, rocks and capes. Cozy resort villages are located very close to the sea coast with beautiful pebble beaches. It is simply impossible to choose a better place, since one village is more beautiful than the other.

beach holiday
High season by the sea

In general, if you take the entire South Coast, from Foros to Alushta, then the most beautiful are Simeiz, with its coastal rocks and Mount Koshka, and Gurzuf, which is located at the foot of the Bear Mountain. Although one cannot ignore such places as Miskhor, Alupka and Partenit.

Alupka and Partenit have a different level of comfort in housing, and housing prices depend on comfort and proximity to the sea. And although it is difficult to find inexpensive housing in the high season, it is quite possible. But Miskhor, although it is famous for its beautiful park and proximity to Yalta, there is practically no budget housing in this village.

Video from Travel Guide from relaxing on the beach

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