What to take with you to the sea for a girl: a detailed list

We collect a suitcase at sea according to the list: only for women ...

ToHow are we going to the sea? The greatest activity of this event is manifested in the last 3-4 hours, at best 2-3 days before departure. Without any list, we quickly put into suitcases everything that we remembered. As a result of this approach to this, in fact, a very important event, we did not take many very necessary things with us. The logical result is the need to solve many small and not very problems with a large expenditure of strength and nerves. Save your nerves, change the very approach to packing your suitcase and a relaxing vacation will be guaranteed!

We are changing the approach to collecting things at sea - it's easy!

Before moving on to the list of what you need to take with you to the sea, let’s start by changing the general approach to packing for a sea holiday. Don’t think that the conversation will be about some complex system that will take all your energy and a lot of precious time. Quite the opposite! A practical approach to packing for a sea vacation will make it completely stress-free and relaxing. And so: how to get ready for the sea and not forget anything?

Just remember one simple thing - there are two steps and two lists:

  • The collection stage and the list of things for the road are number one;
  • The collection stage and the list of things to rest is number two.

Perhaps someone will think: why do you need to come up with such a division - a list for the road and a list for rest? Everything is simple. This will keep your items from getting mixed up. After all, some things are needed only on the road, while others are only needed on vacation. Ready? Let's get started!

Stage one: packing for the road

And so, if you are going for 10 days, start packing your suitcase for a month. If you are going for 2 days, then start collecting a week in advance! No need to be scared. This does not mean that for a whole month, from morning to evening, you are only busy with packing your suitcase.

Packing a suitcase for vacation
At the first stage, we collect clothes and things for the road

This means that a month before the trip you take it out and put it in a prominent place. In your free time, you periodically put everything in a suitcase things that you will need only on a trip and will not spoil in a suitcase. It can be an inflatable pillow, folding scissors, a jacket, tape, and so on. Collect everything especially without hesitation, and without fear of forgetting something.

I recommend getting and looking at clothes that, in your cursory glance, are more or less suitable for this trip. As a result, I usually get 2-4 times more clothes than I then take on the road. At this time, you can figure out what else you need to buy for the trip. This completes the first stage.

You need to remember about the suitcase in a week and a half. Go through everything that you have already collected, check with the list. Lay out what you definitely won’t take and add what you forgot last time. I would like to note that this the first stage, we collected things and items that we need on the road! And now let's move on to a detailed list of "on the road."

What to take with you on the road to the sea - list number one

Of course, the list placed just below in the text is also subject to adjustment. And first of all, it is influenced by the season, or rather the weather, at the point of departure. It is clear that frost at 20-25 degrees and summer heat at 30 will make you dress in completely different ways. However, it is always easier to cross something off the list than to add it.

girl with luggage
Comfortable clothes and properly packed luggage will make the trip to the sea and vacation comfortable.

When making changes to the list, think carefully, not only about when you will leave, but also about when you will return. In any case, on the road, I recommend dressing in a sporty or similar style.

List of recommended clothes, necessary things and items on the road:

  • Passport. Be very careful. This is by far the most important item on this list. The absence of water, a knife and adhesive tape cannot stop your trip, but the absence of a document proving your identity can. Fly abroad - do not take a Russian passport, but make several copies of your foreign passport and carry it with you;
  • Bank cards and cash. If you take how many cards and a relatively large amount of cash, especially currency, keep them separate from the card and funds that you use on the road;
  • Phone, camera and other gadgets. Take only what you may need on the road, pack the rest in your luggage. Do not forget to charge with a regular and USB plug;
  • Jeans or other trousers. In any case, preferably made of natural fabric and elastic. On the road, you will need to sit a lot, and in artificial or hard trousers, this is not comfortable;
  • Shoes. Shoes should be natural, light, comfortable. The most comfortable is sneakers, and at any time of the year. In winter, we put on fluffy high socks and heavy winter boots will not need to be stuffed into a suitcase, somewhere in Punta Cana or Koh Samui;
  • Outerwear - jacket. The jacket should be light, but not short, and always with a hood, then an umbrella may not be needed. In winter, you can put on a jacket or sweater. It is desirable that all your outerwear be unfastened in front. Then, at any temperature, you will feel comfortable, because everything changes so quickly on the road!
  • Handkerchief. It might actually come in handy for you. I recommend taking a scarf, not very large, better from natural material. If necessary, you can put it on your head, close your neck or just wave to the mourners :))
  • Small handbag. Also, be sure to take a small handbag (backpack), preferably a cloth sports bag. We put in it what we take with us on the road;
  • Travel first aid kit. This refers to the minimum treatment kit: tablets for diarrhea, allergies, motion sickness, BF medical glue, validol and your personal tablets;
  • Wide transparent tape. I take adhesive tape to pack a suitcase, as well as to urgently seal or wrap something that has come off. I also take my luggage bag with me. Usually, these are 2 large packages. I put it on a suitcase, wrap it with tape, cut a slot for a pen - it's done! Saved - a lot of time, effort, nerves and some money;
  • folding knife. Folding scissors or a small folding knife with a lot of functions will come in handy (a file and scissors are a must). They can be carried on the plane provided that the blade length is not more than 60 mm;
  • cosmetic bag. Minimal makeup. The package is different for everyone, so determine it yourself;
  • Water. Water is the source of life, so a small bottle of life-giving moisture, or even better two, is an invariable companion of every traveler at any time of the year;
  • Food. Food is taken to taste. I would suggest taking less. Lollipops, biscuits, maybe a small chicken or beef sandwich is enough, on planes they feed enough;
  • Pillow and sleep glasses. In principle, it all depends on where you are flying and which airline. Many carriers provide pillows, slippers, glasses, and earplugs, but your own, personalized pillow is still better;
  • Napkins. A must have on the road. And take two different packages. One is just sanitary napkins, the second is wet wipes;
  • Personal care products for women;
  • Hand sanitizer gel. This item is truly irreplaceable. Does not require rinsing and absorbs quickly. The main thing to use do not forget;

The second stage of fees: we collect things for the rest

It's time to take care of the suitcase and the things that we will take on vacation in a suitcase. Put away from the suitcase all the things that we have collected on the road and proceed to the second stage. Yes, yes, first.

Approximately 2 weeks before the trip, you need to adjust list of things to pack in a suitcase based on the conditions of a particular trip on vacation. Next, we proceed to the daily collection of things for the holidays. In this case, I recommend not to add everything that seems necessary, but to clearly follow the list. And you need to collect things not selectively, but strictly on points, marking the completed positions in the list.

Suitcase with things
At the second stage, we collect clothes and things for the rest

This list should be kept in sight so as not to forget to buy, wash and, possibly, fix the necessary things. Closer to the trip, the suitcase needs to be sorted out a couple more times, and your trip will be quite comfortable.

What to put in a suitcase - list number two

Before you understand what to put there, you need to imagine yourself in those situations in which you may find yourself. Are you going to the beach? Wonderful! One sundress, skirt, shorts and 3-4 T-shirts are enough for you. If you remember the trousers you were wearing, add a tunic, leggings to them, you will be dressed for any occasion, to a restaurant for an excursion, to a club. Perhaps you still need to put a cocktail dress, then you will definitely be always dressed appropriately. But back to the full list...

Initially, I recommend sharing holiday stuff list into several sections:

  1. Clothing and footwear;
  2. First aid kit tourist;
  3. Personal hygiene products and cosmetics;
  4. Miscellaneous - useful and necessary.

1. Clothes and shoes - less is better

I never take a vacation dressing gown, house slippers and a sleeping shirt. We are not at home in a hotel or hotel, you can sleep in a T-shirt, in the room you can walk in it and in shorts. You need to take a towel only if you are not on the 1st line and the hotel is not 5 *. In extreme cases, you can always buy it on the spot. If you are more conservative, add all of the above to your personal list. Below is my version of the clothing list.

Woman choosing clothes
The choice of clothes is an eternal problem: what to take and what to leave?

What to take from clothes at sea for a woman:

  • Swimwear. I take 2 pcs. This is the minimum quantity, but if necessary, you can always buy another one;
  • Sundress. If you are not going to be on the beach around the clock, then you cannot do without a bright and light sundress;
  • Skirt. It will be a great addition to a sundress. Ideally combined with evening walks in cafes and restaurants;
  • Shorts. I recommend one, but I myself take two - I like them;
  • T-shirts, briefs and socks. All three. I have enough for a two-week vacation, but I wash and refresh every day.
  • T-shirts. I take, like swimsuits 2 pcs. Usually from vacation I bring a couple of freshly bought T-shirts and T-shirts as a plus;
  • Pareo. Just a real miracle if you know how to handle it. You look at what it turns into in the hands of a connoisseur and you are amazed;
  • Panama or cap or hat. It is possible to combine at will;
  • Sandals low heels. Perhaps to the beach, on excursions and further everywhere;
  • Slippers textile. Very convenient for excursions, shopping and further everywhere;
  • Slates. Ideal for the beach and hotel grounds;
  • Sandals with high heels. Perhaps only the youngest and most fashionable will need it :))

When deciding what shoes to take to the sea, let's take into account and do not forget that we, or rather we, have sneakers, as well as trousers, etc., that is, all the clothes in which we go on vacation.

2. A first-aid kit of a tourist at sea is a doctor himself

Some, looking at the list of medicines recommended as a first-aid kit for rest, will think that this is a clear overkill. But believe me, this is far from all that you may need in hot countries and seas :)) You can’t foresee everything. Read carefully and think, and perhaps you will add a couple more positions to this list.

Sick woman in bed
The disease does not need to wait, but you need to be ready for it.

What medicines to take with you to the sea:

  • Activated carbon. Oh yes, I take it with me 5 standards no less. If I understand that the coming evening will be fun and will be accompanied by alcohol, then I drink 5 tablets of coal (one per 10 kg of weight) and in the morning I have everything in order with my stomach and no hangover;
  • Light diuretic, let's say "Veroshpiron". Girls will understand me, when the climate changes, and indeed, in the heat, the body sometimes swells. Drink more water, and sometimes you can take a diuretic, then in the morning you will look great. Just do not abuse and choose one that does not remove potassium from the body. Also, a diuretic herbal tea can serve as a substitute;
  • Callus patches. In any case, you will buy new summer shoes, and the band-aid may come in handy;
  • Bandage, cotton wool, antiseptic. If you are riding a motorbike, keep these three things with you at all times. God saves man, who save himself;
  • Painkiller. A couple of other tablets of an analgesic suitable for you (again, the girls will understand me) will not be superfluous at all;
  • Means for taking in case of poisoning. A few tablets of the drug in case of poisoning, for example, "Loperamide" is definitely worth having, do not forget "Smecta" - it will come in handy;
  • Antipyretic drugs. Do not be surprised, some people manage to catch a cold at sea. But fever can appear not only because of colds. A temporary measure, and so you need to see a doctor;
  • Tablets for diarrhea. Suitable standard "Imodium" for taking without drinking water;
  • Suntan cream sunscreen. Sun protection cream with a sun protection factor of at least 25-35. No comments here, no need to rush. For a vacation, in any case, we will sunbathe until dark, and walking with a red face and body in the heat is not pleasant enough.

3. Personal care products, body and face care

This list is clear and understandable. It is unlikely that anyone will have questions on this list. The only option is to add something to it. Although..

Cosmetical tools
Don't take too much. You can always buy funds. At the same time, you can try something new
  • Toothpaste;
  • Toothbrush;
  • Deodorant;
  • Shampoo and soap (gel);
  • Wet wipes or handkerchiefs;
  • Comb;
  • Pads, tampons;
  • Sunscreen - a repeat, but an important one :));
  • After sun cream;
  • Moisturizing cream;
  • Hair care products;
  • Hand cream;
  • Nail polish;
  • scissors;
  • Hairpins, hairpins, elastic bands;
  • Nailfile;
  • Mirror;
  • Your cosmetics of any kind.

4. Miscellaneous - useful and necessary little things

The little things matter in our lives. Of course, every little thing matters very little. But when the little things "come together" their weight in our psychological and physical comfort takes a visible significant position. Therefore, let's not forget about the little things, so as not to overshadow the serenity of a sea holiday.

woman on the beach
If you thoughtfully gathered for a vacation, then you just have to enjoy these wonderful moments.

Plus, you need to put a couple of plastic bags in a suitcase and a small bag. I also want to advise from travel experience that you should never take a hair dryer, a boiler and an iron with you. Everything is decided on the spot, and we do not need extra things.

  • Lightweight beach bag. I personally use the one with which I was on the road to the sea;
  • Sunglasses. I take a couple and always bring a couple more on top;
  • Accessories and bijouterie. I do not recommend taking an expensive piece of jewelry, it can lie the whole vacation in a hotel safe. In addition, a hotel safe is not a safe deposit box at all;
  • Silicone pads into shoes. Perhaps buy new shoes, that will come in handy;
  • Threads and needles. Travel set;
  • Electronic balance for weighing a suitcase. I like to bring fruits from Thailand, and I buy "to the eyeballs";
  • Electrical adapter universal. Practically not relevant, but it came in handy at the Abu Dhabi airport;
  • Fumigator from evil squeaking insects. Do not forget to drink liquid or plates with it.
  • beach mat. I take with me the thinnest. Although somewhere it is not needed.

For the convenience of working with the lists presented above, it is possible to download them in a convenient format (PDF format). Ready at the touch of a button the list will open in a new window. Save it to your device or print it out right away.

That's all. We are packed and dressed. The suitcase is "stacked" and its contents double-checked against the list. We check passports, money, phones, closed windows, sit down for a minute and go ahead - warm blue sea waters and white beaches with coconut palms are waiting for us!

Beach holiday video

Perhaps in this video you will look for a new swimsuit or pick up a new romantic look, or at least just mentally prepare for a beautiful beach holiday...

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  1. It seems that everything that even theoretically can be useful is indicated in these lists, but at the same time, I think that it is practically impossible to predict everything that you may need on vacation. Maybe someone else will contribute to this work and suggest something sensible that is missing?

  2. At first it seemed a little different from what I would like to see, but after re-reading everything fell into place. In my opinion, an absolutely detailed and competent list. I don’t see the point now to rewrite everything in a new way every time, I bookmark it as an instruction, ATP!

  3. Thanks for the valuable information. It seems that now you don’t have to think of anything, although it is possible at first glance. Time will tell, but thanks anyway

  4. In addition to sunscreen and a swimsuit, you should also remember to wear something warmer. It is better to take a sweatshirt, you can put it on a blouse when it will be cool in the evening. Of course, it depends on the place and time of year. For example, in the Dominican Republic it is even cooler in the evenings. At least consider the need, it won't be superfluous

    1. Added links to open ready-made lists in PDF format. At the end of the article there are two buttons and, accordingly, two lists. When you click on the button, the list opens and you can either save it or print it on a printer, as you wish.

  5. A little tip, do not forget special hair products. This is especially true for those who have them long. In the wind and in salt water, the hair will certainly want to get tangled, and combing it can be a bit of a problem. Take a good conditioner, hair oil and a good comb - they will help to cope with this problem. Also, think of a hairstyle that will gradually minimize this problem, for example pigtails work great. And take hair ties.

  6. Great guide, I think many people like myself will use it, because from time to time I have the same question.. Now it will be easier

  7. A tanned face is, of course, cool for many. But the face burned by the sun is a little less, to put it very mildly ... Moreover, at the beginning of a beach holiday, the eyes do not immediately get used to the brightness. An ordinary baseball cap will protect you from a "burnt" face and will not let the sun blind you. Someone will say, what about glasses? Yes, of course, but your forehead and cheeks will burn. Even with the use of special creams, you can quietly get the effect of "panda"

  8. I watched, read, downloaded - everything is clear and seems to be complete, and then I thought. After all, now the main question is not what to take with you to the sea, but when it will be possible to go to this sea. on this - in the sense of any sea. It is clear that no one will answer this question for sure now, but at least to know approximately

  9. If you are really wondering what else to take with you on a beach holiday, then you may need a thermal bag. I mean, for any beach outing, you need refreshments. After we put on our bathing suits, this is the first thing we collect. Traditional thermal bags are heavy and not comfortable on the beach, so we use portable options like the Hopper Flip or something similar.

  10. I did not understand "Loperamide" for poisoning, but for diarrhea "Imodium". In case of poisoning, sorbent agents are used. Loperamide stops diarrhea - how can it relieve poisoning???? Deal with medicines! There are a lot of mistakes and expensive means - there are cheaper ones!

    1. That's right "Loperamide" in case of poisoning as an aid, and as an absorbent there is activated carbon. Whoever wants can take some "Polysorb" or an analogue. This is an individual matter. In fact, here everyone should understand for himself which particular tool suits him, as well as at a cost 🙂

  11. Well, from the list, I usually take half as much, and even this amount happens in excess. This year we went to the Black Sea, packed a suitcase for three. They took 2-3 T-shirts for each, the same number of shorts, and in fact it turned out that some things were never even worn. I take 2 tubes of sun cream with me, enough for the whole vacation. And we put warm clothes on ourselves, because this time we were flying - and just so as not to freeze on the plane. On the spot, you usually need a minimum of things, especially since we rested in the guest house Marseille Hotel in Lermontovo, there were towels, there were dishes in the dining room, we didn’t need anything. There was animation - so I didn’t take toys and other entertainment for children either.

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