So roads are being repaired only in Russia?

Road surface repair in Bangkok, Thailand

RThe work of a brigade of road builders-repairmen accidentally became public. Before I saw the short video, for some reason I was sure that such a way of repairing the pavement could only exist in Russia. But as it turned out, I was wrong.

Probably all of us are already accustomed to photos and videos that periodically appear in our press. Here and there, in Russia, in rain and snow, road surface repairs are being carried out.

Such situations periodically emerge, are accompanied by comments from experts on the use of new asphalt laying technologies, and subside almost immediately.

But as it turned out, Russia is not alone in this approach to road repair, as you can see by watching the video at the end of this article.

So, apparently, one brigade of Thais from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, decided to outdo our "innovators". They, by all means, intended to complete their responsible work on time. Apparently, weather obstacles did not matter to the workers.

Heavy rains in Thailand, including in Bangkok, are a fairly common occurrence, which the locals almost do not pay attention to.

road repair

It seems that the employees of one of the road repair teams were not at all embarrassed by the high water level on the roadway they were repairing.

They purposefully continued to fill the roadway with concrete, which turned into a real river. However, their zeal has not received a response in the hearts of respectable citizens of Bangkok. The kindest epithet that was awarded to this brigade can be called "reckless".

Some observers of the implementation of this "advanced" technology compared their work in meaning with one Thai idiom meaning the futility of effort: "Pour crushed chili peppers into the river."

To be honest, the meaning of such actions is not entirely clear, but it's nice that "progressive" road repair technologies are used not only in Russia. Watch a short video clip about this situation.

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  1. I can’t believe it’s not only in Russia, but maybe it’s actually such an interesting and completely new technology for paving 🙂

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