Decency for girls in Thailand

Why you shouldn't molest Thai girls on the street

RDisturbance and condemnation of others - this is what some tourists achieve who do not follow the simple rules of decency in relation to girls in Thailand. This post is not a detailed analysis traditions of Thailand. This is a short but instructive story about how girls should not be treated in Thailand.

Acquaintance of a Scandinavian and a Thai girl at a bus stop

So, the guy whom I, according to certain characteristic features of appearance, called for myself a "Scandinavian", looked like an ordinary cheerful tourist. He was singled out from the mass of those around him. tall, completely white skin and ponytail drawn from yellowish hair.

It happened at a bus stop. The day was drawing to a close. There was not a cloud on the horizon, and the beautiful red Thai sun was preparing for sunset. At the bus stop, besides us, an elderly Thai couple and a Thai family with two children, there was another young Thai girl.

For myself, I decided that she was a student of some college or something like that. Maybe it's not, but a strict black skirt, a dazzling white shirt and a neat blue tieallowed me to draw this conclusion. In any case, there were no prerequisites for seeing some frivolity in her image and behavior.

And so, this very Scandinavian decides to take a picture with a girl against the backdrop of a stunning sunset. He approached her with a predatory patronizing smile and a couple of phrases in English explained his desire. In response, he received a short but firm no.

As you can imagine, the guy didn't stop there. He continued his "song" saying something like:

“Honey, this is just a selfie, I won’t offend you, you are such a hot thing and the sunset is so hot” ...

As a result, having received another “no” from the girl, who had already begun to noticeably get nervous, he came close to her and, sharply hugging her, began to press her to him ...

Gaps in the knowledge of the Scandinavian and the reaction of the Thai girl

I think that the Scandinavian was completely unaware that in Thailand you can’t touch a decent woman or girl if it’s not your wife, and especially in public places. This way of meeting and communicating there is not practiced and does not work.

I also think that the girl was unaware of the gaps in the knowledge of the Scandinavian in the field of Thai etiquette and decorum. In this regard, she reacted to his actions with an accurate short knee blow to a certain area of \u200b\u200bhis manly body.

The descendant of the formidable Vikings folded in half, and his phone flew like a bullet onto the roadway. The phone turned over several times, but miraculously continued to work emitting a dim light.

The traffic on the street was decent and our moaning "hero" several times unsuccessfully tried to get to his tenacious gadget.

The end of the story: karma and the rules of decency in action

This is where real karma comes into play. The approaching red bus, which the girl was waiting for, runs over the edge of the smartphone with its rear wheel. That one, flying closer to the stop, flaunts visible cracks on the display.

The result of this action is simple and logical. The girl gets on the bus and leaves. The Scandinavian, with a noticeably flushed face, curses at the departing bus.

Well, people at the bus stop and nearby food stalls shake their heads and say quietly: “Farang, pi ba… baa maak.” What to take from him - a crazy foreigner.

It is absolutely clear to me that the hero of this story must have heard enough stories about the availability of Thai girls. These stories mainly appear after a single visit to a certain street in unforgettable Pattaya, or similar ones. At the same time, one-time tourists do not at all think that Walking Street is an exception to the generally accepted rules of conduct and decency in Thailand.

It is extremely difficult to meet a decent girl in Thailand on the street. And to behave unleashed with the usual secret is simply unacceptable. In fact, the rules of decency for girls in Thailand pretty strict.

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