Authentic Thai cuisine and its differences from "Thai" cuisine in Russia

EThere is a cuisine that can be called Thai fusion, and then there is authentic Thai cuisine… and the latter is not always what you see in restaurants and cafes in Russia. So what's the matter and the specific differences of the kitchen Thailand from its Russian counterpart?

For those fortunate enough to immerse themselves in the culture and cuisine of Thailand, the adapted Thai cuisine we see at home will seem, well... not exactly the same. From the taste characteristics to the quantity and quality of the ingredients used, Thai cuisine in Russia is definitely not something that one would enjoy in Thailand.

In Russia, as well as in other countries, dishes of various cuisines that are not local are often adapted, and Thai cuisine is one of them. Just as you wouldn't think of Chinese takeaway food as something you could taste in China, Thai food is in the same situation.

Spring rolls in Thailand

It seems that they are on every menu of Thai cuisine establishments in Russia. Although spring rolls are available in Thailand, they are definitely not as popular as when ordered from adapted Thai restaurants around the world.

Spring rolls
Thai classic Asian dish

By the way, Chinese cuisine also has its own version - egg roll, which is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that the Chinese prefer takeaway food.

In Thailand, the locals don't even call these spring rolls "spring rolls" - they call them Po Pia Tod (Thai. ปอเปี๊ยะทอด), and it's mostly fried fast food street food.

By the way, spring rolls are one of those Thai cuisine dishesthat you can cook at home yourself.

Abundance of meat is not a characteristic of Thai cuisine

Unexpected surprise. There is much more meat in the adapted Thai menu than in the cuisine of Thailand itself. Although Thai dishes have meat in them, portion sizes vary greatly depending on the dish.

Mobile Thai kitchen
Kingdom Street Food: Gastronomy Boat

More often, only small portions of meat or a mixture of different types of meat is present in a real Thai menu. In a word, in the "Thai" restaurants in Russia, portions of meat are much more voluminous than in traditional Thai cuisine.

Real Thai cuisine: lots of greens and herbs

You need to know that the dishes of the adapted version of Thai cuisine contain less herbs than the authentic dishes of the Asian kingdom. In fact, this is the case with many Asian cuisines.

Thai dish
Greens are an essential ingredient in most Thai dishes.

However, such an approach to cooking would be a real taste shock for the people of Thailand, where herbs like basil are used in excess - in a good way.

This explains the fresh, vibrant taste for which Thai cuisine is so well known, which is more difficult to achieve in other countries where such herbs are not as readily available.

Dried shrimp in Tai's kitchen

Dried shrimp may not seem very appetizing, but they are not uncommon in Thai cuisine. The salty taste and light texture are well known in Thailand. It's one of those additions, a bit like anchovies in Caesar dressing, that makes some people a little uncomfortable.

dried shrimp
Dried shrimp is one of the important components of the national cuisine

At the same time, shrimp add extra flavor and zest that cannot be obtained in any other way. In addition, they are not easy to get in Russia at an affordable price, which may be some explanation why they are not usually added to the most popular dishes.

Thai Cuisine: Steamed Rice or Sticky Rice

When it comes to rice in Russia, the most common misconception appears here: “Rice is also rice in Africa.” In fact, this is the case with many Asian cuisines.

Thai rice
Pad thai is a classic choice for many tourists

You know that rice comes in different shapes, types and properties and, of course, is cooked in very different ways. This sometimes makes it difficult to follow the technology of a genuine recipe and affects the final quality of the dish.

In Thailand, glutinous rice is not served with curry, but in "Thai" restaurants in Russia, this is usually the case. Traditionally, curry is eaten with steamed white rice. It is unlikely that this difference will not be noticed in a real Thai restaurant.

These are far from all the differences that a true admirer of Thai cuisine can name, who has compared the taste of Thai food and national cuisine restaurants in Russia. Do you have any observations?

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  1. The most important difference is that in Russia the taste of rice is different, in Thailand rice is much tastier, it smells differently, you can eat it just boiled without any seasonings and it’s delicious .. And in Russia, rice with a smell is not very pleasant, it can only be masked with sauces. And chicken meat in Thailand is tastier than in Russia, you cook chicken in Russia and in Thailand, the taste is completely different. About greens - of course, in Russia you can’t find Thai greens, and sauces - fish, oyster soy, have a completely different taste in Thailand.

  2. The difference is probably like buckwheat or buckwheat (as you like) a Russian, Chinese or Indian will cook 🙂

    1. Probably still depends on the mood, the situation, and always warm weather, the food is not greasy but really very tasty!

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