10 tips to help you get rid of scammers in Bangkok

AT popular tourist destinations in Thailand, which is Bangkok, we can meet "good Thais" who really should not be trusted in any way. The only desire of such dishonorable citizens is to get some money from us. How not to fall for scammers in Bangkok and protect yourself from unexpected expenses? remember, that traditions of thailand are not the same everywhere in the Kingdom.

Common schemes of "divorce for purchases" of tourists in Bangkok

The general advice is that when visiting Thailand you need to develop a kind of immunity to various provocations. At every step you can meet people who will try to drag you to a place where you will have to pay several times more for a product or service and most likely buy something that you don’t need in principle.

What common offers of this kind include:

  • The best "real" jewels in Bangkok.
  • Cheap hotel or guest house "on a promotion".
  • Exclusive massage from "the best specialists in their field."
  • Cheap taxi "practically for gasoline."
  • The latest erotic show "almost free".
  • Visit the "best in Bangkok" bar.
  • Tailoring of the “ideal suit” by “hereditary tailors”.

This list, unfortunately, can be continued. In a word, some people who offer to help you just want to make money on you and will not necessarily help you. Although the latter is also not enough.

It is no secret that in Thailand, as in other countries, many shops, travel agencies, bars and hotels pay to attract a buyer. That is why individual Thais are so eager to take part in this scheme.

The advice is not to imagine yourself as an unforgettable John Rambo in the rear of the bloodthirsty Vietnamese and see enemies all around, but to be critical of unreasonably tempting offers. For example, it would be nice to know about the common bird feeding scam.

Keep in mind that a "good Thai" can be extremely patient, so a diplomatic "maybe later" will only result in him staying with you forever. I mean, until the end of your walk...

How to get rid of scammers in Bangkok and avoid a catch?

As already mentioned, there are many options for fraud associated with the imposition of goods and services on tourists at inflated prices in Bangkok. However, a few simple but effective ways to get rid of the attention of scammers work for most of them.

  1. Be firm, confident and calm. Don't try to be overly polite. Refuse the offer as correctly as possible, but absolutely categorically.
  2. Do not enter into a discussion trying to explain your position. The scammer wants to draw you into a conversation to learn more about you and keep your attention.
  3. Don't stop, just keep going where you were going. Fraudsters of this kind usually have their own familiar territory from which they do not want to move away.
  4. Pretend you only understand your native language. Just don't react to all phrases in English or any other language. It’s even better to start a conversation with a couple of phrases in Spanish. This often confuses Thais and is one of the most effective ways.
  5. Don't talk about where you're going. Maximum point your hand at some visible point or do not answer at all.
  6. When stopping a tuk-tuk or taxi, do not name the real end point of the movement if it is a famous landmark. Name some address a little before reaching the place you need. You will pay less.
  7. If in a conversation with a stranger it seemed to you that the matter was “not clean”, then casually with annoyance insert a phrase something like: “Oh, what a pity, I left all the money in the hotel.” The perfect answer.
  8. The simplest response to an offer to show a cheap hotel or guesthouse is to say that you are already provided with housing, even if this is not the case. Use the search engine - more reliable and without deception.
  9. Don't settle for extra sightseeing and "great cheap" places. Even when ordering a taxi, indicate that you are going straight to the end point, without any stops along the way. The fact is that otherwise you can go around the most expensive shops in the city and lose the whole day.
  10. Having received any information, try to check its adequacy by asking the same question from several people. It happens, and without malicious intent, that Thais provide information, even if they have no idea what they are talking about.

In general, a tourist should take into account the fact that in Bangkok and most of the developed resort areas of Thailand, tourists are increasingly considered by many locals as a source of income. And what to expect? Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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