Miracle island of Koh Phayam in Thailand

ANDDoes a person have the right to dream? Yes, of course, so I suggest you dream about traveling to the island of Koh Phayam. Dream of a wonderful place in Thailandwhere to go when it's actually available.

Why Ko Phayam

Thinking about the current quarantine at the time of writing, I always remember the Chinese who came to Thailand for a maximum of 10 days, and usually 5-7 days or less. For them, these two weeks in quarantine are generally something incomprehensible.

Although for those who have a full rest, even taking into account 3-4 weeks of rest, the existing two-week quarantine rule is simply not acceptable.

Wave riding
Ride the waves off the coast of Ko Phayam

But, in any case, I already know where I will go to Tai next time. I don't want the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, the super fun of Pattaya, or the relatively crowded Phuket, or Koh Samui. I decided that it would again be a small, quiet, quiet island, where there are no crowds of people, rush and tension.

Today I want only one thing, but in a cube - a warm “sea bath”, a palm tree on the sand near the shore and a lot of ice “Chang”. This is exactly what the small but supremely classic paradise island of Koh Phayam can offer.

Things to do on Koh Phayam

I must say right away that Koh Payam is far from being the only one of its kind, but this does not make it one iota worse.

This tiny island of just 17.5 km2 can offer beautiful beaches, delicious food, peace and relaxation (although Koh Samet island even less - only 5 km in area). There are no ATMs, electricity is available only at certain times, and gasoline is only available in mineral water bottles.

Caves by the sea
Interesting places on Koh Phayam

I will definitely have breakfast on the beach. Yes, of course it’s more expensive, but I still won’t refuse to treat myself to breakfast with a wonderful view of the sea. Delicious morning coffee is doubly delicious with this view.

Ko Phayam is actually small. In just one day you can visit all its beaches. I will definitely do it again, because there are plenty of beautiful places on the island.

What else can I do on the island? If you ask the locals where to go on the island and what to see all in one voice, you will be advised to visit the Hippy Bar.

Hippie Bar
Hippie Bar - a famous place on a small island

This place is truly impressive. When you get tired of wallowing on beautiful beaches, be sure to go to the Hippie Bar. It is built in the form of a huge wooden ship and is the island's most prominent landmark.

Decide on the floor, order a couple of mugs of delicious cold beer and food to your taste. They cook pretty well there. I will go up to the “deck” and there I will leisurely admire the seascape, waiting for the evening and the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Yes, evenings on the island undoubtedly know how to give peace, relaxation, comfort and peace. It's not bad to be here right now.

Sun at sunset Koh Phayam
Sunset at Koh-Phayam

I will not write how to get to this island. Those who are interested in it can easily find relevant information on the net.

Or maybe you have already decided what your next "destination" will be. And rightly so, no matter where you go, the main thing is that this place is in your mind, and you are waiting for a meeting with him. And as one of my old acquaintances said, "For the fulfillment of dreams"!

Video from Travel Guide from relaxing on the beach

Wait a minute, don't rush! Be sure to take a look at the positive video from, which will help you relax and relax a little. Who knows, maybe after watching this video, you will find a new romantic image or at least get ready for the best vacation on a hospitable Thai beach...

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