10 myths about Thailand: what to expect from the kingdom of Siam

ToAs you know, there are many myths, legends and stereotypes about Thailand. Some of them, of course, are not groundless, but others, on the contrary, have nothing to do with reality. It is the second category that will be discussed today.

Having lived for some time in Thailand I dispelled for myself a number of prejudices and hopes about the "Land of Smiles". Almost everything appeared, after a few months, in a completely different light than I originally thought. I have tried to highlight ten main myths.

1. A bowl of rice for five rubles

The main myth about Thailand is this: most people think that the country is very cheap and everything costs a penny. This is not entirely true. If you are Thai, then everything will be quite cheap and generally more accessible for you.

But you are unlikely to be a representative of the ancient Siamese people. Therefore, you are most likely a “farang” (foreigner) and the attitude towards you will always, I emphasize, always, completely different.

bangkok street

Everything will be different for you - prices, attitudes, behavior. Don't believe the fairy tales that you can find a bowl of rice for 5 baht, bananas for 10 baht and a kilo of mangoes for 15 baht. To find such golden places and prices, you should live in the country for more than one, two or three months in one place.

At the same time, spending enough time on these very searches, as well as on learning the minimum set of phrases in Thai, in order to be able to bargain well.

motor rickshaw

All this is not for a white foreigner with a completely different perception of the world and psychology. Therefore, put up with the fact that a kilo of mango will cost you 30-60 baht, bananas like in your homeland for 20-40 baht and rice for 10-20 baht per bowl. Yes, before I forget, for one baht you need to pay 2.3 rubles at the exchange rate for May 2020 ..

2. Thai friendliness knows no bounds

Yes, the Thais are infinitely friendly and smiling, if you are willing to pay exorbitant prices for all sorts of junk. I'm not generalizing, but "tourist" Thais have actually changed a lot.


As soon as you start haggling or doubting the price, you become nowhere near as interesting to the Thai as other obscure and strange farangs. Resign yourself to the fact that they will try to cheat you for money and cheat you wherever possible.

Tai streets

In addition, there are a lot of other nationalities in Thailand. In particular, these are the Burmese and Laotians from the nearest countries of the same name, who by no means have Thai traditions.

Outwardly, you are unlikely to learn to quickly distinguish between them, but it is the people of these nationalities who usually engage in robbery, divorce and frame-ups. As far as I know, Thais in general don't steal.

3. House for the price of a "communal" in Moscow

Indeed, in Thailand, rent is quite cheap and you can rent a good house for relatively little money.

House for rent in Thailand

But here's the thing - are you ready to live in such a "good" house for "three rubles"? The concept of comfort between a foreigner and a Thai is very different. As the saying goes, "what is good for a Thai is death for a foreigner."

I won't be too dramatic, I'll just say that renting a good house is not much different from renting a good apartment (not in Moscow).

If you are traveling with a large family with children and want to have a decent level of comfort, then the price tag for renting a house for you will start from 30-40 thousand rubles a month.

4. Life without a visa for many years

Not so long ago, everyone went to Thailand, because the visa issue for Russians simply did not arise. Everyone went to get a stamp in their passport at the border every month and that's it.

Island in Thailand

Now this will not work, Thailand has long tightened the visa issue, and now, in order to live in Thailand for a really long time, you need to get a normal long-term visa, like in any civilized country. The time of poor travelers is over.

5. Paradise tropics!

The key word here is tropics. There is an idea that Thailand has beautiful weather, palm trees, sun, sea and coconuts! Well, why isn't it heaven?


Everyone who travels to the Land of Smiles for the first time gets exactly this idea of reality. This is not much like an objective reality, which, subsequently, such tourists and those who want to live in paradise face.

As I said, these are the tropics, with all the ensuing consequences. Omnipresent insects, mosquitoes, midges and moths, geckos and many other living creatures live in the tropics side by side with humans. The temperature stays around the clock from 28 to 35 degrees, believe me, it is very hot in Thailand during the day!

An old woman in Bangkok

Due to the high UV activity, the sun is very, very angry here. You can burn out even in cloudy weather in about an hour, in sunny weather in 30 minutes. Therefore, you can not walk in open clothes and neglect protective creams. Imagine - with all this you will have to live here permanently, this is a given. Not everyone is ready for such a turn of events.

6. Unsanitary conditions and the village!

Indeed, there is an opinion that in Asia as a whole, and in Thailand as well, civilization for life is not at all developed. This is another myth. Fortunately, this has nothing to do with reality. I'm not saying that there are no villages in Tai, of course there are even quite a few, but ...

Mom cuts son's hair

Citizens, civilization is not developed in Russia, but in Thailand everything is in order with it! Of course, as in any country, there are villages and slums, perhaps in some small things development is inferior to Russia or other civilized countries.

Night Bangkok

All the same, this country is a developing country. But in general, Thailand is quite developed, and if we talk about Bangkok, then it is worth doubting the development of Moscow, rather than this huge metropolis. The presence of ATMs, large shopping centers even in small towns, the arrangement of roads and roadside infrastructure, all this is at a decent level.

Capital of Siam

Thais themselves are a clean people in everything that concerns vital things such as food, clothing and housing. You may see a pile of rubbish around the corner, but you will never be poisoned by food from a street cart or a roadside eatery. You won't find a store in a European country where you have to take off your shoes to enter. In this, the whole of Thailand is a country of contrasts.

7. Fine Thai cuisine

This is not entirely a myth, but rather a partial misconception. Thailand has excellent cuisine, it's true. But there are some reservations here - it is not suitable for everyone. We can say that a Thai is good, then a foreigner is dead. This doesn't just apply to food.

Thai cuisine

I got the impression that the Thais have no sense of proportion and only extreme conditions. If the dish is supposed to be spicy - get ready, it will be so spicy that you simply cannot eat it.

If the drink is supposed to be cold, then there will be three times more ice in it than the drink, even if the drink is already out of the refrigerator. If the air conditioner in the store/car/bus is on, it will be turned on at 18-19 degrees, don't forget warm clothes!

This is how Thailand can be described in terms of food and other household trifles. Be prepared for this, always ask not to put pepper in your food at all, because the phrase is a bit spicy, for Thais it means not six chili peppers, but two or three. Do not forget to turn up the temperature on the air conditioner so as not to catch a cold.

8. Developed tourism

Although the tourism infrastructure is quite developed, Thailand receives from tourism a very small part of the country's income. Therefore, you should not think that you, as a tourist, owe everything here.

Taya Girls

No one here really needs you, humble yourself. The Thais also have a well-developed domestic tourism, so they will not be left without a piece of bread. But what a European means by the word developed does not really correspond to reality here.

If you want to live in tourist areas, especially the southern ones, which are far from the main civilization of Thailand, then get ready to get into a relative village.

Temple tops

It will be expressed in insignificant trifles, but life will strain. For example, very unstable (albeit fast) Internet, especially in the rain. The absence of shops with some specific products (usual for Europe), which will have to be bought on the Internet and received by mail.

Many other nuances that everyone will have their own, depending on the needs and desires. For example, I can’t buy normal motorcycle equipment on Koh Samui and I need to go at least to the mainland to the nearest big city, or better immediately to Bangkok.

9. For permanent residence in Thailand without problems

Since the country, in general, is inexpensive and accessible, the weather is stable and not cold, many people are thinking about moving to Thailand permanently. I hasten to disappoint you, you will not be able to move to Thailand right now forever.

Private pool

For a while, for a few years - no problem, but not for life. Forget about it, Thailand does not give a residence permit, or permanent residence, and, moreover, citizenship to a foreigner.

This is the policy of the country and you can only live here using different types of visas correctly. In principle, someone manages to stay here on this principle forever, but I do not consider this a real move, legally.

10. Thailand has terrible medicine

This is not entirely true. Not at all like that ... In Thailand, paid medicine is quite good, although sometimes inexplicably expensive, especially for insurance farangs, and in many cases even excellent.


If, for example, you seriously broke your leg, then here you will be treated properly, they will put a cast, put titanium plates (if everything is very bad), and so on.

Surgery in Thailand is at a decent world level, and plastic surgery is generally on top! As for ordinary diseases, there is nothing to say here.

The main thing to remember is the basic rule: everywhere there are both good and bad institutions. Choose wisely the hospital and the attending physician, then everything will be fine. How much does it cost for example treatment in Thailand without insurance. Read it and you will be surprised.

And finally in the end...

Despite all the pros and cons listed above, Thailand is quite a pleasant and hospitable country. Here you can live comfortably for several years, fly on vacation inexpensively, go on a trip through amazing nature and much more.

sunset on the sea

A tourist should definitely not deprive this country of attention, and a long-lived traveler should come here to improve his health and bask in the sun.

I hope this post Travel Guide will help you dispel doubts, stereotypes and look at Thailand with a sober look. If you have a different opinion about Thailand, then express it in the comments Let's discuss the details, nuances and other inconsistencies!

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