What can you buy in GOA in India for a hundred dollars

GThey say that everything used to cost a penny in India, and our tourists felt rich with 100 dollars in their pocket. But the situation is changing and after reading the post to the end, you will get an unequivocal answer about what you can buy in GOA with $ 100 with you.

How much does it cost to have a bite to eat in the neck on the beach

I will say right away that it is not profitable to take rubles, as in many other Asian countries. No matter how predatory the exchange rate is, anyway, take dollars to India. In no case do not change the currency at the airport, in the city in any exchanger the exchange rate is more profitable and they do not charge a fee for the operation.

Menu photo from Galanguta beach

Prices on the coast do not differ much, in South Goa it will be a little more expensive, but not critical. Water and cola costs about 20-40 rupees, fresh juices and juices from 70 to 200 rupees. Of course, the main difficulty for a beginner is to choose between lolipop, kadai, vindaloo, etc. But this is a separate issue.

Drinks card
Photo card drinks in a cafe

Photo of a card from an ordinary drinking and snack establishment of an average hand. Prices are also normal, so to speak average.

OLD MONK with a capacity of 750 can be taken for 700 - 2500 rupees, depending on the level of the institution and the impudence of the staff, and in any store the official price of a bottle is 170 - 200 rupees, a bottle of water or a can of cola - 20-30 rupees.

Buy trinkets, souvenirs and other things in GOA

You will have to bargain with sellers of souvenirs, clothes, tattoo artists, masseurs and taxi drivers.

Here, whoever is lucky. Some adhere to the rule - bargain up to 1/3, in India this is closest to the real price.

Sets of bracelets and beads - from 50 rupees.

Naturally, you can bargain with masseurs on the beach, but it’s unlikely they will do it for you quality oil massage, and in the office or salon of Ayurveda in Goa, a real massage will not cost less 2000 rupees. With expensive hotels in the SPA, such a massage is worth it from 5000 rupees at least, there is already included a premium on luxury.

Traditional Indian attire for women - sari

Sari can be bought at GOA in India from 500 rupees to infinity depending on the quality. I understand that a sari is not a product of everyday demand, but women, as a rule, try it on and look closely.

Buy souvenirs in GOA
In the souvenir shop of wooden products

Wooden figurines are more expensive than gypsum, it is easy to distinguish by touch. Sellers are reluctant to trade, the price is reduced by 2 times. Figure 20 cm high bought for 400 rupees, starting price 900. A lot depends on the quality of processing.

The main souvenirs of India - spices and tea on average, you can buy on GOA, for 50-100 rupees for 100 gr. If you want tea, take ordinary, but high-quality, without all sorts of incomprehensible aromatic additives.

Buy tea in GOA
Tea - 50 rupees per 100 gr
Spices - 100 rupees per 100 gr

Somehow there was no such thing that they are bargaining with street food sellers. However, do not hesitate to "poke your nose everywhere", find out and ask. In the process of walking along the streets of Galangut, a huge package of delicious cakes just for 5 rupees.

Buy cakes on GOA
Delicious tortillas on the street counter

The main thing is not to squeeze, gentlemen! Really good things can't be cheap, even in India. So it’s probably clear that with a hundred dollars in your pocket you can only imagine yourself as a rich man in India, but how not to be one ...

And what is interesting about prices after the full resumption of tourist reception in Goa?

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