India: the rules of life and family foundations without embellishment

Twenty distinctive nuances of real life people India. Survivals, traditions and way of life. They will help to look at Indian society from a different angle. What is considered the norm for many Indians, and what is almost taboo.

India is a huge multinational country that combines dozens of peoples, hundreds of cultural traditions and customs, as well as thousands of views on life. However, there is something in common in the cultural ethnos of India, what can be called the Indian life reality or way of life. Further, what concerns little foreigners and mistakes they make in india when visiting it, but only the inhabitants of India themselves.

  1. A man should not do household chores. If a man helps his wife with housework, he will be considered a servant of his wife.
  2. Real men shouldn't cry. Real men don't feel pain, either physical or mental. If a man cries, then he is not a man, but a woman, because weakness is the second essence of a woman. Men only cry in movies.
  3. Parents don't let their daughters be friends with guys, but when it comes to marriage, it's not uncommon for them to marry them off to a complete stranger.
  4. Cooking in the house is the responsibility of the woman alone. A man should not cook, even when his wife works on a par with him.
  5. It is strange that many families do not have money for the education of their daughters, however, when it comes to marriage, there is money for the wedding and money for the dowry.
  6. Indian weddings often amaze with their scope and large number of guests. So, many people come to weddings not because of the event itself, but just to eat delicious food.
  7. If a husband earns less than his wife earns, then it is considered that he is not such a good man. It does not matter how much this man earns.
  8. If a girl is 25 years old, then the issue of her marriage becomes the main and only concern not only for her family, but also for distant relatives and even neighbors.
  9. Feminism, which is so much used in Europe and America, is misunderstood by most Indians and means hatred of men for them.
  10. A man who has turned 30 is still a “good match” and an enviable bachelor, and a woman at this age is already too old to think about marriage.
  11. A woman who has a job, even one that pays well, or who simply works hard and hard to support her family's income, will never be considered a loving mother.
  12. The better a woman knows English and speaks it better, the higher her intelligence. The lighter the skin color of a woman, the more beautiful and attractive she is.
  13. Litter bins and trash cans are the cleanest items in India. According to an old habit, many Hindus throw garbage on the road right at their feet.
  14. It is generally accepted that beauty and intelligence are rarely combined in one woman. If a woman is attractive and at the same time not stupid, then they characterize her in this way - “beauty and intelligence”, as if emphasizing some kind of strangeness.
  15. Going big or pissing in public in India is absolutely normal, and kissing your girlfriend in a public place is a criminal offense with a real prison term.
  16. When you give someone a gift, you will definitely hear something like “this is superfluous” or “this is not necessary” in response. Then, after you insist, the person will accept the gift. Such is the tradition.
  17. Those who wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or wear a seatbelt in a car mostly do so to avoid a traffic ticket.
  18. Women are not recommended to walk alone on the street after 20.00. Many believe that a decent woman will not do this. And don't forget that Delhi is sometimes called the rape capital of the world.
  19. There are few places where an Indian girl or woman dares to go for a swim in a regular swim bikini. Such women risk getting universal condemnation. You need to swim in closed clothes with long sleeves.
  20. A lot of people in India believe in magic and higher powers and do not try to apply ordinary logic. If you start proving to such people the naturalness of any event or phenomenon, then you can have a real enemy for life.

Perhaps some of this will seem controversial to someone, but to someone, on the contrary, familiar and natural ...

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