Traditions of India: women's daily trip to the river at five in the morning

Mmany Indian women seem to go to work every day around five in the morning to the nearest river. Naturally, we are talking only about those women, girls and girls, next to whose house there is a river. The traditions of India are diverse and sometimes strange for most Europeans. Yet it is clear that they do not go fishing. Perhaps they follow their Hindu gods for morning prayers? Let's look into this issue.

Traditions and habits of the peoples of India

And so, women, girls and girls in India get up before dawn and head to the river. Of course, we are not talking about all the representatives of the weaker sex in India, but there are really a huge number of them.

The fact is that in many houses in India there is no water supply and sewerage. Millions of Indians live without these comforts of civilization familiar to us. The age-old traditions of the toilet "in nature" are extremely strong.

Indians go out of need
A sort of impromptu open toilet

The fact is that even in the capital city of New Delhi, after installing hundreds of thousands of toilets in homes free of charge under a government program, many of the toilet rooms have been used as pantries and utility rooms. And the administration of natural needs out of habit takes place on the streets. But this is a slightly different topic.

Therefore, read more about hygiene, dirt and garbage in India in the article: “Why is India so dirty: garbage, dirt, stink and animals…”

The issue of installing and creating toilets is a priority in the government of India, but it turned out to be not so easy to defeat and eradicate strange traditions and habits.

What do women and girls do on the river. It just so happened that in many regions of India, early morning is the time of the "women's toilet". Women and girls on the river wash their faces, brush their teeth, preen themselves and just chat.

hygiene on the river
Morning treatments on the river

Such morning hygienic trips have become a kind of equivalent to sitting on a bench. Here the fair sex exchange the latest news. They consult on everyday issues and just gossip.

As elsewhere in India, residents pay little attention to garbage and some "non-sterility". Moreover, the waters of the river will quickly carry everything away ... to someone else under their noses.

In general, a kind of unspoken principle “three meters from the house is not my dirt” leads to the fact that garbage, slop and excrement are a common picture of many Indian landscapes. But personal hygiene is the same tradition.

Video about hygiene in India

And, of course, a short 4-minute video, with the situation around hygiene, garbage and landfills in India. The situation, to some extent, is due to the traditions and strange habits of the Indians.

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