How to choose a toe ring according to the tradition of India

Mone chip to wear rings on the toes came to us with India. But as usual, many girls rushed to adopt this tradition without any understanding, just as another way of decorating. However, in the Hindu religion, and among the Muslims of India, wearing toe rings has its own meaning. At the same time, it is important to know who wears rings, on what toes, for what and from what metal.

What are toe rings called?

Many Indian women follow the tradition of wearing rings on their toes, known as matty in Tamil. India is a huge multilingual country, so metti has other names, for example, scourge or bichva in Hindi or broomstick in Telugu.

Traditionally metti is worn on the second toe from the side of the big toe. Also, according to ancient tradition, metti are made from silver And worn in pairs on the toes of both feet. For women in India, the presence of bichia means a certain marital status, that is, a woman with metti has a husband.

Hands of the bride and groom india
Wedding ceremony in India

Note from Today, metti or bichiya have a different shape, although initially they were a spiral consisting of two or three turns.

Why is it customary to wear a gold ring on a toe?

Metti can't be made out of gold for some reason. Gold is a noble, almost divine metal and should not be worn below the waist. Followers of Hinduism believe that gold is the metal of the goddess of wealth, prosperity and well-being, Lakshmi. Putting a golden ring on your leg is disrespectful to the great goddess - the wife of the god Vishnu.

In addition to the ancient meaning - the status married womanThere are several practical reasons behind the wearing of toe rings.

How and when does methy appear on a woman's toes?

Indian women value metti because it brings respect to its wearer. This is a kind of symbol of a new marital status.

bride toe ring
The groom puts the matti on the bride's finger

A toe ring is usually worn during a wedding. The future husband personally puts it on the bride's toes, as if crouching at her feet, thereby showing her his respect.

Benefits of wearing toe rings for women

The Indians themselves claim that wearing metti brings practical physical benefit for women, being not only an ornament with a social meaning.

  1. Wearing silver rings on the second toes stabilizes the woman's menstrual cycle and prevents the development of certain gynecological diseases.
  2. A woman who wears metti is more likely to have a normal and uncomplicated pregnancy. This reduces the risk of infertility. It is believed that silver removes all negative energy from the body, giving it to the earth.
  3. It is believed that the female reproductive system is connected to the circulatory system through a vein that runs through the second toes. The gentle periodic pressure of the whip on the toes ensures proper blood flow to the organs of the reproductive system and stabilizes blood pressure.

How to wear a ring on your toe

Metti rings, girls and widows... If a family, a girl or a woman adheres to Hindu beliefs, then they will certainly follow the rules for wearing metti.

There is one simple rule for Indians. Wear rings on your toes as well as a mangalsutra necklace only married women are eligible. That is, neither girls nor widows decorate their toes with rings. Although some girls in Western countries do it their own way and with "some bust."

silver ankle ring
The decision is always yours, as long as you like it and without harm

PS Some Indians claim that once upon a time, every girl who reached puberty began to wear silver rings on her toes for the reasons described above. So, if someone likes to wear metti rings, then they should be made of silver and not worn on the “correct” fingers.

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  1. Seriously, I find wearing toe rings only after marriage is absolutely absurd. It's okay if women want to wear it, but why force them to wear it after marriage. They should have their choice whether to wear it or not. I know that in India, women who do not wear such rings on their legs after marriage are ashamed of it. And this is already wrong.

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