How to get from India to Nepal without a passport?

ANDLife is an interesting thing and throws a person into places that he did not know much about in his youth. This can be confirmed by a short story of Vladimir, with whom we had a chance to talk in Nepal.

We met Vladimir at a falafel shop in Kathmandu. In appearance, he was an elderly, active, tanned man of short stature. He sat down to dine with us, immediately identifying Russian faces in the crowd of foreign tourists. And, over a cup of coffee, he told his story.

It turned out that Vladimir had been living in Goa for thirty years. First, his family emigrated from the Soviet Union to Israel, from there to the United States, from where the then young Vladimir came to hang out in India ... and stayed there to live.

Vladimir did not plan to sell weed. Everything turned out by itself: at first I treated my friends, then my friends asked me to buy for them, my friends asked my friends to get them ... and so it began.

But, as you know, the Indian authorities carefully ensure that foreigners do not occupy such a lucrative segment in the state's income, and surveillance began on Vladimir. The first time he ended up in an Indian prison, he got off with a $500 fine for hushing up the case.

But, the second time, the amount was clearly not enough: the head of the prison for the freedom of Vladimir asked 30 times more. And then Vladimir decided to flee from India.

But where can you escape from Goa without a passport that the Indians took? Except in Kathmandu. Yes, from India to Nepal! Having crossed the border in Gorakhpur, our new acquaintance took a bus to Kathmandu, where he settled in a small hotel, waiting for ... his new passport!

The passport was helped by familiar journalists through the American embassy in Nepal. At first, the Americans did not want to meet a man without money and without a passport, who fell on the embassy like a bolt from the blue. But they were given to understand that information about the failure of the United States to provide assistance to its citizens could get into the press.

A few days after we met, we met again in the same cafe. Vladimir showed us his brand new passport of a US citizen, where he was going to fly to the other day.

Before leaving, Vladimir invited us to his hotel and gave us some useful parting words about Goa. So we didn’t see each other again, but I think that with this trip and a new passport, this person began a new stage in life - a brighter and more joyful one!

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